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I Sucked a strangers dick in my car Awsome!

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Started by #137720 at 24,Mar,11 23:50
I put an ad on Craigs list a while back looking to give a blowjob no strings attached, a few days ago I got a responce. at 8:00 tointe I met my responder in a parking garage. Here is how It went. We met out side in the light and talked about three minuts He hopped in the front seat of my ar and I drove into the parking garage up on the top level no other cars were there. We both new what we were there for so I asked him to recline his seat and relax. He did and I reached over and rubbed his dick thru his pants until I felt him getting hard then i undid the snap at the top and pulled down his zipper his dick sprang out and he had on a pair of Black Crotchless panties I signaled him to lift so I could pull his jeans down he helped me pull them down below his knees and laid bake in the seat he had a small prob 5in dick cut and clean shaved this guy was maby 25 or so. I slowly stroked him for just a bit and put his dick in my mouth and sucked him slow he couldent hold back long and told me he was going to cum I just squeesed his dick with my fingers and tightend my grip on his smooth balls with the other and he came hard at least 6 shots i could feel in my mouth as a swallowed his cum and stroked his dick he buckeled and relaxed. I satup and drove him back to his car while he pulled his pants up he said It was great fun and got out. I really enjoyed it as well. has any one else done any thing like this?

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By Gntlmn at 26,Mar,11 16:43 other posts of Gntlmn 
'Wish I were that lucky!
By #13219 at 26,Mar,11 22:28
Never too late to get r done.
By Gntlmn at 28,Mar,11 17:04 other posts of Gntlmn 
I'll keep hoping
By Silverfur at 06,Aug,17 02:45 other posts of Silverfur 
Come down and see me and I will help you out

By submissivemartyn at 05,Aug,17 21:33 other posts of submissivemartyn 
Whilst in the army was hitchhiking home as had little money.It was late evening and a car pulled up alongside me and the guy asked where I was going.I told him and he said he could take me part of the way so I got in.As we were going along we chatted and he put his hand on my leg and started to rub my leg.As this was not my first encounter with a guy(blogs on profile)I let him carry on.After a while his hand moved to my crotch and rubbed my now hardening cock.I looked over at him and he smiled so I undid my jeans and slipped them and my pants down to my ankles.He smiled again and took my semi hard cock in his hand and started to masturbate me.I then unzipped his trousers and took his cock out of his pants,he was already hard,and started to masturbate him.After a short while he asked if I had ever given a guy a blowjob to which I replied no.Would I like to he asked,ok I replied leaned over and started to lick his cock and his balls.When some pre cum came out I licked it up to taste it,it tasted good,and then I put the head of his cock in my mouth.When he was about to cum he pushed my head away, grabbed the end of his foreskin so no cum would come out,and asked if I had ever tasted cum before to which I replied no.He told me to hold out my hand and he let some of his cum out onto it.I licked it and liked the taste so he let out the rest and I licked it all up.Then I licked his cock clean.He pulled into a lay by and leaned over and gave me a blowjob and when I was about to cum I tried to pull his head away but he carried on and took my load in his mouth.We dressed and carried on our journey till he dropped me off.

By #509942 at 30,Jul,17 03:49
No but i want to
By Ramil1 at 30,Jul,17 08:18 other posts of Ramil1 
was that the first time you sucked a penis? Just curious

By biguy69 at 21,May,11 08:17 other posts of biguy69 
YES!! I have done that only i sucked his cock while he drove around and i swallowed his hot load

By spermkiss at 25,Mar,11 02:27 other posts of spermkiss 
What cocksucker hasn't? Giving strange men no-strings-attached blow jobs is one of the real joys of being a cocksucker. I've done this sort of thing hundreds of times.

Was this your first time sucking a guy off? If so you now know how much fun it is and you'll want to do it some more. Dick can be very a-dick-tive.

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