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What reason do YOU mainly come to this Site?

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Started by #193081 at 17,Oct,12 17:22
View Cocks?
View Pussy?
Cock Comparison?
Hook Up?
Jerk off?

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New Comment

By Md21040 at 03,Oct,19 05:44 other posts of Md21040 
To look at beautiful cocks, get all hard!

By Scorps at 02,Oct,19 01:01 other posts of Scorps 
To look at Dick, Duh!
Oh and to peruse the fine intellect in these forums.

By #601059 at 01,Oct,19 10:14
I am curious what others think about my male tools. I love to read comments.

By twax at 29,Sep,19 21:44 other posts of twax 
I like giving and receiving compliments to all of the beautiful people on the site

By atom61 at 29,Sep,19 21:10 other posts of atom61 
I love looking at all the cock pictures when I jack off. Plus I love dirty chat and this site is a good place to do that. Posting pics of my cock was the first time I had ever done that and I like the fact that some may be getting of looking at my pics.

By bil47 at 25,Sep,19 14:16 other posts of bil47 
To view and collect pics of sexy erect cocks.
Also to show off my own cock.

By cumcouplessa at 25,Sep,19 14:10 other posts of cumcouplessa 
We both love cock. Especially hard, upcurved cock. Seeing them and fantasizing makes us both horny as hell. Also hoping to eventually make contact for a 3'some? Who knows what the future holds? Just like the lottery, if you have a ticket, you have a chance?

By Toasty at 25,Sep,19 11:50 other posts of Toasty 
Reading comments and dirty talk about my photos. It makes me more horny + sharing pictures to people who are excited about me is also fun if they want more of it

By liketoedge at 23,Sep,19 15:38 other posts of liketoedge 
I have always liked seeing other guys cocks. They are all unique and have always been a secret turn on

By Ablaze at 23,Sep,19 14:01 other posts of Ablaze 
To view beautiful big cocks, boobs and asses and to have new sexual partners all over the world.

By louther at 16,Sep,19 13:38 other posts of louther 
I come to view the pics of course! I also like chatting with members and getting to hear their stories or fantasies. I really like messaging about first time bi experiences and just getting to know people and their desires.

By #556084 at 16,Sep,19 06:04
It's a safe place for me to show my cock and see other cocks

By jumbu at 15,Sep,19 22:56 other posts of jumbu 
i want as many Ladies to see my dick and give me commments
By Scorps at 16,Sep,19 00:24 other posts of Scorps 
🙄 Then you're on & at the wrong site.. Free advice...
By jumbu at 16,Sep,19 01:45 other posts of jumbu 
where else can i go, i do have a lot of ladies on this sight who make sexual comments about my dick

By Frank755 at 15,Sep,19 23:03 other posts of Frank755 
I like showing my cock and hearing what people think

By JizzyJay at 15,Sep,19 22:21 other posts of JizzyJay 
It's the safest way to be an exhibitionist! Plus I'm addicted to it.

By #599768 at 15,Sep,19 10:38
To other couples fucking. Just look.

We are straight but see how others are playing.

By cutroundhead at 11,Sep,19 03:48 other posts of cutroundhead 
I like to show off my cock (and the occasional compliment I receive makes me more confident about its small size), I'm curious to see others cocks (we all like to see how we measure up to the next guy) and it's great to chat about what we enjoy doing with our hard cocks.

By cody8789 at 09,Sep,19 11:30 other posts of cody8789 
Just chatting is no fun and looking at naked people is no fun either, It's the combination of chatting and being able to see what other person looks like naked that turns me on.
--------------------------------------- added after 89 seconds

I also like getting naked and hearing what other people say about my body
By Skittles at 10,Sep,19 09:47 other posts of Skittles 
Cody, shut your cunt and to bake me a pie
By cody8789 at 10,Sep,19 20:42 other posts of cody8789 
I got you pie hole right here
By Jamie at 10,Sep,19 21:27 other posts of Jamie 

By Scorps at 10,Sep,19 21:34 other posts of Scorps 
I come to masturbate to this stud ➡️
By cody8789 at 11,Sep,19 01:45 other posts of cody8789 
Who is that stud, he's hott

By massco at 10,Sep,19 20:53 other posts of massco 
I come here to check out all the sexual differences. Maybe get to get with the ones that I fantasize about.

