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By epep50 at 12,Mar,24 11:55
I was 14, a friend had a care package sent with a porno slipped into a comedy cover. It WA early 80's, hairy bush and anal pubes too. It wasn't very good but at 14, you'll take what you can get.

By epep50 at 10,Mar,24 18:54
That's easy, in a woman's pussy every time. I never permission but once in a while I get lost in the moment and lat it just happen. Her ass if she preps tight and is into it. Pulling out is my last choice.

By epep50 at 09,Mar,24 04:01
Depends, if I'm just knocking it out to get it out of my system usually the shower or in the bathroom with no mess. If I'm on stimulants, the living room with a 65 inch 4K the and a tablet let and laptop right next to me.

By epep50 at 05,Mar,24 12:32
I'd advise you to not use a condom and just go wild. Don't pull out, fill her up with sperm and leave a tip. There are escorts and brothels that'll let you go raw with a STD test.

By epep50 at 03,Mar,24 04:02
After watching enough porn starlets, sexual Olympians, I wanted to see real women for once. Seeing raw sensuality from the girl next door is sexy.

By epep50 at 31,Jan,24 06:22
do you allow the men to fuck you raw and cum in you?

By epep50 at 19,Jan,24 06:17
Depends on a few things. How long since I last had sex or jerked off. Also how hot the sex is, how wet she is, and if shes already cum. average about 20 to 30 minutes. If she wants me to cum in her, not long at all.

By epep50 at 12,Jan,24 06:21
I've had several one night stands where the women either insisted we go raw or she pulled the condom off at some point. Most of the time I would give her a heads up I'm about to drain my cum in her womb. Creampies are such a turn on. Wearing a condom or the pull out method completely takes me out of the moment and affects my orgasm and load size.

By epep50 at 31,Dec,23 08:02
edging is delayed gratification.

By epep50 at 16,Dec,23 10:06
Can the other guy go with no condom and fill your wife's pussy with sperm?

By epep50 at 16,Dec,23 08:26
If I can go raw and fill her pussy with sperm after you've cum in her. Sperm is great lube and a pussy with multiple loads in her cunt is hot.

By epep50 at 16,Dec,23 07:25
do they cum in her and you fuck her raw after no clean up?

By epep50 at 16,Dec,23 07:21
do they go raw and cum in her pussy?hot

By epep50 at 16,Dec,23 07:18
thats hot as fuck

By epep50 at 16,Dec,23 07:05
depends if I can fuck raw and add my own sperm too?

By epep50 at 01,Dec,23 11:16
Up to an hour or more using various substances and planning. 20 to 30 minutes for spontaneous sex, no condom. With a condom I rarely finish.

By epep50 at 26,Jul,22 07:44
I used condoms or the pullout method my first 4 years I became sexually active and never knew what cumming inside a pussy felt like. Then my first serious girlfriend,on birth control, insisted I fuck her raw and to cum inside her as deep as I could. I thought I was going to pass out the first time I creampied her. probably the biggest cum load Ive ever produced in my life. Her pussy oozed my sperm all over my apartment all night. pussy is my preference, no question.

By epep50 at 01,May,22 18:30
Are you down with multiple men fucking you and cumming in your pussy back to back no clean up?

By epep50 at 22,Apr,21 05:33
Brigette Lahaie 70's French star, Hannah Hays, Creampie Cathy for amateur creampie's/gangbangs, and Tyce Bune as he can blow multiple loads in a pussy without stopping.

By epep50 at 12,Apr,21 02:53
Ive been creampie fanatic for years. Gang bang creampies no cleanup. load after load.

By epep50 at 06,Mar,21 16:49
I love creampie porn, creampie cathy has anasy site, multiple creampies at once. She's had 30 dudes cum in her on a gangbang. Sperm oozing out of her slippery hole.

By epep50 at 04,Feb,21 12:49
As long as shes worn out , the sheets need to be changed, or burned and she loves it when I dump a huge load in her pussy. Cumming anywhere else is a waste, plus wathing it drip out and slide down her ass crack usually gets me ready for round 2.

By epep50 at 06,Jan,21 00:24
If my hot fresh load is oozing out of her gaping hole when she does it immediately get hard again and usually go for a second round with little recovery time. If I can manage a good 2nd load she'll be oozing my hot cum every for an hour or two. Pussy farts are sexy.

