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Started by DarkMax at 09,Jul,12 06:58  other posts of DarkMax
Does anyone love my stick? Does any girl like me?
Which is the best pic?

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By DarkMax at 02,Nov,23 18:08 other posts of DarkMax 
Hello to everyone!
Look at my blog:
How thick am I: /blogs/29434.html
How long am I: /blogs/29435.html
Some comparisons: /blogs/29436.html
Some comparisons 2: /blogs/47864.html
Pumping: /blogs/33685.html
XXL (Extra Large) condom on me: /blogs/41713.html
A Can & The Dick: /blogs/44577.html
About my loss of virginity: /blogs/33673.html
About my childhood (part 1): /blogs/53304.html
About my childhood (part 2): /blogs/53351.html
I had phimosis (but no more): /blogs/53353.html


By wycowboy at 30,Oct,23 15:28 other posts of wycowboy 
I like it

By Letscompare at 30,Oct,23 07:41 other posts of Letscompare 
Yes. I’m a huge fan of it.
By DarkMax at 30,Oct,23 10:14 other posts of DarkMax 

By DarkMax at 11,Jul,12 08:49 other posts of DarkMax 
Thank you. Does any girl like my stick?

By DarkMax at 09,Jul,12 15:06 other posts of DarkMax 

Make comments, please!

By Vita at 09,Jul,12 11:56 other posts of Vita 

handsome vein - lovely foreskin - pretty glans

By DarkMax at 09,Jul,12 06:58 other posts of DarkMax 

My thickness

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