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Any good Blogs?

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Started by Dezire at 29,May,11 04:14  other posts of Dezire
Have you come across any good blogs posted by members?
If so, please provide a link so that all can read it

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New Comment

By oldbugle at 14,May,12 03:11 other posts of oldbugle 
Have a look at mine for both factual and fictional entries,...tried to keep it varied and interesting but few people here are interested in blogs of others. Were there to be more interest I would make more blog entries.
By #552091 at 13,Mar,18 20:03
tried to comment AND blog but they said "not enough points".............................WHAAAAAAT?????????????????????????????????
By kebmo at 13,Mar,18 22:34 other posts of kebmo 
I've never heard of that. I went to his blog and left a comment and it didn't cost any points. Try it again.

By licksipsuckit at 13,Mar,18 23:59 other posts of licksipsuckit 
blogs should be free, so is commenting on pages and pics, try adding a comment on 4 new members pages to get a few extra points and see if that helps *lix*
By admin at 17,Mar,18 17:05 other posts of admin 
Comments are free. That is just an old precaution measure against trolls who create multiple accounts. If you have 0 points - you can't comment, but if you can, it does not cost you anything.

By #552091 at 17,Mar,18 12:04

By ixelfou4r at 06,Mar,18 22:09 other posts of ixelfou4r 
I wrote two so far. They are illustrated.

By licksipsuckit at 13,May,17 00:59 other posts of licksipsuckit 
l have heaps of blogs, stories and poetry, feel free to check them out anytime *lix*

By #269759 at 10,Nov,16 20:41
Check mine out, please! Just 3 hot (mostly) true stories for your stroking pleasure! Leave a comment if you like them and I will work on writing more.
By bella! at 10,Nov,16 21:06 other posts of bella! 
Mostly true?

By kebmo at 10,Nov,16 03:59 other posts of kebmo 
Holy shit! I just counted mine. I have 37 stories about my cock sucking friends and I. All guys, no anal. I think they're OK to read but you be the judge.
Just one exception; I just wrote a story about the American election from a Canadian's point of view.
Warning: May cause Not the election one though...unless politics really turn you on.

By oldbugle at 19,May,12 13:20 other posts of oldbugle 
Updated mine.

By #233076 at 15,May,12 03:53
Check out Joehacket's blog. He's a terribly good writer.

By bella! at 16,May,12 21:16 other posts of bella! 
Hey littlecUnt, you beat me to it....joehackett's erotica short story, well worth reading and his prose titled "You can't come with me....", loved it. He's truly gifted....check it out and be sure to comment.

By #146804 at 14,May,12 15:58
/blogs/author.php?id=146804 Here's mine, let me know if you like it - nice comments always encourages me to write more.
By oldbugle at 15,May,12 03:37 other posts of oldbugle 
....Great blog, you two! Uninhibited and detailed,...and definately worth reading as it's nearly all a turn-on

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