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What was the first bisexual thing you ever did?

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Started by liketoedge at 02,Sep,17 17:45  other posts of liketoedge
What was your first bi experience and does it still turn you on thinking about it?

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By Allalexallday at 21,Sep,20 13:27 other posts of Allalexallday 
When I was about 18 I worked at a gym. There was a older guy that was gay and always bringing bringing some young dude with him (I would guess his current peice). We were talking and he started asking questions about the different soaps in the showers ( each one has a different theme) so I walk back to the showers with him and his robe slowly opens and his dick is poking out he gets close enough while we are talking that his dick is touching my leg. I didn't say anything and I'm guessing he was hoping for a bj but after we were done talking I went straight to the restroom and jacked off I got me so hard knowing that I was turning him on even though I never thought about messing around with a guy.

By #624140 at 21,Sep,20 12:07
It was around 15, with my friend same age.We were having a boring evening so decided to check on his older sister drawers.We found her underwear draver and started looking ant panties.I sniffed some and we both got hard holding them.I decided to try on her sexy red thongs pantes and took off my clothes.I put them on and my friend got excited.I saw his hard dick and started rubbing my ass on it.He somehow managed get his cock and my asshole wet and slip it inside.As I felt his cockhead inside me I felt different and dirty somehow.But I let it happen and he tried fucking me by sliding in and out.But it wasnt enough lube so I just went on his cock without any fear.I wrapped my lips around his cock and sucked him until he shot a warm load in my mouth

By Auscock21 at 21,Sep,20 11:42 other posts of Auscock21 
Wanking and suck cock

By lawrenceo at 21,Sep,20 09:28 other posts of lawrenceo 
First m/m experience was mutual masturbation

By spermkiss at 01,Jun,18 11:05 other posts of spermkiss 
Most have answered this question as if it were the first GAY thing you ever did. If that's the question it would be sucking another boy's cock and letting him suck mine when I was younger than seven. I've sucked and/or been sucked eight or ten thousand times since then.

When I was in my early twenties and had been an out gay man for a few years, I fucked a neighbor lady on my living room floor. Then I fucked a lady friend a few times after that. Since I self identified as gay for all of these fucks does this count as bisexual?

Then when I was in my early thirties and had been an out gay man for more than a decade I had an affair with a woman. She knew I was gay and was totally cool with that. I never stopped thinking of myself as gay while the affair was on. So does this count as bisexual? In our circle of friends we were regarded as a couple, but it was always an open relationship. She fucked other men and so did I.

But what is truly bisexual were the numerous MMF three ways I had with this lady. To be in bed with both a man and a woman at the same time and to have sex with both has got to be bisexual.
By stiffone4u at 01,Jan,20 13:45 other posts of stiffone4u 
And I gladly delivered my load..never had a mmf with a bi or gay man and a woman.
By spermkiss at 01,Jan,20 15:46 other posts of spermkiss 
Do it, man, I know you want too. You even say on your page that you're interested in both men and women.

By lawrenceo at 23,Jan,20 04:23 other posts of lawrenceo 
Sounds like bisexual to me.

By Gntlmn at 18,Sep,20 04:56 other posts of Gntlmn 

By MikeT2020 at 18,Sep,20 02:26 other posts of MikeT2020 
Get my erect cock out for a boy at school and let him hand job me to a cum. Iím getting hard even writing this about it!

By newwt10 at 18,Sep,20 00:50 other posts of newwt10 
Had my step cousin stick his cock in my ass at a sleep over.

By thickswingercock at 04,Feb,20 17:31 other posts of thickswingercock 
husband licking my balls and ass while i fucked his wife, then he helped her suck and stroke me

By lawrenceo at 23,Jan,20 04:26 other posts of lawrenceo 
Until I met my first serious girl friend all of my sexual activity was with males.

Since then it has all been with females.

However, I am still strongly excitied by the thought of a male/male experience.
By liketoedge at 04,Feb,20 14:43 other posts of liketoedge 
All of my first sexual experience were with other boys too. Girls came quite a bit later

By bil47 at 04,Feb,20 15:21 other posts of bil47 
My first sexual experiences with boys at 13. First with a girl, not counting "second base", at 18.

