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Nudist Beaches

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Started by #186982 at 28,Aug,11 09:22
Is it okay to take a camera to a nude beach? Obviously not to take pictures of other people. But i'm going to frequent a nude beach for the first time in my life next month onwards and wouldn't mind getting a few snaps of myself for SYD. Is that acceptable since i'm not invading anyone else's privacy?

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By justpassingthru at 16,Aug,23 17:23 other posts of justpassingthru 
Black's Beach in San Diego! not too many people there if you hike a ways.. just a few that enjoyed the show we gave I'm sure.. they kept there distance mostly

By #159671 at 13,Aug,15 04:07
I've done that. Just remember that for all intents it's like a loaded gun. DON'T take it out and point it all over, and whenever you shoot your "target" make sure there isn't anybody in the background. Take the pix, and put it away. Don't draw attention to yourself because some folks might be very paranoid about it, while others may just want to steal the camera while you go for a dip.

I had a few other guys help me by giving them my camera to take some snaps of me. No problem.

...that's me!
By #485312 at 13,Aug,15 10:28
[deleted image]

By #188679 at 28,Aug,11 14:46
To be honest I get off when people take my photo and all the questions I get about my huge tennis balls and 11" penis

[deleted image]
By just16cm at 28,Aug,11 18:39 other posts of just16cm 
Dude, next time you photoshop your cock, make sure you don't fuck up the size

If I compare your arm with mine, your cock has to be around 13" long and 3,5" wide...

...and I really don't think my arm is that much longer than yours...

You're a liar
By #159671 at 13,Aug,15 04:09
I think he was joking, that's why there is a in there. Try not to get too upset about guys saying they have a 11". Mine is only 10-1/2" so it used to bother me a lot!

By #172419 at 30,Aug,11 01:35
Hey if u see me naked at the beach feel free to take my pic
By spermkiss at 30,Aug,11 05:36 other posts of spermkiss 
And if you see me, feel free to take mine, especially if I have an erection, and even more especially if I have another guy's dick in my mouth.

By #186982 at 28,Aug,11 17:35
Thanks for all your feedback! I'm not sure if i'll risk upsetting anyone anyway. I think i'll be having to much fun enjoying the sun. It must be very liberating being able to sunbathe and swim in the nude!
By spermkiss at 28,Aug,11 21:35 other posts of spermkiss 
It is indeed very liberating to be nude out of doors with other people. And don't be the least bit concerned if you get an erection when you're there. Many men do, especially first timers. If you're lying down you can roll over on your belly to hide it (many men do), but that's not necessary. If you're standing up an walking around just carry on with what you'd be doing if you didn't have an erection. Erections are normal and natural.

Now about sex on the beach. At family nude beaches where there are children present it's out of the question. At adult nude beaches, especially gay nude beaches, sex on the beach is often de rigueur. I've had sex on the beach hundreds of times, sometimes when there were people on neighboring beach towels just a few feet away. And I've even been photographed doing it. See my comment below. So if you see sex hapening, go with the flow and suck and fuck to your heart's content.

By spermkiss at 28,Aug,11 21:21 other posts of spermkiss 
Some nude beaches absolutely forbid cameras. At others you should definately not take anyone's photograph without permission. Some do not want to be photographed, others don't care and others find it a turn on. I fall into this last group and I've been photographed dozens of times, soft, hard and often while engaged in sex.

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