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self sucking

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Started by #61100 at 19,Mar,10 00:11
if u could post pics and/or an explanation on self sucking, tht would be cool...tryin to learn

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By Karlsonass at 15,Nov,20 23:57 other posts of Karlsonass 
Ive done anyone in edmonton get together for fun

By #250164 at 23,Apr,13 19:51
Guys who can do this are SO LUCKY!!!!

By Guy at 21,Apr,13 01:49 other posts of Guy 
I wish to suck my cock .trying hard hope i could do it soon

By bigone21 at 19,Apr,13 18:42 other posts of bigone21 
on your back, knees next to your head, that's the best position! selfsuck rocks!!

By smokieb69 at 19,Apr,13 14:06 other posts of smokieb69 
Yes,yes,yes I love doing it,
self facial and still spurting

Photo of a horn from smokieb69

Adult Photo from smokieb69
By bigone21 at 19,Apr,13 18:38 other posts of bigone21 
and you're good at it!!

By mywusch at 31,Dec,12 11:13 other posts of mywusch 
like to do, but it`s not easy to do and take a pic at the same time tasting my own

By 67malibu at 30,Dec,12 21:35 other posts of 67malibu 
No pictures unfortunately, but when I was in my 20s I would hook my toes under my headboard and suck my Cock, first load i swallowed was mine.

By matthegreat at 18,Dec,12 19:24 other posts of matthegreat 
Here's my attempt:
I used to be able to fit more in, but haven't tried recently. You need to have a go regularly or your body doesn't get used to the new stretching you're doing, then you end up not reaching as far or not al all.

By #59212 at 20,Apr,10 01:59
Just got done, swallowed two big loads. I do it every week or two. You probably won't believe me but it gets old just like everything else if you do it all the time. I still like it better when someone else does it. But it's me or nobody right now. If your average length and slim you'll be able to do it with practice.

By #59212 at 10,Apr,10 01:05
Check out I never thought of even trying it until a read a story in Penthouse 25 years ago. First time I got close enough to smell my dick. I keep my dick squeaky clean as a result. My dick smells GREAT!!! It's not something I do everyday. I have to be really horny. I've hurt my back a few times to the point of saying I'll never do that again. But my backs aways healed up and I do it again.

By #48641 at 27,Mar,10 15:37
I love check out the position in my pics I have found it is the way to get the deepest

By spermkiss at 19,Mar,10 01:23 other posts of spermkiss 
There isn't a man in the world who hasn't tried. About one man in four hundred is limber enough and/or has a long enough dick to actually do it. There are photos on this site of men sucking their own dicks. Two memberes who come readily to mind are himu and handheldguy1. Check out their pix.

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