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By Fixittight at 23,May,24 15:42
Been wanting to do it forever but just haven't had a opportunity

By Fixittight at 23,May,24 15:42
Preferably eating pussy

By Fixittight at 25,Apr,24 16:08
Want to be locked up in the house with two or three well hung guys stripped in my clothes and a free use my mouth for two or three days.

By Fixittight at 25,Apr,24 16:03
I definitely have a gag reflex and I love getting my mouth fucked. When I start gagging and choking as a head hits my throat and try to pull off they hold my head there just for a few moments make me really struggle and then finally let go so I can pull off and gas for air fine turns me on

By Fixittight at 20,Apr,24 11:44
Sounds almost like mine

By Fixittight at 13,Apr,24 04:20
My whole life I always found black girls erotic and beautiful. But living completely different life styles I have never had the opportunity to get any. I grew up in the country back in the 80s and listening to the whole '80s heavy metal thing. Lifestyles we just never cross paths. I would actually love to find one one of these days. Especially find the ones with darker skin tone that much more erotic and attractive

By Fixittight at 31,Mar,24 22:46
Like a nice big soft circumcised cock to lean in and suck it up into my mouth without touching it and then feel it growing harder and bigger on my tongue as I work it out work on it

By Fixittight at 31,Mar,24 22:31
A cock that's nicely trimmed definitely big even when it's soft what to put that self cock in my mouth and feel it growing bigger and harder as I suck is a complete turn on

By Fixittight at 31,Mar,24 22:27
That there is a view I like the best

By Fixittight at 10,Feb,24 12:42
When smoking I love to get mouth fucked

By Fixittight at 10,Feb,24 12:19
I have no attraction to men except the cock. But to suck their cock they've got to be at least attractive to me

By Fixittight at 10,Feb,24 01:10

By Fixittight at 10,Feb,24 01:07
The first time I shared a woman with another man. All three of us were in perfect sink and on the same page and honestly it was life-changing

By Fixittight at 10,Feb,24 01:05
Being stripped down and locked into a house with two or three really nice size cocks then they spend at least tonight if not the weekend using my mouth for their pleasure as much as often and as messy as they wanted

By Fixittight at 10,Feb,24 01:02
I have a fantasy that 2 or 3 guys with nice cocks between 7" and 10" have me strip down in a house. And spend at least all night but prefer the weekend free using my mouth. Would love to get 2 of them cock to cock and get both in my mouth

By Fixittight at 10,Feb,24 00:55
I actually love to put a soft limp cock in my mouth and start that way. I love the feeling of it growing bigger and harder in my mouth as I suck

By Fixittight at 10,Feb,24 00:49
Actually have an account on Fetlife and came across a profile that had his cock pictures and one mentioned this site. So here I am

By Fixittight at 10,Feb,24 00:46
I enjoy looking at nice big sexy cocks. And you never know when you find someone close enough to actually hang out

By Fixittight at 05,Feb,24 19:01
Having two nice big cocks use my mouth for their dirty cock sucker for a night

By Fixittight at 28,Jan,24 05:50
Love dirty filthy talk

By Fixittight at 28,Jan,24 05:43
7+ cut respectively thick with the head slightly smaller than the shaft and arches downward trimmed or shaved with a nice big sack of balls under

By Fixittight at 26,Jan,24 01:25
Definitely soft to start. Love how it feels in my mouth circling my tongue around the head. Feeling it growing bigger and harder in my mouth. Almost want to stop and let the cock go soft to do it all over again. "Almost"

By Fixittight at 25,Jan,24 03:09
Close to an hour

By Fixittight at 25,Jan,24 03:05
Was real close to an hour. It was also the biggest cock I ever sucked close to 10" and respectfully thick. I kinda got spoiled with it. Always looking for another as big or close. I have a regular friend that we hangout a couple times a month for the past year or so. He is between 7" and 8" I've been wanting to work out a time we can play at least overnight. And let him free use my mouth the whole time

By Fixittight at 12,Jan,24 01:53
It's been a while like years. But when Craigslist was up and running. I was at the time doing a party favors of the very fast kind. And having sucked on a few cocks prior. I Halle Berry deep rooted curiosity or it would be like to have such a large thing in my mouth. So I placed the ad wanting someone with a large cock to PNP. To my shock it didn't take long. The reply had a title saying will this work and there was an attachment. When I opened it up I was almost skeptical. It was exactly what I had in mind when I posted the ad. Should we set up and get together the following weekend he showed up at my house about 7:00 and we began to smoke out. I smoke two point of and getting them head rushes and the Goosebumps all over my body and I looked at myself well let's see what what you got there. I'll be down in the picture was not lying. He pulled out this very large dick semi hard cock that ended up growing to be a little over 10 inches. Over the next hour I proceeded worshiping that massive cock with my mouth. You know though it was an outright amazing experience it almost spoiled me in a way. The only thing I do regret about the whole situation. Is the guy was actually kind of meek very mellow and I would be more long lines of looking for something just like that except from somebody that is very aggressive

By Fixittight at 12,Jan,24 01:29
Oh trust me I'm actively looking. I have a FWB (the cock im sucking in my photos)and we try to meet up for some fun when we can. And he is also looking for the opportunity.

