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australian gay nude beaches

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Started by #56958 at 03,Aug,12 04:27
does anyone know any good beaches or cruising grounds in Australia.

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By #68656 at 03,Feb,13 07:42
I must be the odd one out when it comes to our local nude beach in Adelaide, Maslins Beach.
That is because when I go there or to any suchlike venue I go there to enjoy the sun, walk the dogs and swim in the sea. In other words the proper reasons for going to the beach.
By bella! at 01,Mar,15 17:01 other posts of bella! 
That was my thought, why a gay nude beach, why not JUST nude beach? Does it really matter if it's JUST a nude beach if you're going for fun, sun, swimming, beach volleyball, etc.?
By small_dik at 08,Mar,15 02:27 other posts of small_dik 
There's no such thing as a gay nude beach in Australia per se, they're all just nude beaches anyone can go to. But what happens at some of these beaches is that guys use them for places they can have anonymous sex with other guys. This makes some of these beaches dodgy places to go if you just want to enjoy the beach. But it can be funny watching the guys trying to pick up. The biggest drawback for these guys would be the regular police stings at these locations to arrest guys for performing a lewd act in public. Homosexuality is legal in Australia, but sex in public isn't.
By bella! at 08,Mar,15 23:02 other posts of bella! 
Thank you for the explanation! 👍

By #463848 at 09,Dec,22 13:37
Many couple must kiss and cuddle when they are on a beach and clothed. How far does the Australian system go when the couple are nude?
By small_dik at 12,Dec,22 01:19 other posts of small_dik 
Kissing and cuddling in public wouldn't be considered a lewd act in Australia, even on a nude beach. I was talking about actual sexual acts like masturbation, blowjobs, and sexual penetration.

By Dev01 at 09,Dec,22 19:43 other posts of Dev01 
John S was a real bag of dicks. Thank God he is not an oxygen theif no more and what a horrible poster boy for Oz.

By #525579 at 02,Feb,17 09:08
At Forrest Beach , there's a lot of hidden spots that I walk naked just waiting to be caught by a guy who wants to suck me and be sucked off by me, that's my fantasy.

By #206678 at 19,Jan,17 19:35
Melbourne has a few nude beaches. Sunnyside beach in the Peninsula. Point Impossible in Torquay and Southside beach Anglesea.
Are they gay cruising spots? Well I guess yes as lots of men are there but also quite a few couples. (not so many sole women visit)
I've been to Point Impossible a few years ago and if you stay out of the sand dunes you don't get hassled.
An alternative is private swim clubs. They are actually swim schools but at night become a private nudist get together place. I've been to the Laverton one a few times. Quite fun and nice people there.

By #503470 at 19,Jan,17 16:29
My local nude beach has alot of gay guys frequent it n alot of them seem to think if your there your gay

By #131063 at 05,Mar,15 18:23
Well said, JohnS and bella!

andmill2, it's wankers like you that got our local nude beaches in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, California USA closed down, ruining it for hundreds of people - straight, gay, old and young alike. Now the gangbangers, partiers and d r u g dealers/addicts have taken over, as well as the fully clothed tourists leaving their picnic trash behind (and who are clueless to their actual surroundings). Apparently this is all more preferable to the nearby affluent local homeowners, rather than a few law-abiding (self-policing) nekkid people enjoying the sun.

As a 58 year old man; as your peer I have to say, there comes a time where if guys like us still want to be nude on the beach, we need to be respectful and above reproach.

Your photos indicate just what type you are, and pal...we don't want you on our beaches. Because of your risky behavior your eventual destination can be only one of two places, either jail...or God forbid, worse...

The rest of you socially-immature clowns that still think sex in the bushes (post HIV/AIDS reality) is the way to interact with other men are sad indeed. Of course, having not had proper (gay) male role models in your gay youth, you know nothing else and haven't developed the proper social skills to meet men in any other manner. You offend the premise of masculine respect - and have no inkling the meaning of Brotherhood, Camaraderie and Friendship First. No wonder the gay world takes so long to be 'accepted'.

By steve3095 at 05,Mar,15 11:32 other posts of steve3095 
Swanbourne Beach, Perth WA. Thus dunes are full of men.

By small_dik at 04,Mar,15 00:39 other posts of small_dik 
Casuarina Nude Beach in Darwin is a well-known cruising location.

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