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2 cocks in one pussy

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Started by #269409 at 13,Oct,12 07:14
I just love having sex like this lateley ,my cock rubbing against another cock while throbing my wife's pussy and tightening my my wife's pussy the hottest is when the other cock cums first all over my cock inside her pussy it just makes me wanna jizz instantly and sometimes we go down on my wife after we both came eating her out cleaning her up and must just say i enjoy how much she gets off on the whole inexperience

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By epep50 at 16,Dec,23 07:18 other posts of epep50 
thats hot as fuck
By #707246 at 19,Dec,23 01:14
It is fantastic!

By knewbi at 05,Jan,22 21:40 other posts of knewbi 
Being swingers years ago I have the pleasure of working my wife and a few other guys wives over in DPs. With one up their ass and one in their cunt I could feel the guys cock sliding in and out. On a few occasions the two of us guys would enter the same pussy of same ass. That was even more pleasurable..

By #652988 at 02,Jan,22 12:32
Yeah I like that it feels to have a man dick against mine and I Felt good to havin we dp her and his
dick pumping against mine as we dp my wife and enjoyed watching her getting fired CK by both of you s when she didn't have to us in her

By thickswingercock at 01,Jan,22 08:34 other posts of thickswingercock 

By #652988 at 28,Dec,21 01:49
Yeah that was a good time on my life me and another man put our dick in my wife pussy and we had threesomes and we would put our dicks in her pussy at the same time and I liked his dick rubbing mine

By #112679 at 21,Sep,13 19:11
Trying to get my girlfriend to do this also but with one in her pussy and the other in her ass ... She says she wouldn't, but that's only when she's dead sober. On the other hand, she is one hot and horny firecracker when she's had a few vodka shots. She's like two different people. She's already sucked my good friend's cock when she was drunk, which I alluded to in my blog. I'll make it happen and hopefully have my video eyeglasses on to capture it! :-D
By #269409 at 01,Oct,13 10:33
Have you cum right yet

By mywusch at 29,Nov,19 15:16 other posts of mywusch 
my Gf likes it: 2 cocks in pussy or 1 in pusyy and 1 in ass

By #174339 at 14,Jul,14 02:44
i like two cocks but not in me at the same time one in my pussy and the other in mouth
By #269409 at 26,Sep,14 13:32
Was by far some of the best sex when we have another male involved

By #427539 at 01,Oct,13 12:54
My wife can take 2 zucchini in her pussy and a eggplant in ass at same time
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Veggy sex
By *kmadeau* at 01,Oct,13 13:41 other posts of *kmadeau* 

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By #164428 at 03,Dec,12 09:36
I'm game! Okay, which two of you want to fuck me at the same time?
By #269409 at 03,Dec,12 13:48

By #266252 at 01,Oct,13 13:10
I do! I do!

By #269409 at 03,Dec,12 08:15

By #269409 at 29,Oct,12 07:16
Gonna go away for the weekend with chica and chico

By #269409 at 23,Oct,12 13:51
Now we are talking

By #269409 at 20,Oct,12 09:50
The wife came first last night just loved it

By steve8211 at 16,Oct,12 18:00 other posts of steve8211 
I want to try that! Sounds like fun!

By 2pierced at 16,Oct,12 16:31 other posts of 2pierced 
Sounds like an absolutely wonderfull experience!

By #308125 at 13,Oct,12 14:01
I just luv 2 cocks in me and one in my mouth and 2 in hand with another ready to go...I wanna be hang banged..especially being pregnant knowing I can't get Oregon....PLEASE MORW COCK ....FUCK ME
By #302771 at 15,Oct,12 16:10
U could have mine

By #308125 at 13,Oct,12 13:58
Would anyone care to join us n clean up my pussy witm tounge after its filled warm hot cum
By #302771 at 15,Oct,12 16:09
Me me me id love to lick u

By #291618 at 14,Oct,12 19:37
U lucky guy i want to try this now

By #195770 at 13,Oct,12 17:17
Lucky guy

By #269409 at 13,Oct,12 16:23
I love cleaning up

By #302771 at 13,Oct,12 12:13
Sounds like fun to me

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