By massco at 10,Sep,19 20:52 other posts of massco 
I come here to check out al the sexual differences. Maybe get to get with the ones that I fantasize about.

By yoursecretagent at 10,Sep,19 11:27 other posts of yoursecretagent 
Exhibitionist here, but I enjoy looking too

By Skittles at 10,Sep,19 09:48 other posts of Skittles 
Smashing cunts and muppets isn't a choice??

By Lvphose at 10,Sep,19 01:14 other posts of Lvphose 
I enjoy both exhibitionism and voyerism

By smcock at 09,Sep,19 23:46 other posts of smcock 
I come to view other men's cocks,jack off and hope to hook up with another man. I haven't done anything with another man but hope to one day.

By MybbwWife at 08,Sep,19 21:56 other posts of MybbwWife 
Luv to show off

By #598172 at 08,Sep,19 19:44
I like pussy and to show myself off

By #595788 at 08,Sep,19 17:59
The main reason is to show my penis and to admire other menís penises.

By knewbi at 08,Sep,19 17:23 other posts of knewbi 
I cum to see the great cocks and chat with some of the members both ladies and men. Oh, and to jerk off.

By MoeJoe at 08,Sep,19 11:41 other posts of MoeJoe 
Cocks...and only cocks.

By liketoedge at 08,Sep,19 10:55 other posts of liketoedge 
I enjoy chatting with other horny people. I love women but prefer looking at dicks when I masturbate.

By rudy51 at 08,Sep,19 08:33 other posts of rudy51 
I enjoy seeing such variety of pussy and cocks and I do compare myself as all men are not created equal also enjoy chat and sometimes that leads to a cam

By Smoothmann at 08,Sep,19 07:14 other posts of Smoothmann 
I come here too see other smooth cocks,balls and pussys!I also enjoy chatting with my friends here and look at all of the great photos!

By cruz69696969 at 08,Sep,19 03:30 other posts of cruz69696969 
I cum here to view. Beautiful cock photos an then to jerk off

By #274357 at 18,Jun,13 16:46
Nowadays...meeting like minded individuals.
By sinanff47 at 20,Jun,13 02:46 other posts of sinanff47 
Which minds are you referring to?

By #358284 at 14,Jun,13 10:35
To locate Men that need NSA Blowjobs & NSA Deepthroat Blowjobs, Period!!

By #145304 at 13,Jun,13 22:52
see what kinda jerking material I come across

By Arexa at 13,Jun,13 21:07 other posts of Arexa 
I'm a chatter. Lol.

By #391577 at 10,Jun,13 15:15
I don't know - but it's not for random men to PM me this:

and expect me to get excited and reply! Why do they do that? I can see real ones wanking, and have dirty talk with real people, so a wank emoticon is about as hot as being seduced by a dead peeled prawn!

Actually, writing that, I think it's to fantasize, and that means a bit more wooing than a cartoon carrot wanking
By SydP at 10,Jun,13 15:50 other posts of SydP 
You can look at them as a simple, not so sophisticated compliment. Its got to be better then a

By #323075 at 08,Jun,13 01:16
All reason without fetish and boredom!

By hornyboy70 at 07,Jun,13 23:27 other posts of hornyboy70 
I love to show off my cock and check out all the other hot cocks while I jack off. I get into some pretty nasty chat too

By #121813 at 07,Jun,13 11:23
It's got a good beat and it's easy to dance to

By pornlover59 at 17,Oct,12 18:11 other posts of pornlover59 
show off look at cocks pussies assholes chat
By bella! at 17,Oct,12 18:42 other posts of bella! 
This site certainly has a myriad of beautiful cocks, many lovely pussies and a bunch of assholes too!
By #278535 at 16,Feb,13 15:08

By #301038 at 07,Dec,12 01:46
show my pussy... get some attention... chat with some people.
By #278535 at 07,Dec,12 14:08
i'm also came here regularly for watch pussy, chat with them if they give me chance for chatting!

