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Who wants to see their wife gangbanged

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Started by #63526 at 13,Apr,10 05:14
I would love to watch my wife banged by a group of horny guys. I would get them yo use her in every hole then cover her in their cum. I would take pics of the whole thing. Am I alone in this fantasy? Should I try to talk her into it?

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By WristThick at 21,Jun,11 19:01 other posts of WristThick 
I'd love to bang any of your wives, as long as I'm into them. But if it's a gangbang I would have to go last... for obvious reasons
By leopoldij at 05,Nov,18 16:42 other posts of leopoldij 
What Are the obvious reasons? If you said first I'd understand. But you say last...
By WristThick at 05,Nov,18 18:38 other posts of WristThick 
Because I would really stretch her out for everyone else. I've done this at my local swinger's club. Once I'm done with a woman, she's completely done for the day or night.

By aussie at 19,Sep,18 12:13 other posts of aussie 
Mmm not sure I want my wife gangbanged but I have gangbanged a friends wife a while back. Both them and we 5 male friends had a great time. Would Love to do it again
By bungeman at 05,Nov,18 15:13 other posts of bungeman 
wats good for the goose is good for the gander...if u dont want ur wife g/banged well dont g/bang other mens wives

By #571058 at 05,Nov,18 12:11
I would like to watch that and then follow it up with her watching me take the same guys up my ass and down my throat!

By curiousJ at 19,Sep,18 20:36 other posts of curiousJ 
not much people answered, but no, I don't think you are alone in this fantasy. The biggest thing is would you be able to follow through with it, if she agreed. Not saying you can't, of course. But it is worth trying overall if you have that type of relationship where you can discuss things. I have that type of relationship, luckily, but also realize the gangbang fantasy is probably something I could never do, even though I fantasize about it. I would love for every male in the gangbang to cum in my wife's pussy, keep it all in there until it is full, then eat all the cum out of her pussy as she sits on my face. Wish I could follow through with that, would be hot.

By knewbi at 19,Sep,18 17:15 other posts of knewbi 
We were swingers and my wife has been banged a number of times. The best was when a friend's wife was all set to get banged by these 5 black guys and she became ill. He called me and asked if I thought my wife would appreciate taking her place. I told him yes and did not tell my wife what was happening. He gave me the key to the motel room and she thought that I had a guy there to work her over because we had done that before. When she stepped through the door and saw 5 naked black guys with some pretty massive cocks she just looked at me and smiled. What a noght that was for her and gave me some great memories.

By #68818 at 15,Apr,10 04:06
I want to see your wife being banged. Where I will also fuck in her mouth with this......

By slipper at 19,Apr,10 21:49 other posts of slipper 
I don't mind waiting my turn, Shortbottle.

By #29281 at 13,Apr,10 06:16
Ya dude, go for it
By slipper at 19,Apr,10 21:47 other posts of slipper 
And, POST the pix here!!!

By Matt52 at 15,Apr,10 13:40 other posts of Matt52 
From Matt's Wife: I gwt that request all the time.

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