By stiffone4u at 28,Dec,19 21:08 other posts of stiffone4u 
Got sucked through a gloryhole...very hot
By spermkiss at 01,Jan,20 13:27 other posts of spermkiss 
Isn't that HOT? It's the ultimate in anonymous sex because both participants not only don't know each other, they cannot even see each other. It's the most pure sex because there is no relationship baggage. All the cocksucker knows is that there is a man who wants to get his nut off on the other side. All the man knows is that there is a cocksucker who wants a load of sperm on the other side.
By tb1 at 01,Jan,20 13:35 other posts of tb1 
I agree 👍👍

By stiffone4u at 01,Jan,20 13:37 other posts of stiffone4u 
And I gladly delivered my load..
By spermkiss at 01,Jan,20 15:40 other posts of spermkiss 
I'm sure the cocksucker liked that. When a straight man gets oral service from a cocksucker it's a total win/win situation. The man gets oral service and gets his nut off. What man doesn't like that? And the cocksucker get the pleasure, satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment from having brought another man to climax. Plus he gets a warm, creamy load of man juice.

By PoloFields at 27,Jan,20 16:44 other posts of PoloFields 
Same here! And giving one of my first blowjobs ... what an amazing feeling of power bringing someone off.

By Olderguy321 at 02,Jan,20 09:24 other posts of Olderguy321 
I was 12 yrs old and sleeping over at freinds house in his tent out back, it hot really hot snd we ended up nude and started touching each other, after a few hours we sucked each others cocks if waz my first time tasting cum

By #603797 at 02,Jan,20 09:20
Hooked up with a guy on craigslist after oogling cocks on here a number of years ago. Found out I love cock occasionally. He comes by and we play. Sometime we just lick and suck. He likes to rim and he sucks cock amazingly. And he lets me fuck him when I want.
I still enjoy pussy best, but every so often....
See my vids for some of our fun.

By wycowboy at 02,Jan,20 09:06 other posts of wycowboy 
My only bi experience was with my cousin. We were both about 13 and being horny teens we decided one day to strip down and see what happened. I'm cut but he wasn't, that was the first uncut cock I had seen. Of course we both got hard. His was longer but mine was fatter. We touched each other and jerked a little. A little later he sucked my cock and then I sucked his, not to orgasm though. Then we decided to try some anal, he couldn't penetrate me for some reason so we swapped and I was able to get it in. I fucked him until I came, very intense orgasm, and jerked him off. We played around that way several times after, without the anal though, and enjoyed it. We even did it while a neighbor girl, also 13, watched and masturbated. We both wound up fucking her at a later time.

By #608083 at 01,Jan,20 15:19
my first bisexual experience was with someone I've known since highschool (when we were 13 years old). He was in fact bisexual/gay himself, which I already knew since we were in highschool...

last summer (when we both were at the age of 21) we started to hang out more and more often, especially evenings / at night, and one night we went swimming together in the river until it was really late. As his parents had left to go on a vacation for 3 weeks, he had the house for himselves during that time
after we got home, we made plans to see a movie later on, but first we needed to take a quick shower first as we were cold... both wanting to go and shower first, we ended up in the bathroom together, kinda waiting for the other person to give up and leave, but we both got a bit cold actually so it turned out nobody was willing to give the other precession... so eventually he suggested that we could shower together, which we did. we both stripped down our swimming shorts and joined eachother in the shower, fully naked.

so, we stared at eachothers penis for a brief moment ofcourse (which is quite normal behaviour I suppose, just to get a quick glimpse)
that night nothing really happened, besides the fact we had seen eachother naked. But we went on showering together again the following nights, and eventually the magic happened on that friday night in july, we were swimming again and ended having a conversation about eachothers penisses, now that we've seen eachother's we could compare them ofcourse (a) so, already knowing that he was gay, I asked him if he'd ever sucked someone, which he confirmed he did... he immediately added that it had been too long already since the last time he gave head, and that he loved doing it... so, without thinking it really through, I suddenly said that I had some sort of feeling that I should try it too, also because I found his penis kinda attractive to be honest :$:$ so I said that if he seriously wanted it and he'd really take pleasure in it, that I was willing to give the whole thing a try and go for it... he wanted it too he said, and given the enthusiasm I could hear in his voice when he answered my question, he wanted it really bad (a)

