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Shaved dicks?

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Started by #75611 at 23,May,10 13:38
Is there any true shaved,men out there? I have seen a couple on this site,but not alot....I have a nice smooth body,and woul like to know what u would do with it?

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New Comment

By #553253 at 08,Apr,18 03:56

By horniperv at 19,Jan,15 08:50 other posts of horniperv 
I shave

By winnie at 19,Jan,15 02:04 other posts of winnie 

--------------------------------------- added after 43 seconds[/IMG][/URL]
--------------------------------------- added after 90 seconds

By CreativeOne at 18,Jan,15 23:33 other posts of CreativeOne 

By #337858 at 12,Jan,15 15:22

By waves at 12,Jan,15 10:27 other posts of waves 
I keep my cock and balls shaved, my woman likes it better, no hair in her mouth when she sucks me.

By steeve at 12,Jan,15 00:38 other posts of steeve 

By Lenatur at 12,Jan,15 00:29 other posts of Lenatur 

What do you think?

By deekayL at 23,Nov,14 15:30 other posts of deekayL 
here's me fully shaven

By #471760 at 22,Nov,14 05:00

By leopoldij at 17,Nov,14 18:34 other posts of leopoldij 
grab this cock now! !!!

By leopoldij at 17,Nov,14 18:33 other posts of leopoldij 
I'm shaved from behind too
rear view

By leopoldij at 17,Nov,14 18:32 other posts of leopoldij 
flaccid cock

By xxx25 at 17,Nov,14 09:01 other posts of xxx25 
Photo of a one-eyed monster from xxx25

By CreativeOne at 03,Apr,14 02:48 other posts of CreativeOne 

By #475905 at 28,Oct,14 05:30
Very creative indeed.
By CreativeOne at 13,Nov,14 22:07 other posts of CreativeOne 
Thank You "smallbutyummy" !

By #316057 at 28,Oct,14 05:50

By xxx25 at 26,Oct,14 04:28 other posts of xxx25 
Photo of a rooster from xxx25

By gabriel at 03,Apr,14 09:44 other posts of gabriel 
Photo of a joystick from gabrielPhoto of a private part from gabriel

By Oisin59 at 02,Apr,14 18:22 other posts of Oisin59 

By Oisin59 at 02,Apr,14 18:21 other posts of Oisin59 

By shavedpubis at 02,Apr,14 08:05 other posts of shavedpubis 
i like shaving
By Br99xx at 02,Apr,14 09:19 other posts of Br99xx 
Stunning photograph

By horniperv at 02,Apr,14 09:04 other posts of horniperv 
Im shaved

By whinelover at 31,Mar,14 04:03 other posts of whinelover 

By #289712 at 11,Mar,14 13:07

By #289712 at 11,Mar,14 13:06
mines always shaved I love it!

By not61 at 29,Apr,13 01:21 other posts of not61 
I like what smoot cock and balls feel

By wabbitz at 28,Apr,13 15:05 other posts of wabbitz 
i shave

By #86039 at 14,Aug,10 11:33
shave my dick, balls and ass...
By #265525 at 28,Apr,13 02:44

By lilbuttlvr at 10,Apr,13 17:41 other posts of lilbuttlvr 
we are both shaved, he is currently receiving a full Brazilian laser hair removal and is extremely smooth!

By bicurious45 at 08,Apr,13 21:43 other posts of bicurious45 
I would shave it I shave just not completley I think its sexy n feels good...

By #220362 at 07,Apr,13 04:00

By #262611 at 03,Apr,13 01:38
I shave my cock and balls at least once a week.
By Merc at 03,Apr,13 10:26 other posts of Merc 
Me too

By Merc at 03,Apr,13 10:25 other posts of Merc 
I'm all shaved, love shaved cocks and pussies.

By #323075 at 02,Apr,13 04:57
Here my shaved cock:

By mickey192 at 31,Mar,13 11:42 other posts of mickey192 
mine is always shaved i do it every day

By welshlad at 31,Mar,13 10:50 other posts of welshlad 
heres my shaved cock

By desertcocksw at 31,Mar,13 02:40 other posts of desertcocksw 
Greetings. I suppose I will start by posting my pic

If I can figure out how

By Misterbates at 29,Mar,13 23:40 other posts of Misterbates 

By Dutchman at 26,Mar,13 03:15 other posts of Dutchman 
Love it smooth!

