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How often do you get your dick sucked, and how often do you cum from being sucked?

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Started by #161491 at 18,Mar,13 11:16
Two-part question.

I suck my husband's dick just about every day, so in a typical week he gets six to seven blow jobs. Except for a very rare occasion, he always cums around 10-15 minutes into the blow job.

As for me, my husband usually reciprocates after I've sucked him off, so I get blown about five to six times a week. However, I almost never cum from a blow job (I'd say maybe 10-20% of the time). So in a given month, I might cum once or twice from being sucked.

So what about you? How often do you get sucked, and how often do you get off while you're being sucked?

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By Walkabout at 01,Nov,18 01:31 other posts of Walkabout 
I normally get some kind of oral each time we have sex as she loves it in her mouth unless it's a quickie. She would be able to get me to cum each time but stop before cumming mostly. Maybe once every couple of weeks cum in her mouth or on her face and boobs

By eager4cum at 19,Oct,18 10:44 other posts of eager4cum 
If I have sex, I get sucked. If I get sucked, I cum. typically, it takes about 15 minutes for me to cum.

unfortunately, I do not get sex nearly often enough which is why I masturbate much more that have sex. masturbate about 5 - 6 times a week, sex about 2 - 3 times a year.

By #569192 at 10,Oct,18 05:01
When ever I can.
Never have came from oral
By MM_DD at 10,Oct,18 07:20 other posts of MM_DD 
I think oral alone isn't enough to get some guys off. I very rarely cum from oral myself. My hubby is the only one who's ever been able to get me off from sucking alone. It really takes a special effort on his part, and he has to do it in a particular way to get me that aroused. But even then, it's not a definite guarantee that I'll cum. Whenever it does happen, though, man, it's incredible!

By Scottbill69 at 09,Oct,18 17:06 other posts of Scottbill69 
Im gay so every time im with my bf at least twice in a session I will cum on his face ,and he on mine

By cmsdude at 08,Oct,18 20:02 other posts of cmsdude 
My.wife and i have sex 2/3 times a week, normally she gives me head but i dont cum she likes my cock in her so i save cumming until ive fucked her

By Sindee at 24,Apr,17 16:37 other posts of Sindee 
I can't remember the last time I got a blowjob, I usually give them but I never get them, but hey, I'm DEFINITELY not complaining!
By MM_DD at 07,Oct,18 22:57 other posts of MM_DD 
I wouldn't be complaining either! I love giving blowjobs far, far more than I like getting them in return. If my hubby decided he didn't want to suck my cock again, I wouldn't be bothered by that at all. It's nice, don't get me wrong, and he gives me the best head I've ever had, but most of the time I prefer a different kind of stimulation to get off.

By unluckydevil at 29,Sep,18 17:23 other posts of unluckydevil 
Been like 8 years since Iíve gotten any head. But truthfully; I donít really get off on it. Never have been able tol cum from getting sucked. Probably because I havenít gotten a blowjob thatís been worth a shit!
By MM_DD at 07,Oct,18 17:23 other posts of MM_DD 
Really sorry to hear that, bud. A shame because judging from your pic, you have a really delicious-looking cock. Looks like the perfect size for sucking.

By leopoldij at 07,Oct,18 13:35 other posts of leopoldij 
I get sucked several times a week and eat pussy too. I can cum each and every time I her sucked except that I often choose to cum in a different way, for example inside a pussy or with a handjob. I like cumming while getting handjobs.
--------------------------------------- added after 67 seconds

This is actually precum. It Did lead to a cumshot inside her mouth.

--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

That's me being sucked at a different time and actually shooting my load inside her mouth.
By MM_DD at 07,Oct,18 16:59 other posts of MM_DD 
That's awesome. This is the only pic I've got of my husband actually shooting inside my mouth. It's not a good one (kinda blurry), but I still think it's a hot pic. Still can't believe I managed to snap it.

By leopoldij at 07,Oct,18 17:20 other posts of leopoldij 
Thank you

By cumjohn at 06,Oct,18 10:14 other posts of cumjohn 
I get my dick sucked everytime i wish.
By MM_DD at 07,Oct,18 17:18 other posts of MM_DD 
That's awesome. I can understand why. You have a fantastic cock!

By mrseveninches at 07,Oct,18 12:29 other posts of mrseveninches 
Every few weeks my partner will suck my dick. I prefer handjobs so he will do that a couple of times a week. He likes blowjobs so i blow him 2-3 times a week. We usually both cum from getting a blowjob.
By MM_DD at 07,Oct,18 17:16 other posts of MM_DD 
That's awesome for both of you. Just checked out your page. Holy fuck, your tools are incredible. Damn...your partner is a very lucky man!

