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my wife is a whore

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Started by #227655 at 25,Jan,12 14:57
who would like to treat my wife like the whore she is, tell me all about it

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New Comment

By #692872 at 28,May,23 15:08
My wife is a bbw pig slut whore she love big dick

By #680700 at 02,Nov,22 14:13
I've always preferred to have sex multiple men to one woman I really really prefer that will and be my wife or my girlfriend I will participate with other wives and girlfriends but for me it's not as around as to partake in and rain others to f*** my wife aggressively hard and for us to demean and really hurt her and treat her like getting dirty straight or she loved it and our love watching her loving it best part is if you so much come coming out of her from all the dick you've been sucking and taste it

By nekekal at 25,May,21 17:18 other posts of nekekal 
Whores fuck for money. How much is it going to cost me to sink my cock into her. When I know the prices, I can tell you what I want to do.

If she is just a slut and fucks everyone for free, we can get started right away.

By #643024 at 25,May,21 12:49
I would never call my wife a whore but she has slept with many men over the years and had one of my friends as her regular sex partner and would spend time at his place leaving me to enjoy my cross dressing.
Whilst she was away I would enjoy my time dressed and being used as a slut for others to use for pleasure.
Our activities managed to make our love for each other grow and neither of us has any regrets

By knewbi at 24,May,21 21:26 other posts of knewbi 
Wife and I are swingers and I share mine with lots of guys and gals. Hell, a friend called me recently and asked if he could borrow the wife. Told him it was fine with me if it was with her. She jumped at it and spent the next two days at his place. I find that so sexy... Gives me a fucking hard on right now thinking of it..

By leopoldij at 23,May,21 18:27 other posts of leopoldij 
I like men who provide their wife to others.

By jackd at 15,Jul,13 16:41 other posts of jackd 
My ex wife and I had a friend that shared our bed alot but,I would never say she was a whore.The three of us were best friends and lovers.

By #147052 at 25,Jan,12 18:51
To begin with, does she want that done to her? I have a bit more respect for my wife.

By #227655 at 25,Jan,12 15:23
sounds good

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