so, he started and sucked my penis for maybe 6-7 minutes, until I was at the point that I could cum any moment now, he stopped and looked me deep into my eyes. he didn't had to ask anything, as I went trough my knees and took his hard, long penis in my mouth.
I licked and sucked every inch with all my heart, also for approximately 7 minutes, having him aswell almost reach his culmination, he asked if I was fine with having him cum in my face and mouth. At that point I was just extremely exited so I wanted to taste his cum, I gave him permission to do so...
I kept on sucking him right until he couldn't hold it any longer, and whilst I felt his penis began to purse, a warm, sweet load of semen left his penis and landed on my tongue. Quickly after that another burst followed, and another one. Within seconds my mouth was completely filled so I swallowed it. In the meantime he had switched from filling my mouth to cover my whole face aswell. Seriously, I loved it. It felt so intents at the moment, that it took him only 20 seconds to make me cum too... he swallowed nearly all of it, and I also covered his face :$

from that moment on I knew directly that I would want this to happen again, or regular even better, so eventually I went home that night to sleep in my own bed, but we kept on chatting online about everything that'd happened earlier... we both had seriously enjoyed it, and were still really horny and exited, we both had a hard time falling asleep. It almost felt like I was fallen in love with him. The next day, at around lunchtime I went to his house again, with this strange kind of feeling of not knowing wether he'd still wanted it too or not... but, luckily, he told me that he almost didn't sleep that night because he was thinking and fantasizing about me all the time :$
as a reaction I kissed him on his lips, forcing my tongue inside his mouth :$ I remember really enjoying that kiss, and quickly we both were using our tongues. It was the first time I kissed a boy, and it lasted for maybe 5 minutes or so.
Right then we both knew something was definitely growing between us, and he looked me in the eyes as he said that he was 'starting to love me'. Without thinking twice I started to undress him and myself, while lying on his bed. That night I'm sure we made eachother cum at least 5 times. We were fully in love hihi

and suggested that we'd continue in his bedroom

By spermkiss at 01,Jan,20 13:30 other posts of spermkiss 
Have an affair with a woman when I was in my early thirties and had been an out gay man for more than a decade. And we had several MMF three ways.
By tb1 at 01,Jan,20 13:34 other posts of tb1 
You are very versatile my friend

By Okaynow at 01,Jan,20 10:14 other posts of Okaynow 
Fucklicking under my wife and our lover as he pounded her doggy style. Licking her pussy as his cock pounded her tight hole. This thought is always in my head when we fuck now
By X_Y_Z at 01,Jan,20 10:48 other posts of X_Y_Z 
hot Situation

By 3fdfd at 28,Dec,19 21:48 other posts of 3fdfd 
Very tame ... enjoyed looking at the guys in the shower during high school. Nothing beyond just looking & later jacking off to a few I liked. No internet back in those days, so I had to remember what the guy's cock looked like. Saw a few really large ones when I went to college a few years later. A couple of those I still remember all these years later.

By knewbi at 12,Nov,19 10:48 other posts of knewbi 
My very first actual bi involvement was with a gay couple. The first thing I did was grab both of their hard cocks and put one in my mouth. A few minutes later I had the second cock down my throat. I hit the ground running when it comes to my first bisexual experience. And yes I still think about that day and those guys. I did them many times until they were transferred out of state.

By #595150 at 10,Nov,19 20:44
I used to let my older brother sleep in my room he lay on his back and have me lay on top of him He would then jerk my cock while I layed onn him.
Loved it
I was only abou 5 yrs then
I still get horny thinking about it

By #551686 at 30,May,18 11:17
When I was 14 I did a paper round, I got to know a man of about 50. One day he asked me in, then he touched the front of my trousers and I pulled away and went out. A few days later I went back, he touched me again but this time I let him. He pulled my trousers and pants down and sucked my cock. He used to give me cigarettes if I put panties and tights on and let him put his cock in my mouth.
By #595150 at 10,Nov,19 20:36
very hot

By stiffone4u at 30,May,18 21:26 other posts of stiffone4u 
jerked off in an adult bookstore while someone watched through a peephole
By #595150 at 10,Nov,19 20:34
very hot

By leopoldij at 10,Nov,19 19:22 other posts of leopoldij 
My bi experience is that I allow bi people look at my cock on this site.