By adamgo at 28,Sep,18 10:40 other posts of adamgo 
couple times a week. my gf is always super horny and we fuck a lot. i usually cum every time unless she asks me to cum in her pussy instead. i am also seein a dude (she knows about him) and he sucks me every time we get 2gether which is usually once a wk. he always makes me cum at least once when we meet up

By aroundit at 28,Sep,18 08:38 other posts of aroundit 
just about ever day. mis one or 2 days now and then. i shoot off every time a nice 5 to 6 shot load .it gets swallowed ever time.couple times a month get one twice in one day.

By licksipsuckit at 03,Mar,17 21:02 other posts of licksipsuckit 
running a poll on the frequency people get blow jobs, ld like to see how many most people get a week *lix*
By Sindee at 24,Apr,17 16:39 other posts of Sindee 
I would have voted, but "I never get a blowjob" wasn't an option.

By yeahright at 04,Mar,17 21:01 other posts of yeahright 
Not nearly as often as I'd like. The only time I don't cum from a blowjob is when I stop it to do some actual fucking.

By #136427 at 29,Jan,14 15:56
My wife does not lije cum in her mouth so I rarley get a knobber, and never cum when she does give me one..
By Cock4meandher at 04,Mar,17 09:59 other posts of Cock4meandher 
Sadly, the same for me
By MM_DD at 04,Mar,17 10:43 other posts of MM_DD 
Man...I really feel for you guys. I honestly can't imagine *not* swallowing my man's loads. I mean, geez, that's the sweet reward I get for loving him so well, you know?

I wish more men's partners felt the way I do.

By #518223 at 06,Jan,17 17:35
Not often enough!

By #526857 at 06,Jan,17 06:04
I get sucked maybe once a week on average - nowhere near enough. I cum every time if the blowjob goes on long enough but sometimes I want to stop before the end and cum some other way

By XXXKing808XXX at 04,Jan,17 09:59 other posts of XXXKing808XXX 
I get sucked 7 times a week, before fucking and right before I cum

By cumjohn at 02,Jan,17 16:50 other posts of cumjohn 
About 1-2 times a week. Mostly i cum when i get sucked, but it depends how fast. How talented cocksucker is and how many days load is coming. Usually within 10-15 minutes.
By MM_DD at 02,Jan,17 18:16 other posts of MM_DD 
If I were your lover, I'd certainly be sucking that beautiful cock of yours way more than just twice a week.
By cumjohn at 03,Jan,17 05:34 other posts of cumjohn 
Then i would make you be my cumslut for everyday
By MM_DD at 03,Jan,17 06:47 other posts of MM_DD 
You wouldn't have to make me; I would eagerly volunteer for the role.
By cumjohn at 03,Jan,17 08:53 other posts of cumjohn 
Good, i love eager men who sucks cock
By MM_DD at 03,Jan,17 18:06 other posts of MM_DD 

By dickisgreat at 19,Mar,13 13:15 other posts of dickisgreat 
I almost never cum just from being sucked.
By dgraff at 03,Jan,17 05:58 other posts of dgraff 
are you sure there doing it right I never found a guy I couldent make cum
By MM_DD at 03,Jan,17 07:03 other posts of MM_DD 
Some guys just can't get off from sucking alone. Some need a hand-mouth combination to get there or some other kind of stimulation. That being said, skill does play an important role. My husband gives me the best head I've ever had and is the only man who's been able to make me cum from sucking. Early on in our relationship he discovered the "s e c r e t" to getting me off from oral alone. But even if he does those things to me each and every time, I don't always cum. I need really intense stimulation on the underside of my penis right at the frenulum. Most of the time a massager does the trick perfectly and in much less time.

By nekekal at 29,Jan,14 16:11 other posts of nekekal 
I rarely get my cock sucked anymore. I always cum when someone is doing it. I would love to have it sucked. When I was younger, someone just wanted to suck my cock and sucked continuously for about five hours. I would cum every thirty minutes or so. At five in the morning they had to go to work and quit but I was still hard. Oh, for the good old days.
By dgraff at 03,Jan,17 05:50 other posts of dgraff 
then you should come see me to my friend

By Sindee at 02,Jan,17 11:52 other posts of Sindee 
I can't remember the last time I got my dick sucked!
By dgraff at 03,Jan,17 05:47 other posts of dgraff 
then you should come see me some time soon

By #289712 at 31,Jan,14 11:13
Couple times a week but I font c because it is usually a wsrm up before sex. Occasionally when she is "out of action" she will suck my vock till I cum. Dhe gives great blowjobs, I alesys hsve a powerful orgasm and I dpurt hesps of cum.
By bella! at 31,Jan,14 16:51 other posts of bella! 
By Nevermore at 02,Jan,17 12:09 other posts of Nevermore 
All over the keyboard, apparently.
By bella! at 02,Jan,17 12:19 other posts of bella! 
Yes, but what appendage is he using to type?
By dgraff at 03,Jan,17 05:44 other posts of dgraff 
I think he speaking Yukon jack because I understood every word

By MM_DD at 02,Jan,17 18:07 other posts of MM_DD 
Very cool to see this old thread revived. I started it back in 2013 under a previous user name.

