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straight guy strap-on

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Started by #53613 at 29,Nov,10 21:22
Any straight guys ever have their wife or girlfriend use a dildo or strap-on on them. And whose idea was it?

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By submwmnh at 19,Nov,18 14:34 other posts of submwmnh 
No, but if there were a way to broach the subject, I would. Into a bondage/dom scene.

By cravecock at 30,Nov,10 09:42 other posts of cravecock 
Yes! And loved it! It was her idea after a little episode at a gay beach we were at!
By #116477 at 30,Nov,10 11:02
Yes but you're clearly not 'straight'..whatever you tell yourself
By spermkiss at 01,Dec,10 13:15 other posts of spermkiss 
'Gotta disagree here. First of all I want to say that I'm as gay as they come, but I don't buy into the idea that any man who takes it up the ass is automatically not straight. There are a lot of men who live as straight and who self identify as straight who like to be fucked in the ass. For many men, perhaps most men, prostate stimulation thru anal penetration is highly pleasurable and some can even reach orgasm and ejaculate this way. I've fucked a lot of straight men and many of them came while I was doing it.

And any sex between a man and a woman is heterosexual, even if the woman is fucking the man in the ass with a strap-on.
By #116477 at 02,Dec,10 13:21
Yeah yeah yeah heard it all before(SoClose ring any bells?)
Basically you are talking bollocks - If you take it up the ass from a man and you are a man you are not straight, whether anal stimulation works or not. If anal stimulation does do it for you, you wouldn't chose another man's penis for the job unless you are bi or gay. You would of course have to be bi at the very least to let that happen, or seriously fucked up in the head. To allow another man to sodomize you means you are not straight..It's not rocket science as they say. If you think allowing men to sodomize you is a definition of being straight, you need to have a re-think. A strap-on or a finger does not equate to a real life human man by the way. You have a strange logic.
By spermkiss at 02,Dec,10 14:23 other posts of spermkiss 
One could say that any man who has ever had sex with another man is either gay or bisexual and that certainly is a valid position, but I still do not agree with it. I think the way a man lives his life and how he self identifies are far more important criteria.

Look at me, for example. I identify as gay, I live as gay, I'm married to another man and when I was younger, wilder and single I've had sex with two or three thousand different men. I've also had sex with three women. Does that make me bisexual? I don't think so.

Turning that around, if a man identifies as straight and lives as straight an occasional dalliance with another man, even one that includes anal penetration, does not make him bisexual.

If a man is incapable of having a romantic and emotional relationship with another man, even if he can perform sexually, then I think he counts as straight. You, of course, are free to disagree with me on that point, but I stand by my position.

By #562152 at 18,Nov,18 12:10
Both my guys, Gerome and Mike, are BI,,they love to be pegged and they also fuck each other. They are also the great fucks. They don't claim to be straight. They know they are BI. Both like women more than men, but they have fun with either. The real question is, "Why put a label on it?" if you like sex in any way, why not?

By jsmythe73 at 19,Nov,18 01:56 other posts of jsmythe73 
Finger or toy, anally, is OK, to you, but not a penis?
Being homosexual, or bisexual, is about partner preference, and who you are attracted to.
A person's sexual play, does not 'define' their orientation, but rather just an experience with another.
Just relax, and don't judge. If it isn't your joy, leave them be, and go your own way. You won't change them, people are who they are, and aren't going to change because you don't like it.
By #562152 at 19,Nov,18 07:45

By cumonme1 at 19,Nov,18 07:24 other posts of cumonme1 
It was my wife's idea, but at the time I secretly wanted it. The first time she was pretty gentle after the first time she would hammer my hole hard.

By #572188 at 18,Nov,18 11:34
I was fucked by my gf with a strap-on few times before and I enjoyed it.I felt so submissive for her and she dominated my ass.It was her idea after she let me fuck her in the ass.

By chubbyloves at 13,Aug,17 14:43 other posts of chubbyloves 
Yes, I think I enjoyed it more than her

By Eerect at 13,Aug,17 03:04 other posts of Eerect 
Yes I have,it was her and her friends idea,enjoyed it! Took it in turns on me while I licked their pussies while they sucked my cock.

By #536462 at 13,Aug,17 02:58
Yes it was my idea

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