By Scorps at 10,Nov,19 11:13 other posts of Scorps 
Touched and tugged on my friends lil cock, we were 13... I'll show you mine if you show me yours. 😀

By Smoothie71 at 10,Nov,19 11:08 other posts of Smoothie71 
Put a dildo in my ass and then sucked it

By Vanessacd at 09,Nov,19 17:54 other posts of Vanessacd 
Strip poker with two of my friends first time I tried sucking cock and I loved it now I canít seem to get enough

By #454258 at 04,Sep,17 23:52
when i was in middle school i had a friend of mine, who wanted to play truth or dare. after a few weeks, the game escilated to the point masterbating together, and finally me sucking him off. but at sometime in high school, he started avoiding me, and even started telling my other friends that i was a fag. he was homophobic, dispite it all being his idea.

I havent seen the bastard in 13 years. word is, he's full blown gay now.
By JeffinKS at 30,May,18 13:53 other posts of JeffinKS 
those that yell the loudest have the most to hide. Most if not all homophobic men are in fact trying to hide the fact they are gay....

By liketoedge at 30,May,18 14:17 other posts of liketoedge 
I had a buddy like that in jr high he would fooling around secretly and was the instagator of all the times we fooled around and always wanted to do things but around others was totally homophobic. He loved cum and piss secretly and threatened me if i ever told our friends. He loved anything nasty and we fool around until he moved

By #539358 at 31,May,18 13:16
So many times over the years the loud homophobic guys are the ones eaten up inside as they really, really want to suck on a rock hard cock!
By liketoedge at 03,Jun,19 13:56 other posts of liketoedge 
I would absolutely agree with that. Secretly my friend was horny as hell but afraid that anyone would ever find out. I doubt I was the only one he secretly fooled around with

By andrew999999999 at 07,Jun,18 15:22 other posts of andrew999999999 

By cmsdude at 04,Jun,18 21:07 other posts of cmsdude 
Had a few boy only experiences, but the first bi experience was when my wife and i used to swing with another couple. Sucking my wifes and his wifes pussy juice off my mates cock and him doing same to me

By #551226 at 31,May,18 11:54
Hooked up with a guy who was bicurious, she and I sucked his cock together and I was hooked!

By foreskinlover52 at 31,May,18 05:26 other posts of foreskinlover52 
We were both around 7 years and decided to suck eachothers penises..It was so fun!

By #281008 at 04,Sep,17 20:24
sucked my own cock hhmmmm
By kebmo at 16,Mar,18 15:46 other posts of kebmo 
That's masturbating!

By Darthshame at 31,May,18 02:55 other posts of Darthshame 
That's amazing.

Lucky bastard.

By Darthshame at 31,May,18 02:53 other posts of Darthshame 
I let a guy blow me. It was fun.

By oldbugle at 30,May,18 13:51 other posts of oldbugle 
I've never done anything "bisexual" and neither have many people here,...but,....we seem now to be in a minority!

........Perhaps it's time I left the site.

By pipcock at 29,May,18 22:03 other posts of pipcock 
Wank with a friend at boarding school. In later life and more serious....wonderful blowjob at local club!

By #537175 at 29,May,18 16:26
with my friend from school , mutual wanking .. but I'm gay so I probably consider it a gay experience as opposed to bi

By #540910 at 16,Mar,18 15:10
A friend at college asked if I would let him suck my cock at first I said no but he was persistent and a few days later, another friend and I went to his room and let. I said I might not get hard and he said he wasn't worried about that! Well it didn't take long before I was really stiff and just a few minutes later I came down his throat. It was my first deep throat. Then he did the same to my friend who was with me. Afterwords, he told me I was the biggest click he'd ever had which, of course, did much for my ego . We did it again a few days later. He asked if he could rim me and I asked what that was. At first I said no but when he saw how aroused he got me, he started kicking my hole and I exploded! Came more than I had ever in my 19 years on the planet.
By liketoedge at 29,May,18 16:15 other posts of liketoedge 

By #551656 at 20,Mar,18 09:36
Masturbating with my step-uncle.

