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Should I whore myself on the street corner for money & drugs? :*

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Started by #124665 at 18,Oct,11 09:58
I need paying customers

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By Bicockwhore at 10,Mar,24 10:46 other posts of Bicockwhore 
I do now I cross dress and meet men and for 15 I suck dick dick and for 30 dollars I like u butt fuck me 60 dollars for 8 hour and n rubber

By slipper at 18,Oct,11 18:01 other posts of slipper 

No one ever told ya, "If you have to ask..."?

By #124665 at 19,Oct,11 10:43
You guys r brutal .. Only wish you could get the pussy I do for free.. I'm just asking a dew quarters is all.. Maybe a few beers and speed, no harm done
By #124665 at 19,Oct,11 10:45
Few* shif I'm drunk.. Fuck me now!
By #124665 at 19,Oct,11 10:46
27 rolling green heads! Ahhhhh!!!

By slipper at 19,Dec,13 05:36 other posts of slipper 
"brutal"??? Only if ya like it that way!

By #195321 at 21,Oct,11 08:59
Well, if u were in my neighborhood I would b broke, full, and happy...and u would b uncircumsized again.
By #124665 at 05,Nov,11 01:22

By #164428 at 18,Oct,11 17:13
Be my private whore, Baby!
By #164428 at 18,Oct,11 18:24
And I have good drugs!
By #124665 at 19,Oct,11 10:49

By #105042 at 18,Oct,11 16:52
at least you have better chances than me
By #124665 at 19,Oct,11 10:48
I can share the coot er bro

By #176420 at 18,Oct,11 21:57
Sure go ahead,just make sure you have a coin changer..
By #124665 at 19,Oct,11 10:41
That don't give much hope friend Ima go work in the casino waaaahhh

By #190275 at 19,Oct,11 02:25
By #124665 at 19,Oct,11 10:39
Well buy me a sixer at least

By #162266 at 18,Oct,11 10:55
Don't you already do that?
By #124665 at 18,Oct,11 10:57
Ive been peeking in your windows too when Im working your block
By #201527 at 18,Oct,11 11:33
Oy Vey, just when I thought I heard everything in SYD FORUM.
By #124665 at 18,Oct,11 12:44
Oi! Guess you havent cum across me yet

By #124665 at 18,Oct,11 09:58

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