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By yoursecretagent at 23,Oct,19 21:19
My gf's brother once. The whole family actually caught him. He was watching one his dad's porn vids (he had a lot of them) in the living room (the first room of the house when you walk in). Apparently he didn't notice we had came home, but he rushed out of there when we walked in.

By yoursecretagent at 23,Oct,19 20:42
Tenting while driving

By yoursecretagent at 23,Oct,19 20:39
Wet t-shirt one I did

By yoursecretagent at 22,Oct,19 18:48
Grape seed oil I find very nice to use.

By yoursecretagent at 22,Oct,19 08:10
I dibble a lot of precum before I cum, and then it's usually in spurts. Just depends on how recently I've came and how excited I am.

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By yoursecretagent at 22,Oct,19 00:51
My favorite way is the head in the palm of my hand, the thumb on the topside and the fingers running along underneath. Basically the tips of my fingers run up and down the main vein, working precum out into my palm. And I tend to precum a lot.

By yoursecretagent at 21,Oct,19 20:06
During intercourse, your inner nose swells just as your breasts and genitals will. This is most notably due to the increased flow of blood while having intercourse.

By yoursecretagent at 12,Sep,19 01:55
Wet t-shirt thing I did recently

By yoursecretagent at 11,Sep,19 11:42
Thank you!

By yoursecretagent at 10,Sep,19 22:37
Thank you!

By yoursecretagent at 10,Sep,19 11:34
Not sure if this counts. More like pitching a tent here.

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By yoursecretagent at 10,Sep,19 11:27
Exhibitionist here, but I enjoy looking too

By yoursecretagent at 07,Aug,19 21:07
On a hiking trail

By yoursecretagent at 07,Aug,19 21:04
I masturbate a lot outdoors. Something about being exposed outside really turns my crank.

However, the oddest place I masturbated was probably in the backseat of the parents' car. I was pretty young at the time, and it was a long trip. Under my blanket I jerked to completion and it was then I realized I was going to messy for the rest of the trip. lol

By yoursecretagent at 07,Aug,19 20:27
When I had an office job I used to j/o from time to time

There was also a time period where two girls would play with me at work. One really got into it, making excuses to come over to my desk "needing help with something" and would sneak her hand down my pants to stroke me. I'd stop her before I came though. I didn't want the whole room to know what was going on. lol

I have some great stories from that time, and I really most those days.

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By yoursecretagent at 02,Apr,18 16:07
I used to, but now that I work from home it doesn't seem to be quite the same.

But thinking about it I guess I still do.