By Ablaze at 19,Mar,18 07:13 other posts of Ablaze 
Sex with both partners of a couple. I liked her while he fucked my ass then we both fucked her.

By #548125 at 19,Mar,18 03:25
The first thing was jerk in front of my cousin wile he was seeing me, then we touch the other cook, just for compare

By fatcock66 at 18,Mar,18 16:40 other posts of fatcock66 
being nasty with a 5th grade friend. He was literally, "I'll show you mine..." He had a prominent foreskin and let me touch it. We played with each other's cock, then sucked awhile. didn't get to cum, was too nervous I think
By liketoedge at 18,Mar,18 17:09 other posts of liketoedge 
I didnt even have cum in 5th grade. Dry orgasm till 7th grade
By fatcock66 at 18,Mar,18 22:11 other posts of fatcock66 
you are right. I didn't have one til a year later. I didn't know what it was either

By bil47 at 18,Mar,18 17:44 other posts of bil47 
I still haven't had a "bisexual" experience (eg a F/M/M 3-way) but my first gay-sex experience was at age 13... first at summer camp (mostly just showing off our boners) and later with similar-age neighborhood boys (doing a lot of sexy things). Damned right it still turns me on to remember it!

By smartex at 18,Mar,18 16:36 other posts of smartex 
Hooking up with a guy I met on a site similar to this one and jacking off together. He was a bit older than me (me in my early 30s then...) and had a big and beautiful cock. But it was all new to me and I was afraid to actually touch and play with it...

By #551458 at 17,Mar,18 05:59
Wanking my friend in my teens. He then wanked me

By #551983 at 17,Mar,18 00:41
My buddy was drunk and **** on our couch,my wife was also,I went into living room and woke him up sucking his cock,then when he got hard I rode him untill he shot his load in me

By itsnotreallyme at 16,Mar,18 20:07 other posts of itsnotreallyme 
when I was 18 I started messaging this shemale online. got her address and went to her, soon as I got in she forces my head onto her cock to suck then after she tied me to the bed and fucked me bareback until she summed.

By kebmo at 16,Mar,18 15:49 other posts of kebmo 
We were 8 and it lasted for four years. Here's my blog story. /blogs/31268.html

By #549130 at 14,Mar,18 19:41
When 15 my step **** who was 18 made me suck her 16 yr old **** while she fucked me with a strap on

By liketoedge at 25,Dec,17 20:20 other posts of liketoedge 
masturbated with friends growing up

By leopoldij at 16,Dec,17 12:05 other posts of leopoldij 
I fucked a girl in front of my make friend. He touched my balls while i was fucking her.

By skyking at 16,Dec,17 10:33 other posts of skyking 
at 10.....my 13 year old neighbor used vaseline for lube...and broke me in.......I have no idea how many times he fucked me that summer......and I do still remember well. I remember how wet and sticky I would be all day whenever he humped me.......and shocked when I finally saw the stuff squirt out of him.......and realized he was putting it in me !!

By #372855 at 15,Dec,17 05:32
Was bout 9/10.

By #522126 at 15,Dec,17 02:58
Sucking a guy and swallowing his cum while I fucked his Wife up the arse.