By #323075 at 12,Mar,13 07:26
Here my shaved cock:

By #331948 at 12,Mar,13 04:37
luv myshaved cock....... check out

By #222660 at 11,Mar,13 20:23
I've been hairless pretty much all my life! Pubic hair started to grow when I was 14 ... some nurse shaved it off when I was 15 so I could have an adolescent hernia removed ... and I never let the hair grow back. That was 30 years ago! Bald balls are best!

By #102053 at 11,Mar,13 18:24
One shaved cock cumming up!!!

By #177288 at 13,Jul,11 00:46
I love mine shaved

By Ray10754 at 07,Jun,11 05:57 other posts of Ray10754 
Love being shaved, I have been shaving foor many years, have shaved ass from waist down, shaved pubes smooth, cock and balls are smooth also, along with my upper thighs,gradually I'm working on being smmoth all over.
Love my partners to be smooth also or at least trimed short and neat.
Twofeathers! judging from your photos you and I could have many hours of fun,would love to feel that smmoth cock and ass of yours.

By shavedsmoothbud at 07,Jun,11 01:18 other posts of shavedsmoothbud 

it's very enjoyable

By lucsensei at 09,Jan,11 04:12 other posts of lucsensei 
Love shaved dick and balls !!!! I am one of them

By #79221 at 06,Jun,10 12:45
I prefer it smooth but sometimes I get bored and let it grow at bit.
By irod at 07,Jan,11 16:48 other posts of irod 
Don't let it grow! Your smooth shave really shows off your beautiful penis and balls!!!!

By MoeJoe at 28,May,10 16:13 other posts of MoeJoe 
My entire body is shaved smooth from my nose to my toes...the only hair I have on my body, is on my head.

By irod at 07,Jan,11 16:32 other posts of irod 
Your body? I wish I could kiss, lick and suck every inch of it!!!!

By #10886 at 23,May,10 13:52
How are these?

By slipper at 28,Nov,10 19:05 other posts of slipper 
Always a wiener... er, I mean WINNER, fs4e!!!

By Stiffcock47 at 31,Oct,10 14:51 other posts of Stiffcock47 
My shaved Dick:

By Tobes at 19,Sep,10 10:36 other posts of Tobes 
This is how I like to shave.

Untitled photo of a python

By sivad666 at 18,Aug,10 01:06 other posts of sivad666 
sh/27aw1tc041jrpic.htm shaved and smooth. deffo

By jocstfr at 15,Aug,10 20:51 other posts of jocstfr 
like to keep my pubes nicewly shaved and trim

By JeffinKS at 14,Aug,10 11:27 other posts of JeffinKS 
oops sorry

By data3000 at 13,Aug,10 12:47 other posts of data3000 
My new 100% smooth look

By data3000 at 13,Aug,10 12:55 other posts of data3000 

By #43287 at 28,May,10 21:16
Funny how no one has yet answered the question posted here. I believe twofeathers was looking for fantasies about his own smooth body, not a request for all the shavers to showcase their handiwork. Gotta read past the first sentence!
By MoeJoe at 13,Aug,10 07:39 other posts of MoeJoe 
Okay Einstein, it was a two part question...he asked if there were any smooth guys out there and then what did we think of him or want to do to him, so we showed him that we are out there and in my case, I didn't have any thoughts about what to do with him, so I ended it at that.

By wabbitz at 09,Jul,10 17:37 other posts of wabbitz 
Im shaved, love the smoothness

By wabbitz at 04,Jun,10 23:22 other posts of wabbitz 
i like being nice and smooth

By Daddytaz at 31,May,10 15:21 other posts of Daddytaz 
I've kept the package shaved for over 20 years, the ladies like it.

By hipster at 29,May,10 16:38 other posts of hipster 

By dh1321 at 24,May,10 07:16 other posts of dh1321 
I always keep it nice and smooth!

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