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Chicks shaving

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Started by #71250 at 15,May,10 12:32
Is anyone else sick of women shaving themselfs totaliy, I mean they could at least leave a tringle, so to remind you your shagging a adult you know what I mean.

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By #547532 at 18,Sep,18 10:40
FUCK That hairy shit. I want my women completely fucking void of hair everywhere except the head. BTW, If you need hair between the legs to let you know a woman is an adult then you are either blind or seriously fucked up.

By #5532 at 25,May,10 09:31
By the by, what is a tringle?
By sinanff47 at 27,May,10 02:09 other posts of sinanff47 
It's when you get tingles from someone trickling a bit on you, I believe.
By leopoldij at 18,Sep,18 02:55 other posts of leopoldij 
A tringle is an object having three ngles.
The real question then is: what's a ngle?

By wycowboy at 17,Sep,18 15:21 other posts of wycowboy 
I'm not sick of it but I prefer some hair on it. Just leave it natural. But...to each their own.

By Lizzie2010 at 16,May,10 16:16 other posts of Lizzie2010 
have a look at mine, hope you like what you see x
By #68785 at 17,May,10 12:26
I do like what i see Lizzie, just the right amount of hair, lovely
By Lizzie2010 at 17,May,10 18:22 other posts of Lizzie2010 
glad u like it hun x

By aussie at 16,Sep,18 16:24 other posts of aussie 
Very nice indeed, could play with it for hours

By #562152 at 15,Sep,18 09:46

By #566722 at 15,Sep,18 09:33
I love clean shaved pussy more than hairy.It is so much nicer to eat it

By leopoldij at 26,Jan,18 11:13 other posts of leopoldij 
Regardless of whether you feel this way or not, refusing to deal with a pussy just because it's not styled according ones' preference, is a major sin.

By slipper at 01,Jun,10 22:24 other posts of slipper 
Sorry, but totally shaven for me! I don't like hair im my mouth.

By Daddytaz at 31,May,10 15:18 other posts of Daddytaz 
I like a ladies pussy and ass totally shaved, or better yet Brazilian waxed, so I don't have to stop and spit hairs, no matter where my tongue plays!!
By Daddytaz at 31,May,10 15:19 other posts of Daddytaz 
And even more fun is shaving or waxing it myself!

By vsdick at 17,May,10 10:31 other posts of vsdick 
I think variety is best. There is nothing like a nice thick bush, especially when contrasted with an open, pink gash. However a totally shaved pussy also looks great, especially when it highlights lovely labia. And yes Lizzie, I like what I see!!
By Lizzie2010 at 17,May,10 18:24 other posts of Lizzie2010 
ha ha i knew you would hun x

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