By GloriD at 14,Dec,17 19:42 other posts of GloriD 
a friend and I randomly came across some porn and spent the next few hours blowing each other we were 7

By #270555 at 14,Dec,17 18:38
8 ish with older cousin he was around 12 13 we started talking bout sex and actually was my idea to do this but i asked if he wanted to try it and we snuck off in the woods and blew each other and i dry humped his ass

By cockslut69 at 06,Dec,17 23:27 other posts of cockslut69 

By Lvphose at 06,Dec,17 23:20 other posts of Lvphose 
Guess closest Iíve ever got was when a friend and I were drunk we were watching some porn and masturbated in front of each other,

By niceonebighead at 06,Dec,17 20:12 other posts of niceonebighead 
at 5yrs old next door boy 13yrs old had me jack him off 1st time i seen a cock cum it was fun 2me 2 play with a big uncut cock done that 4yrs

By #539861 at 20,Sep,17 17:53
My first was being sucked off by a freind when i was 12
By liketoedge at 01,Dec,17 12:05 other posts of liketoedge 
My first blowjob was at 12 also. He asked if i wanted to feel something that was better than jacking off. Who could say no to that. For the next 3 years he sucked me anytime i wanted and i wanted it alot. several times a week i would jack him off and he would suck me. This is one of my secrets of growing up

By #62181 at 20,Sep,17 21:46
My first was on my birthday. We had a couple over that we have known for years. My wife blindfolded me and said she had a surprise for me. Then my pants were pulled down and I felt someone sucking my cock. When I pulled the blindfold off it was our friends husband. It felt so good that we ended in the bed room. All four of us were swapping with each other. That was the first time I fuck and was fucked by a man.

By 61-69 at 20,Sep,17 19:35 other posts of 61-69 
I was fucking a girl at a party and this guy she knew came into the room, got naked and joined in. It was a bit awkward at first, trying to avoid contact, but I relaxed a bit and was rubbing her clit as he fucked her. His cock slipped out and I just grabbed it and guided him back in, as I would my own. I was a little shocked at myself but he said it was ok. Anyway, I got bolder and started licking her as he fucked her, then of course his cock slipped out again almost straight in my mouth so I gave it a quick suck and put it back inside her. I was so fucking turned on I just laid my head on her belly with my mouth open, I didn't wait long, he pulled out of her and put his cock straight in my mouth, so fucking horny licking her juices off his hard cock. We sucked and wanked each other for her to watch, which she seemed to enjoy very much!

By Moench at 20,Sep,17 17:52 other posts of Moench 
my first bi experience wars as my wife ask me, before we has sex ,to wear her sexy **** dress,after this i cant stop to be in women,s lingerie

By Ingot at 20,Sep,17 15:06 other posts of Ingot 
My very first bi experience was meeting a male stripper off of Craigslist in his hotel room. It was me body worshiping him. Licking his nipples. Running my hands all over his sexy body.
Then giving him a handjob.

By liketoedge at 20,Sep,17 14:17 other posts of liketoedge 
jacking off with friend.

By cumonme1 at 11,Sep,17 11:20 other posts of cumonme1 
Jerk off my **** and my uncle

By andrew999999999 at 06,Sep,17 12:18 other posts of andrew999999999 

By foreskinlover52 at 06,Sep,17 11:40 other posts of foreskinlover52 
My friend and I were 7 years old and we sucked eachothers cocks!

By #522126 at 06,Sep,17 03:29
At a sex party my wife wanted to watch me suck a cock,I did and enjoyed it,got a mouthfull of spunk as a reward.

By submissivemartyn at 06,Sep,17 01:12 other posts of submissivemartyn 
My first bisexual experience was when my ex Mistress(wife)invited a guy we met on another site over.


By spermkiss at 03,Sep,17 18:51 other posts of spermkiss 
When I was in my early thirties and had been an out gay man for ten years, I had an affair with a woman. I had had straight sex prior to that, but they were pretty much fleeting things. With her, it lasted nearly a year, though it was always an open relationship. As I was fond of saying at the time and ever since, "She's fucking other men and so am I."

In any event, she and I had a LOT of MMF three-ways.

By #509510 at 03,Sep,17 18:24
I was 12 my buddy 17 we starting jerking off together. He really got off watching my dick growing bigger and longer every month. within six months outgrew his

By smallstuff at 02,Sep,17 22:10 other posts of smallstuff 
Sucked and jacked off a friend

By leopoldij at 02,Sep,17 20:04 other posts of leopoldij 
I don't think it was the first one, but I have a fuck buddy, Ann, who has a sexy roommate. The roommate gave me a blowjob.

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