By Fixittight at 11,Jan,24 05:50
That's hot. I haven't had the opportunity with two of them yet. I have this major fantasy that I give my mouth over to two guys with nice good size cock cocks. And they take turns using my mouth and throat as their personal Cock catcher. Making sure they get the hottest dirtiest messiest cock sucking they've ever had

By Fixittight at 11,Jan,24 05:40
47 almost 48.

By Fixittight at 10,Jan,24 05:38
The pictures that get me the most. Are taken From in front from the suckers POV. I like limp or hard

By Fixittight at 10,Jan,24 05:32
No actually I love women. And if ever faced with the choice between the two. I will go with pussy over cock anytime. I I don't walk around looking at guys. But when I see a beautiful woman catches my eye immediately. But seeing a nice big hard cock turns me on.

By Fixittight at 10,Jan,24 05:15
Love when a woman gets excited by gagging and choking on the head. Mind you never to a vomiting situation. But when they start gagging and choking they try to push off pull away and just hold their head for just a few moments longer. Didn't let go so they can gasp for air. When it makes them dripping wet they do not hesitate after getting air to dive Right back down on It.

By Fixittight at 10,Jan,24 05:07
I like a aggressive oral top. Preferably with a cock that stuff's my mouth to start. And at the moment I don't want the option. Grab my head so I can't pull away. Make it messy

By Fixittight at 29,Nov,23 05:55
A 10" cock from craigslist. And took my sweet time doing it. Pausing every so often to make it last. About 45 to 50 minutes into it and I could hardly get the head to my gag point. That was when I found out that I actually get turned on when I choke on cock. Right close to an hour and he shot the first load of cum in my mouth. The only regret I have was that he wasn't aggressive at all. I'm hoping to find a couple of nice cocks at least 8" one day and have them use my mouth for a night or longer. Making me a dick sucking cock catcher. Using me for the hottest messiest cock sucking they can think of

By Fixittight at 29,Nov,23 05:39
I guess about 44yo I'm 57yo now.

By Fixittight at 25,Nov,23 07:19
I enjoy them soft to start. I love how it feels in my mouth growing harder and bigger as I suck

By Fixittight at 20,Oct,23 07:17
Would love to spend an entire weekend with 2 maybe 3 guys with big thick cocks. And let them free use my mouth. For that time my only purpose is to provide a wet mouth that they use to get off woth

By Fixittight at 05,Oct,23 05:23
Love doing it. But would really love a couple of buddies to be doing it and use my mouth to hold them next to each other

By Fixittight at 01,Oct,23 21:39
10" and yes sucked it for a hour taking my time about it

By Fixittight at 01,Oct,23 21:35
Actually had one of the hottest experiences I've ever had off creagslist. Was seeking someone with a big cock for some PnP. When we finely met up I spent an hour sucking a nice thick 10" cock and had a hot time doing so. The only disappointing part about it. Was I was hoping he would have been more aggressive and controlling about it. Still to this day looking for someone with a cock like that to take control and fuck my mouth as they want.

By Fixittight at 07,Sep,23 17:42
I've had both FFM and MMF. To be honest I'll take the MMF any time. It's unbelievable when everyone is on the same page

By Fixittight at 07,Sep,23 17:38
I have and liked it will do it again. But would love to have two other nice cocks doing it and wrap my mouth around both

By Fixittight at 06,Sep,23 17:47
Love taking a soft cock in my mouth. Sucking on it feeling it growing getting bigger and harder as I do

By Fixittight at 06,Sep,23 17:44
It's a hoax all these big names that are pushing the global warming agenda how are ccs are going to rise and flood everything ask him why they built multi-million dollar homes seaside then. Ask the banks why they financed a losing proposition like that. And last but not least let's not forget the insurance companies that insure them multi-million dollar Mansions why would they do that if it's going to be underwater in 10 years

By Fixittight at 06,Sep,23 17:41
I prefer to give. I like to make it messy can't deep throat but love to gag on cock

By Fixittight at 21,Jul,23 15:04
The longer I can make it last wile sucking the better. Once sucked a guy real close to 10" and took my time about 45min. Also the first time I had someone cum in my mouth. That was the biggest longest time and first load. Would have been a lot harder if he was more aggressive

By Fixittight at 21,Jul,23 14:51
7 or 8

By Fixittight at 30,Apr,23 23:22
Very hot

By Fixittight at 30,Apr,23 23:21
Very nice either way

By Fixittight at 29,Mar,23 00:41
I have a friend who comes over a couple times a month and we smoke each other out get really high. And in the total dirty nasty freak inside of me comes out. I can't get enough of me gagging and choking on his cock as I feel throbbing in my throat. He's not really too aggressive though I am looking for somebody to do the same but is aggressive enough to where he gets what he wants and I end up getting my mouth and throat used for the pleasure of his cock

By Fixittight at 10,Dec,22 09:05
Definitely a mouth full