By #278535 at 07,Dec,12 14:10
Any way, you've got an attractive pussy!
By #301038 at 09,Dec,12 19:28
By johnp at 26,Jan,13 11:24 other posts of johnp 
I aalso come to watch peaches pussy!
By #278535 at 16,Feb,13 15:07
I agree

By funguy5555 at 27,Jan,13 12:05 other posts of funguy5555 
i like looking at other cds but enjoy everything.

By Reid43 at 27,Jan,13 12:00 other posts of Reid43 
I come to this site to view other guys cocks and to compare my penis to guys with real mens cocks. I know my penis is small and I want to see how I compare with others.

Usually all I would see online or in magazines was porn actors and not just regular guys and I used to think that my dick was of average size. Now after coming to this site I can view normal guys cocks and I have come to the reality that I am hung kind of small. I have learned to accept it and deal with it.

By smartex at 27,Jan,13 08:56 other posts of smartex 
I like to watch normal people's cocks, pussies and asses when I jack off as well as having mine being looked at. That's it basically...

By #218023 at 09,Dec,12 10:09
Just want to suck my first cock
By jimdub at 27,Jan,13 05:55 other posts of jimdub 
Shame you are so far away, I would love to oblige. What about me sucking yours?

By spermalove at 27,Jan,13 03:08 other posts of spermalove 
To show my cock

By 3fdfd at 26,Jan,13 22:11 other posts of 3fdfd 
look at cock
jerk off to a nice looking cock
chat with a few guys that I've become friends with
jerk off to my friends' cocks

By dickisgreat at 26,Jan,13 12:33 other posts of dickisgreat 
To see straight guys showing off their dicks and talking about them. MASSIVE turn-on.

Gay guys are fine too but they're a dime a dozen. Whereas straight dudes, along with curious or 'questioning', are the holy grail of cock, if you ask me.
By #347242 at 26,Jan,13 12:37
im right up your alley then
By dickisgreat at 26,Jan,13 16:22 other posts of dickisgreat 
Right on

PM me and tell me about your dick, what you like about it...

By t-rex at 26,Jan,13 10:51 other posts of t-rex 
All of the above

By #41858 at 25,Jan,13 19:50
Because I love looking at the circumcised cocks
By moore at 26,Jan,13 06:17 other posts of moore 
Me too

By 67malibu at 26,Jan,13 04:12 other posts of 67malibu 
Cocks and puss

By freaddy at 25,Jan,13 21:05 other posts of freaddy 
too see if i ever get a coment witch are few and betwene

By Ablaze at 25,Jan,13 20:48 other posts of Ablaze 
To view many cocks and pussies, to jerk off and to find sexual partners.

By #285354 at 11,Dec,12 19:09
The site is SYD. I like to show mine and hope that others enjoy seeing my pics.

By Setiguy2008 at 09,Dec,12 23:05 other posts of Setiguy2008 
Mostly to view and admire the very fine collection of male penises here. There are some very handsome attractive male organs here and some really make me horny and my mouth water.

I also view some pussy too. I am particular about pussy, it must have a prominent mons venus and and be bald. Smooth and slick for me!

By CreativeOne at 09,Dec,12 22:30 other posts of CreativeOne 

By 3fdfd at 09,Dec,12 19:32 other posts of 3fdfd 
chat with friends - look at cock - go to Dicussion Forum - jerk off to a nice looking cock or two - often the cock I jerk to belongs to a friend - a guy I like & chat with

By pablo37 at 06,Dec,12 16:09 other posts of pablo37 
To find fuck buddy that is close for fun...no luck so far.
By mike50 at 09,Dec,12 18:47 other posts of mike50 
me to

By Gntlmn at 07,Dec,12 16:10 other posts of Gntlmn 
political discourse, of course

By boc at 07,Dec,12 09:35 other posts of boc 
Anthropological study.

