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Your sexual bucket list

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Started by PSerect at 29,Oct,21 05:43  other posts of PSerect
We all have our sexual fantasies that we dont expect will ever happen, but we also have our sexual desires or goals that in many cases come true, our sexual bucket list. Those sexual experiences that feel so good when they happen and in many cases happens unexpectedly. The question is what sexual conquest were on your list and when did they happen. In my case it was fisting. From the first time I heard about it, I thought it was impossible but I desperately wanted to try. It all came together with a guy I met at a friends party who was an expect fister and my first one. I remember thinking about it the next day not believing it happened. So whats yours?

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By #652988 at 09,Nov,21 18:11
To be sucked off by another man
By cumcouplessa at 13,Nov,21 09:42 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. If you lived near me you would not have to ask twice

By #463848 at 13,Nov,21 15:50
Yes, me too. Had it from a female but another male yet to take up the option.

By cumcouplessa at 13,Nov,21 09:47 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. Top of my list would definatelly be a hot night of steamy sex with a sexy transsexual. Second would be a hot night with a realy fat chick. Wifey dreams about having maybe a dozen guys pamper and spoil her till she passes out from the multiple orgasms 🙈

By bay232668 at 13,Nov,21 03:41 other posts of bay232668 
*A 3-way with two hairy pussy girls
*Tying up a girl and having my way with her (specifially cumming in her pussy or on her face)
*Spending time at a nude beach or colony
*Swinger party
*Making a girl squirt

By bil47 at 12,Nov,21 12:45 other posts of bil47 
A 3-way with a dominant M/F couple who would treat me like their sex slave.
By yoursINmine at 12,Nov,21 18:16 other posts of yoursINmine 
ooo that's a good one too

By yoursINmine at 12,Nov,21 06:57 other posts of yoursINmine 
Find myself in a room with at least 4 big hairy men who haven't came in two weeks

By #652988 at 08,Nov,21 11:30
Me and a man doing 69
By ibeme at 12,Nov,21 04:20 other posts of ibeme 
if I lived in Little Rock I would be sucking your cock.

By #625826 at 12,Nov,21 00:58
One night stand , with a man

By #637145 at 30,Oct,21 03:13
I’d like to get someone to wear a collar and leash. I want to pull on the leash and/or collar during.
By PSerect at 30,Oct,21 06:43 other posts of PSerect 
THats the kind of thing I was referencing. So hot to have a slave boy on a collar. Reminds me of South Park and Mr Garrison and Mr Slave
By #637145 at 30,Oct,21 13:47
I suppose I am attracted to sexually submissive types.

By spermkiss at 29,Oct,21 19:56 other posts of spermkiss 
First of all, you might wish to pull up my Forum post "Things Every Man Should Do at Least Once". You might find it interesting.

Now about fisting. I once fisted a guy, not because I wanted to do it, but because he wanted me to do it to him. What was most interesting was the control this guy had with his asshole. He could open it up so I could put my hand, wrist and more than half of my forearm inside. After I took my hand out I put my dick in. Now you might think he'd be so loose that it would be like fucking an open window, but no he was nice and snug. He could open his ass up to take a fist and then close it up around a dick. And he was a damn good fuck.
By bella! at 29,Oct,21 23:15 other posts of bella! 
Here is the thread, your thread, that you refer to.


By SAGGY_GRANNY at 29,Oct,21 23:41 other posts of SAGGY_GRANNY 

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