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shave or wax?

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Started by #139503 at 03,Mar,11 04:16
love to hear comments on pros and cons of shaving or waxing pussy or cock,love my cock smooth and hair free feed up with it growing back all scratchy,not to mention razor rash and in growing what should i do shave again or wax?...need good advice from all men and women please..

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By countrynaturist at 30,Mar,19 21:27 other posts of countrynaturist 
I use creams regularly ... Hate the razor rash. How much does laser cost? It would be nice to be permanently smooth and not fuss about shaving or creaming again. Though I would miss having my boyfriend and I shaving together

By #581484 at 30,Mar,19 20:25
I use ladies hair removal cream so much quicker and easier the only drawback is if left on too long it burns my balls most effective on my butt hole

By Smoothmann at 29,Mar,19 23:15 other posts of Smoothmann 
I shave every night in the shower.Not much of a problem for me.But laser sounds like a way to go!

By spermkiss at 03,Mar,11 13:17 other posts of spermkiss 
I've never done waxing so I have nothing to say there. I know full well the problems associated with shaving as I did it for years. Yes, the razor rash and the prickly re-growth are not nice.

If you really like being hairless, consider a permanent solution such a lasor hair removal. I had the hair permanently removed from my chest, underarms and genital areas about ten years ago. It's great and I have no regrets.
By #17000 at 16,May,11 21:53
I agree with spermkiss. Having shaved for years, and given dipalitories more than one try, I finally bit the bullet, got a brazillian cut last summer. God-a-mighty, it's nice!

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