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drugs and sex

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Started by #103207 at 13,Sep,10 18:52
how many people enjoy taking drugs while havin sex weather it be prescription drugs viagra or somthing else personally love a bit of speed and viagra together my gf likes the speed too and luvs it wen i take viagra

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By Jamie at 27,Mar,24 21:34 other posts of Jamie 
I'm going to try some meth and see what happens..
By Cody8789 at 28,Mar,24 01:55 other posts of Cody8789 
Meth and fentanyl work good together
By Jamie at 28,Mar,24 03:08 other posts of Jamie 

By Bicockwhore at 10,Mar,24 10:42 other posts of Bicockwhore 
Big black long hard fat dick and sweet crank cocaine I love getting high on Crack and getting butt fucked and choked by a sex black men ps I am a Crack whore

By Bicockwhore at 06,Jan,24 14:03 other posts of Bicockwhore 
To be honest crack cocaine I love smoking crack and sniff poppers and getting butt fucked and choked by men

By letsGetNaked at 15,Oct,23 16:42 other posts of letsGetNaked 
I always get so horny when I smoke meth. I know why they call it 'gak'. When I'm high on it, pretty soon im pushing my throat onto someone's cock going "gak gak gak"

By sizzzlencock at 30,Sep,23 06:40 other posts of sizzzlencock 
When I first smoked meth I felt a tingling in my cock which was spewing precum and all I could think about is sucking cock...I tried so many times to hookup up on craigslist and adam4adam and nothing, then I found out my local adult bookstore had a big theater and there were about 20 guys in there with their cocks hanging out!! Nothing turns me on more than kneeling down and putting a stangers cock in my mouth!! I was there for 2 days straight sucking and smoking meth...until a guy shot me the rush was so intense!!!

By #692872 at 26,Sep,23 22:23
I never thought I wotuld try meth until I mett this older men Dave on he was 65 I was 42 he came over to my house I opened the door cross dressed I had been sitting poppers I was ready to get butt fucked and choked we sat on the sofa and made out and smoke weed and sniffed poppers he put a pipe and some meth he hit the meth and then i did to I was hooked I hit poppers and meth he put me on my knees and then fuck my throat rough he had me tie up butt fucking me and choke me all day and nigth with no rubber

By Renmah69 at 26,Sep,23 18:05 other posts of Renmah69 
Well whenever I have speed it totally makes me turn into a uninhibited kinky slut,I will do anything,anywhere,anytime. I like to shave all my body hair of so I,m completely smooth all over,I wear bikinis,one piece bathers,short shorts and other girls clothes in public. I ride my bicycle naked and be a total exhibitionist.i like public humiliation and let others walk me on a dog leash in the daytime so I can be seen. I go to gay cruising spots and hang out naked to get picked up and used. I go to gay hotels and wear revealing clothes or let people take my clothes of in the toilet so I have to leave naked. I let others put suntan oil on me at the beach and let them play with my dick ,I sit on towballs on cars that are parked in carparks for anyone to see. I get naked on bus or train and taxis with another person that's clothed. I do roleplay and like having a daddy or a submissive with a master,there is pretty much nothing I won't do when I,m on drugs

By lovetolickyou at 17,Sep,23 18:39 other posts of lovetolickyou 
I always loved snorting coke when I was involved in sex. The other thing that was really, really great was chopping up a pile of meth and frosting the glans of my cock in it. And, sex on acid was some of the best I've ever had. I could cum over and over....Only about eight or nine wet orgasms, but dry orgasms were endless and on demand. I don't do drugs at all any more (almost 20 years clean) but the only times I feel tempted are moments when I think back to how happy sex with drugs made me.

By #692872 at 17,Sep,23 16:11
I never thought I wotuld try meth but I meet this 65 men Dave at the bar we had some drinks he invited me to hishouse he asked me if I want to fuck and party we want house get cross dressed and sat the sofa we made out snff poppers he went bedroom he came back naked with a tray in his hand he hit this pipe he say hit this methi did my eyes in the back my head that when the using and the abusing began he fucked my throat and butt fuck me and choke me iwas hooked iam a meth whore now

By #692872 at 17,Sep,23 16:04
I never thought I wotuld try meth but I meet this 65 men Dave at the bar we had some drinks he invited me to his house he asked me if I want to fuck and party we want house get cross dressed and sat the sofa we made out sniff poppers he went bedroom he com

By #639200 at 21,May,21 07:53
10 years ago If asked if I would ever have sex with a guy , I would have been so offended by that question .... My answer now would be Im a bottom bring your friends!! Lol . Meth makes me wet I'm gonna do a butt rocket and fuckmyself ,,,

By cumjohn at 15,Aug,20 16:03 other posts of cumjohn 
Viagra sometimes. And perhaps one or two drinks sometimes. Nothing else besides them. I like my sex sober.

