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do i have a small dick average dick or big dick just curious?

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Started by #301393 at 17,Sep,12 22:32
i have always wondered what females thought of my dick so.......

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By Lik2play at 23,Feb,23 04:18 other posts of Lik2play 
6.5 in. Long 4.5 in in girth

By #665411 at 18,Jan,23 01:47
I’m small and don’t care what others think.
By tecsan at 18,Jan,23 05:18 other posts of tecsan 
Like I have always said, if it satisfies you then who cares what other people think..
By #665411 at 19,Jan,23 01:59
Right on

By cruz69696969 at 18,Jan,23 00:32 other posts of cruz69696969 
Too many of us men are always worried about either measuring up,getting it up,or keeping it up. Don't worry if the one you are with turns you on everything there will be no problems. If they don't escape any way you can

By dhk62 at 18,Sep,12 14:02 other posts of dhk62 
By dhk62 at 18,Sep,12 14:04 other posts of dhk62 
Maybe this will help. Got it from the administrations site...D.

By HelmetHead at 04,Feb,20 22:29 other posts of HelmetHead 
I seen that chart before and have always wondered if it is accurate. It says only 1% have 7 inches. Mine is 7 inches and it seems many more than 1% do

By #150922 at 02,Nov,14 15:45
What you think people???

By greatct at 01,Aug,13 03:37 other posts of greatct 
NO pics, no comment.

By #302679 at 19,Sep,12 18:55
pass the smelling salts....
By #218130 at 19,Sep,12 19:11
a real casanova hey
By #302679 at 19,Sep,12 19:14
aint he a dream.........oh lordy i am feeling faint again sir...why have gone all southern belle?
By #218130 at 19,Sep,12 19:16
By #302679 at 19,Sep,12 19:55
must be the JD and coke..
By #218130 at 20,Sep,12 03:53
Must be

By #1501 at 19,Sep,12 18:51
Average... and so very adequate for any job!

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