Comparing now to back then, I'd say the number of blowjobs I give my hubby has dipped a bit to about three to four per week, on average. He still usually cums around 10-15 minutes into it. And it's still very rare for him not to cum from a blowjob. I know the s e c r e t to getting him off even when he goes soft.

Ironically, I'm about to post an entry on my own blog about the number of blowjobs I gave him in 2016, which for the first time ever I actually counted.

By #526576 at 02,Jan,17 15:29
It's been forever. My neighbor works opposite me so we have to find the time to get together. My wife has never given head. Hence the reason I have a gay lover. Ideally, I'd like a blowjob 4-5 times a week and I would definitely give one back

By #521574 at 02,Jan,17 12:42
Never enough! LOL!

By mravg2u at 02,Jan,17 12:03 other posts of mravg2u 
New years day, but as I get older it is harder to cum during a blow job. But when I do it is by far a more powerful orgasm.

By #408374 at 11,Apr,14 22:23
Since Im in an open relationship I get bj almost every day. Usually. And I came every time yet this year.
My gf isnt so much into giving head but doesnt dislike it. Good for her she likes my cum. That would explain why she sucks me hard n fast so that I would cum within 5-10 Minutes.
My 'friend with benefits' likes to please me with a blowjob, our longest session was 3 hours. Im not very sure because it started in the middle of the night and stopped at 8 when my phone ringed. Ive lost interest in time n room back then
Too bad she moves away.

By #447569 at 28,Jan,14 00:16
Slow in the winter months, but in the summer I can find someone at the nude beach every day and several times a day wouldn't be a problem if I was capable of it. My record for one day when I was younger was 5 times. The odd time the other person isn't that good and I don't cum, but usually there is someone to take over later and I do.

By #406068 at 17,Oct,13 22:23
It's been a long time since i've had my cock sucked good.. Doesn't work like it used to, sometimes its slow to get hard.. back in the good ole days i would let anyone suck mine for as long as they wanted..

By #285354 at 29,Apr,13 19:06
That's a definite advantage to being gay. You can predict how often your husband wants to be sucked. My wife sucks me off once or twice a week. About half of the time we 69. I'm always horney. I like to get off about 3x/day. I'm happy to suck, fuck and 69. The rest of the time I'm on my own with a whack job. Honestly, I can't complain, every orgasm is a good one!!!

By dean_burns at 24,Mar,13 22:17 other posts of dean_burns 
My last longtime gf before i got married did the "you suck / I lick" thing a lot - it was a bit of foreplay, but we would both cum... Then build up again and then fuck... So I would get 4 or so B.j.s a week then since we lived about an hour apart and only spent weekends together... The boy friend after that didn't like getting his cock sucked... He would blow me, rim me back up so I would rim him and then fuck him... We would only get together once a week or so... Currently, wife only likes to use cock sucking as foreplay, so no more full b.j.s... Sometimes I miss them...

By #201583 at 20,Mar,13 19:35
A woman has never made me pop orally. Men on the other hand, only twice out of three attempts. I don't care for receiving oral. I'm more into foreplay and penetration.
By #161491 at 23,Mar,13 01:22
Interesting. You're one of the very few men I've encountered who don't care for getting their dicks sucked. I thoroughly enjoy it myself, but I must admit I am MUCH more turned on giving it to my husband.
By #201583 at 24,Mar,13 00:09
I get more satisfaction from making people happy.

By xavier1 at 20,Mar,13 15:27 other posts of xavier1 
Everyday! I too am soooo LUCKY we shower together and pleasure each other, the taste,slipperyness of wet pussy is fabulous!!! , we are LUCKY!!

By nekekal at 20,Mar,13 15:10 other posts of nekekal 
These days I never get my cock sucked.

But when it used to happen, it would only happen once every few months. I had to beg for a long time to get her to suck it.

And I can always orgasm/cum from getting a blowjob. It takes 10 minutes or less if I know that the person sucking wants me to cum.

I really love having my cock sucked.

By Gntlmn at 18,Mar,13 21:19 other posts of Gntlmn 
By #356637 at 19,Mar,13 00:02
I would love to remedy that situation!
By Gntlmn at 20,Mar,13 11:36 other posts of Gntlmn 

By #145304 at 19,Mar,13 17:22
once every couple of months if i stage a protest otherwise never

By #102053 at 19,Mar,13 16:32
Got a great BJ from a gorgeous TS who swallowed all my come about two weeks ago. Heaven!!!!!

By #147052 at 19,Mar,13 10:46
Once or twice a week depending upon who I am with. And I always cum from a blowjob and usually get my partner to do so also.

By #183935 at 18,Mar,13 20:04
I have never cum from being sucked alone. The guy or gal has always had to give me a tug too
By tb1 at 19,Mar,13 00:35 other posts of tb1 
hey m8, wish I could be the 1st to get you to cum from just sucking

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