And i prefer take those drinks after fucking. My hardon is better if im sober.

By phart at 23,May,20 22:05 other posts of phart 
Not meaning to offend,but if the chemistry is not as such between you and who you are fucking that you can't do it sober,something aint right.
By #485312 at 14,Aug,20 23:42
I tend to agree .. but so many wouldn't get laid at all Phart, so many relationships used to start when drunk at a pub or club, so many babies wouldn't be born if their parents weren't plastered when they met.
I couldn't fuck someone I didn't like, I didn't drink either when I went out, I never made any decisions about fucking under the influence.. and the kind of people that think theyre fuck worthy once they are drunk makes me laugh.
As much as I don't like being plastered, or drugged fucked, I can see why people choose to do it, and without it, many women and men would never get laid. And for some it enhances the experience, or gives them a whole new experience.. so I don't see anything wrong with giving things a go to see if it does make it better or different *Lix*
By phart at 15,Aug,20 01:35 other posts of phart 
getting laid drunk is kinda like eating a steak and puking it back up aint it?
You aint going to enjoy it.
By #485312 at 15,Aug,20 04:14
that's if they get it up in the first place, lol, I just lucky in the orgasm department, I don't need any enhancing of anything to get me off ... *Lix*

By SAGGY_GRANNY at 15,Aug,20 12:20 other posts of SAGGY_GRANNY 
No offense taken, lover. Having sex "under the influence" takes all the fun of discovering what your lover has to offer. Deadening the senses to that defeats the purpose.

By #621517 at 14,Aug,20 06:27
I sometimes take a Viagra or generic an hour or two before anticipating sex to guarantee an iron hard, near vertical very impressive erection with rapid recovery after I’ve jerked my load.

By #574505 at 13,Aug,20 22:11
I whether not Do drugs to get fuck beside I don't bother with drug

By #621759 at 13,Aug,20 17:58
When I was 17 I meet a older men name Jason he was 38 I was walking down road one day he pulled up rolled down his window and asked if I want to party and suck his dick I I got in his car He had his dick out we went to his house we did some coke and smoked some meth the next thing I know we where in his bed naked and I had his dick in my throat it felt so good the more we smoked meth the more dick I want bent me over and fuck my ass for over 2 year and shot 3 loads in me

By Wipperman at 25,May,20 10:06 other posts of Wipperman 
When I was younger I used to smoke dope and when really stoned and with the GF we used to fuck for hours I could stay rock hard for ages and fuck for ever she used to love it and me to and when I finally came it was just such an amazingly strong feeling she used to love it when my warm cum was shooting hard into her she said she could feel the rush inside her and it felt great and for me to and when finished that beautiful warm feeling when cuddled up together fantastic memories

By #522791 at 23,May,20 21:54
I love taking X and fucking...smoking hella weed and doing coke and fucking...and definitely speed ball smacking fucking time

By Ablaze at 21,May,20 10:34 other posts of Ablaze 
I enjoy smoke pot and snuff coke or crystals before, after, during sex. I like sex on drugs more, the feelings are stronger.

By #615103 at 07,May,20 12:47
Stoned and smashed in general loosens all my fantasies, and my GF likewise - We just toss the dice-both of us already shaved and slightly oiled,: winner is "allowed to do anything they want" game - god it gets exciting. Oh oh -hard at the thought of it \:

By #589016 at 03,May,20 05:48
Doing meth with a couple of buddies one night, we ended up succking each others cocks. After a while i was naked riding their cocks in turns.

By liccalottapussy2 at 06,Apr,20 04:02 other posts of liccalottapussy2 
Weed for me does it. Wife loves shooting up coke for a all night fuckathon

By #611461 at 04,Apr,20 13:51
meth makes me a freak, can fuck for hours with out blowing a load

By #607878 at 31,Mar,20 15:05
crystal... good porn, a good buddy to edge for hours with

By phart at 03,Feb,20 14:38 other posts of phart 
If I get in the sack with someone for sex,I should be excited enough on Adrenaline,oxytocin, endorphins.All natural chemicals the body creates for you to be able to enjoy sex the right way.Also,you will remember it the cext day. If you need dope to enjoy sex,not viagra,but dope in general,something else is lacking. Viagra helps in some cases for folks with issues. BUT it can cause the heart to rupture. heard of a fellow on his 60th birthday.Didn't feel well but hired a lady to screw. In the middle of it all,he let out a loud groan and collasped on the lady in the bed. She crawled out from under him and called 9-11. His heart ruputured. died instantly.Viagra.

