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Pantie wearers

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Started by #93465 at 10,Aug,10 12:34
How do you get your panties,I KNOW you simply buy them but I always get that look at the cash

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By LGA6969 at 30,Dec,19 19:51 other posts of LGA6969 
I donít wear them, but some of the men I am with like wearing them. I love when I unzip their pant I love when they are wearing them

By Lvphose at 11,Dec,19 02:06 other posts of Lvphose 
Iím not into panties but i am into pantyhose! A while back when visiting my best friend and his wife, they kept their dirty clothes hamper in a bathroom. A couple times I noticed a pair of his wifeís pantyhose and would take them home with me. You know I then masturbated while smelling, tasting, feeling her pantyhose!

By dragonsegg at 09,Dec,19 11:02 other posts of dragonsegg 
Just choose my selection, walk up to the girl and pay, love the look on her face. If only she knew I was also wearing panties when I pay

By Intopanties at 09,Dec,19 11:00 other posts of Intopanties 
I just go to the store and buy them

By Rudeboy1977 at 09,Dec,19 07:23 other posts of Rudeboy1977 
I found this pair, my first, a lacy blue thong, on the grass outside a public shower:
I bought a couple pairs from Jockey online, and I swiped this pair from my neighbor:
By knewbi at 09,Dec,19 10:56 other posts of knewbi 
Just love a nice bulge!!!

By #603065 at 28,Oct,19 14:51
I borrowed mine from younger sister or mother.Never got caught.

By #603242 at 28,Oct,19 01:54
I order from Wal-Mart and Amazon online; usually one or two day delivery

By elljo at 25,Oct,19 12:18 other posts of elljo 
I just go and buy them,, love pantied cock

By #522791 at 18,Oct,19 18:24

By #522791 at 14,Sep,19 14:59
Yeah i wear my wifes hehe

By #595788 at 14,Sep,19 13:42
Borrow them from your womanís underwear drawer of course!

By cock#57 at 30,Sep,18 04:03 other posts of cock#57 
Buying panties in person is half the fun!

By #554098 at 27,Sep,18 00:40
If you don't know your size, or aren't confident enough to buy panties, or other things, go to Sears, or JCPenny, or some other stores, where they really don't watch the dressing rooms too close. Pick things you like, and a size either way, and go try them on.
When you check out, find the young girl, and she won't even imagine that you are wearing them. Part of the thrill, is shopping, trying, and buying!! So what, if they think you are wearing them?? Maybe that cute little girl checker, likes boy's boxers??

By togger78 at 19,Feb,17 22:49 other posts of togger78 
am going try amazon see what there panties are like

By #136638 at 01,Feb,11 13:41
My wife and I go shopping together all the time and its much easier when the wife is with. However since we are both a different size we have gotten many looks from sales clerks, usually just a smile. My wife has had conversations many times with sales clerks about me wearing panties, even asking if they think I would look good in a certain color or style. Usually I am off looking around when she is talking with them and she points at me and asks them the question. Many are very curious and some are even excited and say they wish there husband or boyfriend would be into wearing panties. Its surprising just how many woman would like to see there husband or boyfriend in panties. Check out our profile for more about us and pictures.

By #93465 at 11,Aug,10 17:10
I bought panties today and took the approach...can't care less what you think but said if SHE doesn't like them can I return them,got a big smile and she said why not,stranger things have happened in this store.
By sinanff47 at 11,Aug,10 17:47 other posts of sinanff47 
Nice twist here, pant!

By MoeJoe at 10,Aug,10 14:53 other posts of MoeJoe 
Go to a store like Victoria's Secret or the Hanes stores, they get a lot of traffic from CD's and don't care....they just want ot make the sale.

By cupar at 10,Aug,10 13:55 other posts of cupar 
Simple, get them through the internet

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