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Sex Bucket List

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Started by #183011 at 07,Sep,11 22:34
There are a number of things I want to try before the spark goes out. My List

Fuck a very small person in the ass
Be fucked by a thick 8" cock
Be fucked by a thick 9" cock
Be fucked by a thick 10" cock
Squat over a willing mouth that needs feeding
Give someone a drink that has been filtered through my body
Rim a 20 something person's ass then fuck it
Have sex in a very public place at night

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By Fixittight at 05,Feb,24 19:01 other posts of Fixittight 
Having two nice big cocks use my mouth for their dirty cock sucker for a night

By #164428 at 17,Sep,11 10:57
1. Just HAVE sex! (Been trapped in a sexless marriage and can't divorce yet due to $);
2. Try anal!;
3. Have sex with a woman for the first time (I'm bi in orientation but haven't had actual experience);
4. Get oral from someone who knows how to give it w/gusto! (I've been very deprived!!);
5. Bukkake party (I'm a cumslut);
6. Double penetration;
7. Swinging (maybe);
8. Have sex in a very public place during the day;
I know there must be more, but it's almost 7 a.m., and I haven't been to bed!
By #124665 at 18,Sep,11 02:20
Sounds like you need fucked REAL good..

By #157110 at 19,Oct,11 15:28
fuck ,i would eat you out to you cum and cum and begd me to stop
By #164428 at 28,Oct,11 08:36
Mmmmm....wish you could be here right now, sweet and sexy one!
By #187350 at 28,Oct,11 12:57
what to do if you are trapped in a sexless started out as a sexfest for a couple great years...then slowed what?

By #29033 at 05,Nov,13 16:47
Mine is,
1. Do everything on Steffi's list with Steffi. (Apart from no.3, obviously).
By #358797 at 05,Nov,13 19:46
Well, I can fill in number 3, but it's up to Steffi if we let you watch or not. Lol.
By #29033 at 05,Nov,13 22:07
Ha! Watching is something I'd definitely be very good at...

By #400852 at 07,Nov,13 10:47
oral is my number 1 thing,I would lick you until you climbed the wall backwards sceaming with a orgasm,and would love to give you anal,your lovely

By #437064 at 05,Nov,13 19:45
1: Fuck a stripper

2: Suck off a really well hung tranny

That's about it, done everything else
By #23212 at 07,Nov,13 08:31
As the original poster's List above clearly alludes to sex play involving body 'discharges', can we assume by your "everything else" that you also include these activities?

By #332336 at 17,Dec,12 19:08
I've done most things on my bucket list, but I still haven't pulled a train. I'd like to suck a big hard dick while another guy fucks me hard from the rear.
Also I'd still like to fuck a midget.
And haven't had any asian pussy yet.
Other than those 3, I've done it all.

By #172995 at 19,Oct,11 03:46
Its amazing how getting laid improves ones outlook on life.

By #7976 at 08,Sep,11 13:40
Interesting question. I suppose I'm pretty happy with the sexual life I've had till now. If there's one fantasy I'd love to act out it would be to have a long term affair with a married woman who enjoys having the relationship and the side sex. I love my wife and probably wouldn't easily get into an Affair for the risk of loosing a great marriage, but it is a fantasy.

The only other one I can think of is having sex with Kat and one of our friends who's truly sexually hot. Watching them make it with each other and being allowed to play too would be a true fantasy come true.

By #183011 at 08,Sep,11 22:17
Congratulations on being blissfully satisfied with your sexual world
By #7976 at 09,Sep,11 01:47
Sometimes, you just get lucky..
By #23212 at 16,Sep,11 03:47
... and sometimes you just don't get it at all!

By #181785 at 13,Sep,11 05:44
Mine are: 1. Suck & be fucked by 10" cock. 2. Eat & fuck a woman in each age group. 21-30, 31-40,41-50,51+, my ex-wife doesn't count. 3. Suck & be fucked by men in same age groupings. 4. Eat & fuck woman of each race. 5. Suck & be fucked by men of each race. 6. Any of the above in a public place, where I could be seen. (by Adults only) I know this 1 will be very hard to achieve.
By spermkiss at 13,Sep,11 23:53 other posts of spermkiss 
You live in California and you've never had sex in public? I've done it hundreds of times.

By spermkiss at 13,Sep,11 03:07 other posts of spermkiss 
With the possible exception of "Squat over a willing mouth that needs feeding" I've done everything on your list, some of them hundreds of times. If "Squat" means what I think it does (and that's pretty gross), then, no I haven't done it. If it means lower myself down for a good rimming, then, sure, I've done that hundreds of times.

By #10886 at 07,Sep,11 23:05
Add: learn how to spell fantasy!
By #59855 at 08,Sep,11 03:45
From Matt's Wife: L0L

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