By bil47 at 03,Feb,20 14:08 other posts of bil47 

By #597251 at 29,Jan,20 04:39
Me I love doing meth and sniffing poppers it turns me to a slut
It started when I meet his guy on Craigslist name Raymond he had 8in dick I went to his house he open the door in just black underwear I drop to my knees put his dick I started sucking he grabbed this pipe and take a hit 'sniffed the poppers he dick got super hard then give me hit let sniff the poppers before I know it my mouth was getting fucked and ass getting finger fucked he lay me
On the sofa and fuck my ass all night long and shot about 12 load in my mouth and ass

By #597251 at 22,Aug,19 14:10
I love sniffing poppers and taking men's dicks give me poppers and I'll let men give me dick all all night long I'll let groups of men pound my ass

By #571727 at 10,Nov,18 20:24
Love it. I am busy taking coke now!! Me and my friend are enjoying it. He is straight but we like to play with our cocks in each others company while watching straight and gay porn (take turns in what we watch). Have had sex while on coke and it makes me last longer.

By spermkiss at 16,Sep,10 21:20 other posts of spermkiss 
I was a young adult in the heady days of the late sixties and early seventies when the Holy Trinity was sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll and I did a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of all three.

'Nothing like dropping a hit of acid and going to the gay bath house and sucking dicks all nite. Or doing a line or two of coke and sucking cock for hours. And there's nothing like grass to help you relax your ass hole for a good fucking.

As the song goes, "Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end..." Too bad they did.
By #101402 at 04,Oct,10 02:05
When I take acid I always find the thought "I'm fucking you" so funny I can't perform. A little uppers tho and I'm good to fuck all day.
By bil47 at 21,Oct,18 11:35 other posts of bil47 
It's been several decades since I last did it, but sex while on acid is absolutely incredible.

These days, I like to edge for an hour or so while smoking weed.

By andrew999999999 at 07,Nov,18 14:29 other posts of andrew999999999 
I tried wanking on acid once. Gave up after a while as I wasn't going to cum.

By #570967 at 06,Nov,18 13:45
I mix 420, Viagra, Hydrocodone, and caffeine together. I call it my sexual cocktail. Sometimes I take it all with a beer chaser or a bottle of Captain Morgan. I do live on the beach so it's only right to ravage a piece of ass like the pirate I am.

By #568737 at 21,Oct,18 16:37
I occasionally take a Viagra or generic equivalent. 1/2 a tablet is enough. V doesn’t give you an erection, but works when you get aroused, with porn, fantasy or your partner. You start to get erect then suddenly it kicks in and my cocks up as hard and upright as when i was 16! Then when I’ve cum its still half erect and soon ready for another one! Masturbation after V is as good as my teens, especially edging! Afterwards no ill effects except sometimes a slight headache next day.
By #542930 at 28,Oct,18 04:45
I find the same thing with V & also get a bit of a headache next day.It is worth it for the help in getting really hard

By southsidestud at 28,Oct,18 02:38 other posts of southsidestud 
Don't make the mistake I made and do speed for 20 years and then realize that you no longer can even have sex period unless you are on amphetamines

By southsidestud at 28,Oct,18 02:36 other posts of southsidestud 
If you are a straight guy and you think that you would never be with a guy, I can promise you that there is a way. I have witnessed 50 guys at least do crystal meth and instantly become so horny and have sex with anyone.

By #570550 at 26,Oct,18 03:32
I would like to do some coke again and fulfill my kinky fAntasy I been thinking about for 20 years.

By #570550 at 26,Oct,18 03:30
Cocaine makes me so horiny i could have sex with the apartme world. I used to do it with first wife and she would bring girl would watch them eat her over and I cu to h would not suck have sex with them .then it got real crazy and she would try to set me up by having a bi guy hang in around in in other apartment or motel room and then she get me horny and not suck me.then she has a surprise girl to do me and close my eyes.nectbthing I see is a nakedv19 year old guy who says he wants to drink my semen and won't tell a soul and cam suck me off better than any woman could. That was just the first time surprise

By Tnelson88 at 22,Oct,18 00:46 other posts of Tnelson88 
the only way to fuck

By #568296 at 21,Oct,18 04:30
Smoking loli with my neighbour naked, we rub each others cocks. He then makes me suck his cock and balls eventually fucking me hard in my ass

By #206678 at 15,Apr,16 21:56
Viagra and priligy do it for me

By andrew999999999 at 20,May,14 23:20 other posts of andrew999999999 
I did mushrooms once and tried wanking. Got hard, no problem, but gave up trying to cum after about 20 minutes.

By skinb at 06,Dec,12 08:25 other posts of skinb 
I love to get higher than Willie Nelson on weed and eat pussy for quite some time

By #5532 at 14,Sep,10 06:30
Nope. Why numb the pleasure.
By #103207 at 15,Sep,10 08:05
it doesnt numb it hightens the pleasure tremendously
By spermkiss at 16,Sep,10 21:09 other posts of spermkiss 
It sure does!

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