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The 4-inch and under club!

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Started by #128035 at 06,Jan,11 13:14
Saw a club for 6-7, 5-6, but couldn't see one for smaller! I am 4 inches long. Post here if you are a wiener like me!

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New Comment

By lawrenceo at 02,Sep,18 08:13 other posts of lawrenceo 
I am 5 but a 4 will suit me fine

By lahbr at 11,Jul,18 13:19 other posts of lahbr 

By bil47 at 09,Jul,18 00:10 other posts of bil47 
I'm 4.5

By cock#57 at 08,Jul,18 18:46 other posts of cock#57 
im 4 inches on a good day. might be closer to 3.5 though.

By jellybeancock at 08,Jul,18 00:07 other posts of jellybeancock 

By 450 at 07,Jan,11 01:48 other posts of 450 
By 450 at 07,Jan,11 01:55 other posts of 450 
Me hard

By #519672 at 15,Dec,16 01:45
hold it back

By #5440 at 07,Jan,11 08:48
By #519672 at 15,Dec,16 01:44

By lahbr at 04,Aug,15 17:22 other posts of lahbr 

Im with u
By #363802 at 14,Dec,16 04:56
Great body and nice dick!

By #519672 at 15,Dec,16 01:43

By #515004 at 14,Dec,16 23:33

By liketoedge at 14,Dec,16 13:57 other posts of liketoedge 
I dont fit in the club but have always thought smaller dicks are hot. Guys with smaller that are not afraid to admit it is just a turn on.
By spermkiss at 14,Dec,16 16:11 other posts of spermkiss 
I'm with you. Small dicks are HOT. And a guy with a small dick who's not afraid to put it on public display is the biggest stud in the world.

By small_dik at 04,Jul,15 02:35 other posts of small_dik 
I'd bet I had the smallest penis on this whole site
By #493361 at 04,Jul,15 22:36
I think I'm smaller

By #394343 at 21,May,13 23:14
Big enough?


Comment if i'm twice or triple your size!
By bigone21 at 28,Sep,14 15:29 other posts of bigone21 
Jealous? No! Can I also comment if you're not nearly my size??? Haha!

Have a look in the 8+++ inch thread!

By small_dik at 04,Jul,15 02:34 other posts of small_dik 

By #436014 at 04,Jul,15 01:34
the stub club

By gazlittlewilly at 28,Sep,14 06:36 other posts of gazlittlewilly 
Looks like I might qualify for membership!

By 450 at 07,Jan,11 01:56 other posts of 450 

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