By epep50 at 22,Oct,20 18:46
Creepy Joe, get it right. Your expectations of the next president are specific, Biden might be able to do that after his bath and fresh diaper. Harris is Harris checks one of the race boxes and has a vagina so yep, stellar group of leaders ready to work for us. They won't abuse the office or destroy everything we value. Open boarders, climate change, free healthcare, higher taxes, government controlled welfare states we have no choice to live in, compelled speech, disagree and lose entire livelyhood, any man accused by a woman is guilty no due process.....sounds great

By epep50 at 22,Oct,20 18:34
God's chosen people, a nation of people who have survived with their history in tact for 5,000+ years,been at war almost all of that history, a military that is hands down second to none, and don't use little boys for pleasure, use and abuse women in every way, toss men off roofs for liking variety in the bedroom, and are a cancer to every country, community, and home it is allowed to thrive.....I'll take Usreak and whatever they want to do to em. They're taking out the trash and preventing religiously oppressive life on free people.

By epep50 at 22,Oct,20 18:25
Trump without a doubt,scared of the violence the left is going to unleash when he does. These people, the politicians, media, just ugly and I've been to war twice. I don't want to but won't hesitate to show these soyboys some harsh realities when you cosplay a revolutionary fired up on hate. Vets, working Americans, right minded people love this country and will never support neomarxism. Forcibly taking labor, resources, and wealth from the people and trusting an oppressive government to take care of the individual and not turn instantly corrupt and violent is a willing victims idea of revenge and justice.

By epep50 at 22,Oct,20 09:20
San Antonio right here.

By epep50 at 04,Oct,20 00:35
Reno, Nevada was awesome. It had been two years for me after leaving the military and had no desire to return to the dating scene let alone an actual relationship. My hospital sent me to Reno for a week for a conference and of mine recommended the Mustang Ranch, advised me to bring at least $800 and go online to their website and check the line up of who was working. I know that's pricey but well worth it, the girls are all top shelf, tested weekly by an on-site physician, and didn't make me feel awkward at all. The gal I picked was super sweet, hot, and made it about me and my needs for the hour. I wore casual but nice clothing, am a stickler for hygiene, and grooming so she and I clicked and she didn't charge me what she could have so first impressions matter at the legal brothels in Nevada. I'd go once a month if I was closer.

By epep50 at 27,Sep,20 09:45
absolutely ,creampie

By epep50 at 31,May,20 20:05
creampies are my all time favorite gangbang creampies if im gonna mix two genres together . something about hot dripping cum out a freshly fucked pussy. alot of the creampies are faked ,i can usually tell, the cum is way too pearl white and way too much of it.

By epep50 at 16,May,20 13:42
Try a small but quality vibrating bullet. While masterbating sit down kick your legs back, turn it on and wedge right on your rectum not in it,then put your legs down and jerk away. I'm straight and had no clue how good anal play feels. If you want to venture further get something bigger than a vibrating bullet, see are small enough you can easily stick it in too far and not be able to pull it out without assistance or a trip to the ER.

By epep50 at 09,Dec,18 11:53
You're still drinking the same Kool-Aid, the Clinton's, their fake news network, and Social Justice Crybabies were willfully pouring down their throats during the last election. Keep getting offended and expressing your individualism, with violence, riots, and calling everything hate speech you don't like or doesn't fit your narrative. We'll go with truth and reality again and keep being gentlemen and civil while you throw your temper tantrum's. The left is really making it easy for people who weren't paying attention before or middle of the road on politics flee in droves. Take care crybaby.

By epep50 at 02,Feb,18 02:22
Liberals, feminists, and SJW's are finally getting served a dish of cold shit and reality, thank god.

By epep50 at 02,Feb,18 01:58
61-69, you look like Jim Norton.

By epep50 at 02,Feb,18 01:12
Well, typically circumcision is done a day or so after birth so I'm not sure it was your call. Unless you waited until you're an adult and just decided to it in which case it's an odd choice but to each his own. I think they're less hygienic and look like a wizards sleeve. I have heard that sex can be better if you have a foreskin though.

By epep50 at 22,Apr,15 14:16
I wanna hear from some ladies who are also creampie freaks, any women out there just love having a load of hot cum blown loose in their wombs?