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Taste Of Cum

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Started by #117698 at 03,Jan,11 12:57
How many guys have tasted there own cum? Did you like it? Do you think it is normal to do so? Ladies would you be comfortable with your significant other liking his cum and cums in his on mouth regularly?

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By #566722 at 15,Sep,18 06:33
I tasted my own cum.Trully I swallowed few of my loads.At first it wasn't gross.It wasn't bad.After few more swallowed loads I started to like the taste of my cum.I think it is normal,while I do this alone at home.

By Eerect at 02,Mar,18 07:10 other posts of Eerect 
I love the taste mixed with pussy juice as I lick it out of my Wifes' cunt.

By cumonme1 at 01,Mar,18 09:22 other posts of cumonme1 
I have and it is not bad I like it, the more you taste it the better it is.

By Rockncocks at 22,Feb,18 07:21 other posts of Rockncocks 
LOVE the taste!

By liketoedge at 21,Feb,18 13:35 other posts of liketoedge 
Mine reallydoesnt have muxh of a taste. i did have someone tell me i had the best tasting cum that she ever experienced

By rudy51 at 21,Feb,18 13:31 other posts of rudy51 
I enjoy the after taste

By #285354 at 06,Dec,14 15:49
I enjoy eating my own cum. I sometimes shoot my morning load into a cup of coffee and enjoy the coffee flavored jelly worm on the last sip.

By #471760 at 06,Dec,14 15:40
I eat mine on a daily basis....why not..??

By eusay1587 at 03,Oct,11 10:47 other posts of eusay1587 
I never tasted cum,
even my own cum also others cum.
I'm afraid to taste my cum.
By stroker11 at 02,Dec,14 06:46 other posts of stroker11 
With your great pslit and sexy are missing a great thrill. Just go for it, its your own holy cum....worship the gift and enjoy the blessing!

By wankman9558 at 06,Nov,11 11:06 other posts of wankman9558 
well, i'm same as groupfun, when i have a wank i'm always determined to eat my cum but after i've shot my load i cant do it, perhaps i must persevere, i might like it
By stroker11 at 02,Dec,14 06:41 other posts of stroker11 
Dont think...just do the dew. Its addictive!

By #119027 at 03,Oct,11 20:45
A man tasting his own cum? I had never thought about it until my man friend, yes an older man sucked his cum out of me. It was an out of control unplanned unprotected sexual encounter! I lost control and fucked him. I wanted more and planted my cunt on his face. I came so much and he sucked me so hard I was empty. I didn't ooze the typical cum spew after a hard fuck and when we tongue kissed I tasted cum. it makes me hot thinking a guy sucks his own cum
By Walker at 07,Nov,11 22:12 other posts of Walker 
Oh yes I have sucked my cum out of many ladies and would love to do that to you babie

By wankman9558 at 06,Nov,11 14:10 other posts of wankman9558 
well i've finally done it, just had a wank and popped the load of cum in my mouth, didnt taste of anything really so i swallowed it anyway

By ghostfuck at 06,Nov,11 01:24 other posts of ghostfuck 
I Love it and have pic to prove it

By bradyD at 05,Nov,11 22:44 other posts of bradyD 
If I don't do my usual, and spray my face with my own cum, then I do swallow it all. I'd rather it just drip off my lips though so I can examine myself in the mirrors

By #22821 at 06,Jan,11 05:59
Yes I do and I like it. Yummy. full of good things so why waist it?

By DocBigDick1 at 04,Jan,11 17:25 other posts of DocBigDick1 
I've tasted my cum it's suppose to be salty but mine is not salty. Anyone one know why?
By spermkiss at 05,Jan,11 01:02 other posts of spermkiss 
There is quite a bit of variation in the flavor of sperm. See the comment I just posted on the Forum topic "precum".

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