By #100857 at 23,Oct,12 02:34
I enjoy all the women that frequent this site. Thanks ladies!! Your all awesome!
By SydP at 06,Dec,12 22:07 other posts of SydP 
Same here. Guys just like to take their dicks out for whatever reason. Women though - it takes a special kind of lady to show us her stuff. It makes for a better world and I applaud all the women with the "balls" to do that!

By #310974 at 23,Oct,12 01:43
show myself off, compliment others (guys and girls), maybe meet up with a hot chick in my area. jacking off material of course.

By #102374 at 22,Oct,12 23:40
Have people look at my cock.

By Stiffcock47 at 22,Oct,12 04:22 other posts of Stiffcock47 
To show myself off and to check out hot cocks

By #297753 at 19,Oct,12 16:32
I was very much afraid to be seen naked in public until I came here and had the guts to let my pants down.

As I had medical surgery on my dick as a boy, I was looking for some feedback to hear what other people might think about it. Personally, I've always loved my dick - but was afraid to hear negative somments because of it's different look. This site and it's friendly users has helped me with (surprisingly) lots of positive comments to get over my fears and to feel good the way I am down there. I even enjoyed some critical opinions if they were written tastefully and fair.

As you can see, today I don't worry about showing every little (unusual) detail of my dick - and believe me, it's been a great experience - so deliberating...!!

Today, I walk into locker rooms with confidence... Thanks to YOU, my SYD friends!!
By dreamer at 19,Oct,12 16:59 other posts of dreamer 
I salute you

By dickisgreat at 19,Oct,12 14:11 other posts of dickisgreat 
Hooking up but the site isn't really set up for that - barely has a search function and there's not enough guys.

But the cocks here are completely *beyond*! Best site by far for hot dicks and excellent hi-res photos.

By CreativeOne at 18,Oct,12 04:39 other posts of CreativeOne 
The main reason , I am here is simple ... "Friends" !

In the past 3 and a half years I have been here , I have had the pleasure to chat with at least 800 members here at one point or another and it truly has been great ! Plus , I look forward to chatting with another 800 or more new friends , as this site is such a great place to be able to chat with so many Fantastic people from all over the world ! If you think about it ... we all share 1 thing in common here and in a way we are all like "One big happy family" !
So again , my main reason for coming here is the friends I have made along the way ! However ... showing myself off to the world to see is definitely my second reason I am here ! So feel free to stop by my page and say "Hi" !!!
By dreamer at 18,Oct,12 04:47 other posts of dreamer 
Hi CreativeOne Looking good, looking good
By CreativeOne at 18,Oct,12 05:01 other posts of CreativeOne 
See ... good friends are Awesome ... Thanks "dreamer" and it was a real pleasure chatting with you for the first time tonight !!!
By dreamer at 18,Oct,12 05:04 other posts of dreamer 
Likewise, may we do so again

By dreamer at 18,Oct,12 04:29 other posts of dreamer 
To view and appreciate the beauty of the human body.
To show my unique penis to whoever wants to look at it in all its splendor HE HE HE LOL...
To have some interaction with some intelligent people from all over the world. Hopefully make some good friends
To spread some joy and cheer with little gifts and compliments
And if I do get aroused along the way, that's fine, then I'll have a nice, relaxing, long and slow " spank the silly monkey" session sooner or later

By 67malibu at 18,Oct,12 04:13 other posts of 67malibu 
To show myself and take in all the eye candy.

By oldbugle at 18,Oct,12 02:33 other posts of oldbugle 
I come here for "etc"....

By #134591 at 18,Oct,12 02:11
to jerk off and chat with like-minded guys.

By ktalmipn at 17,Oct,12 23:26 other posts of ktalmipn 
To show off i was too bored and horny so i looked some site where i could show pictures of my dick and here i am on Show Your Dick now i like having a nice chat with all the nice people here

By pornlover59 at 17,Oct,12 18:12 other posts of pornlover59 
masturbate love kinky fun need someone to have a good long chat with maybe cam too

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