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By 2pierced at 29,Nov,23 06:26
I also enjoy being nude and showing off my balls and cock.

By 2pierced at 24,Jul,23 11:08
I was about 17 or 18 when I first tasted and swallowed cum. I was curious what my cum tasted like and lifted my legs over my head which allowed the tip of my cock to be in my mouth. I ejaculated directly into my own mouth and liked the taste and swirled it around in my mouth to enjoy the flavor before swallowing every delicious drop.

By 2pierced at 27,Apr,22 02:07
I'd have to vote for both to relieve tensions from work.

By 2pierced at 09,Apr,22 07:19
I'm always turned on by cum.

By 2pierced at 16,May,21 05:01
Looks like you have your pussy primed and ready, I'd pick pussy and delicious to eat after.

By 2pierced at 17,Dec,20 20:10
Magnificent smooth cock, perfect for lots of pleasure!

By 2pierced at 17,Dec,20 20:08
I'd say large.

By 2pierced at 14,Jul,20 21:13
I most certainly miss those that made this TV program one of the programs that I actually enjoyed watching.

By 2pierced at 17,Jan,20 08:35
Great idea!

By 2pierced at 24,Dec,19 18:05
Absolutely wonderful "Post Cards".

By 2pierced at 24,Dec,18 09:00
I enjoy the taste of my own cum and it would be so nice to share cum with someone else!

By 2pierced at 22,Dec,18 10:38
I totally agree.

By 2pierced at 18,Dec,15 09:27
Wonderful Christmas spirit, I certainly wish Santa would leave a present like you for me. So much fun to unwrap and play with!!

By 2pierced at 02,Nov,15 11:25
I love all pussies, but tent to enjoy large lips the most!

By 2pierced at 02,Nov,15 11:23
I think mutual masturbation is often overlooked and would be very exciting!

By 2pierced at 02,Nov,15 11:19
I certainly swallow my own cum because I enjoy it and would never ask someone to do something I won't.

By 2pierced at 02,Nov,15 11:17
I enjoy golden showers from either male or female.

By 2pierced at 02,Nov,15 11:11
I love to give and receive!!

By 2pierced at 02,Nov,15 11:09
My absolute favorite thing to do!!!

By 2pierced at 12,Oct,15 13:15
I whole heartily agree! Regulated prostitution would reduce disease and make things much safer for everyone!!!

By 2pierced at 25,Sep,15 15:21
Eating pussy is my absolute favorite thing to do and it has always brought orgasms to both of us!!!

By 2pierced at 25,Sep,15 15:19
That would be so awesome and is one of my dreams!!

By 2pierced at 06,Jun,15 11:32
Getting pierced is a highly personal decision that only you can make. If you do decide to get pierced go to a professional piercer, follow the after care and use high quality jewelry.

By 2pierced at 06,Jun,15 11:27
I also love sounding, my advice is to just keep enjoying the size that fits comfortably. You will find that your urethra gradually enjoy larger sizes as you learn to relax the muscles more and more. I'm at 14 mm and this very likely will be the limit on my urethra will accommodate, but the important thing is to enjoy where you're at.

By 2pierced at 30,May,15 11:14
Yes, and the feeling of cumming in your own mouth is superb!!

By 2pierced at 11,May,15 08:03
I'd love to, one of my fantasies!

By 2pierced at 04,Mar,15 09:53
I'd think that she was very sensual and I personally think it's very attractive!

By 2pierced at 20,Jan,15 08:44
Yes, in my fantasies. There would be the possibilities of so many pleasures with a group of men and women open to all of the wonderful options for mutual pleasure!

By 2pierced at 14,Nov,14 07:54
I totally agree, the epitome of great sex!!

By 2pierced at 08,Nov,14 09:26
Great pussy lips, large lips are so beautiful!!

By 2pierced at 29,Sep,14 09:29
Looks wonderful!

By 2pierced at 07,May,14 08:42
Absolutely, it would add a whole new dimension to pleasure.

By 2pierced at 13,Apr,14 06:09
I totally agree with Ray, it's just human nature. As a full time nudist I don't mind being looked at nor am I embarrassed to look.

By 2pierced at 07,Apr,14 10:29
What a great adventure, I hope you have more.

By 2pierced at 06,Apr,14 08:00
I have, and it's great.

By 2pierced at 06,Apr,14 07:59
Very HOT, to do or view, both are great.

By 2pierced at 30,Mar,14 06:56
I'd recommend going to a professional piercer, I think it would be difficult to get the piercing positioned as well as when a second person is doing the piercing and readily view and control the needle.

By 2pierced at 26,Mar,14 09:59
Please take a look at some of my pictures, I believe I have just the type of piercing you're considering. I have stretched mine to a 00 gauge, and you are correct this piercing is just through skin. I'd still suggest a professional piercer to make sure no serious **** vessels are in the way, you likely couldn't see this very well for self piercing. The pain is very minimal no significant difference from giving ****. If you like the appearance of this type piercing I'd suggest "Go for it". 2pierced

By 2pierced at 25,Mar,14 10:19
A person's partner could learn a lot about what their partner likes by observing them masturbate, I doubt that this happens very often though.

By 2pierced at 24,Mar,14 09:40
I would just advise to get a professional and follow the after care faithfully as others have already suggested. I enjoy my piercing and think you would too.

By 2pierced at 24,Mar,14 08:57
Your self sucking pictures are great and so are the other respondents.

By 2pierced at 11,Feb,14 09:42
My favorite thing to do, can never get enough.

By 2pierced at 06,Feb,14 08:22
I have a skin bridge that I've been making jewelry for, and am always experimenting with different designs. The weight of the jewelry feels very good when just doing normal daily activities. It's visible in most of my pictures.

By 2pierced at 18,Jan,14 13:22
Your pussy looks great, I really think it looks perfect and you shouldn't worry what others think anyway.

By 2pierced at 15,Dec,13 08:33
I'm obviously biased and think it would look beautiful, but only you can answer that question. Either way, you are very attractive. Good Luck on whatever you decide.

By 2pierced at 11,Oct,13 08:16
It's beautifull!

By 2pierced at 09,Sep,13 08:19
I take my own pictures, however if someone else was available to take them, it would allow for better angles and images.

By 2pierced at 05,Jan,13 21:51
Absolutely, I lovr the taste of cum and it's so rewarding to eat your own cum.

By 2pierced at 05,Jan,13 21:46
I'm obviously biased, but I'd recommend for you to get the piercing that you want. If you don't like it, you can remove the jewelry and the piercing will usually grow closed, but I think you'll really enjoy the feeling of the weight on your cock as you move around doing daily activities.

By 2pierced at 17,Oct,12 16:48
Absolutely, I can and I do suck my own cock and eat my cum. It's wonderfull!!