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Started by #303133 at 14,Nov,12 03:18
This topic is so silly that I won't even waste my time commenting on it. Except to say that I am not commenting. And that it is a silly waste of time. Where's the dicks, btw? Shouldn't we be, like, rating something? Cause, you know, that's why I'm here in the first place. And, like, um, to comment on stuff about how I am not going to comment. Quit having fun that isn't cock related! It confuses me and junk. Makes my head all hurty. You can't wank to jokes and that sarcasm shit. So...like...yeah...dicks and stuff. They are...um...cool. oh! Look! Shiny....

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By JustWill at 30,Mar,16 16:16 other posts of JustWill 
It STILL continues to make me laugh when some blowhard takes the time to leave a comment saying that they are NOT going to comment.
Usually, their "non-"comment is quite long, too!
By mr_blue at 30,Mar,16 16:19 other posts of mr_blue 

By bella! at 30,Mar,16 17:35 other posts of bella! 
JustWill, do you still have the bothersome creeper, creeping up on your page?
By JustWill at 30,Mar,16 18:17 other posts of JustWill 
There was no creepy visit today. I think he may have gotten his wiener stuck in a bunny burrow. That might explain why he has been so grumpy of late.

By JustWill at 28,Aug,15 17:57 other posts of JustWill 
OMG!! Like, they are STILL leaving comments to say how they aren't gonna comment! I'm getting an irony migraine and stuff...
By bella! at 29,Aug,15 03:23 other posts of bella! 
uni, your irony migraine must really be kickin', there hasn't been a comment on this thread since November, 2012, when this thread was posted by JustWill.

If you are looking for a gratuitous comment on your relevant parts, no problem! Here it is, you have the most amazing horn a rampant unicorn could ever have! *bella!*
By bigone21 at 29,Aug,15 23:03 other posts of bigone21 
By bella! at 29,Aug,15 23:19 other posts of bella! 
Did you see the horn that TheUnicorn is sporting? It's the finest horn I've ever seen! You,on the other hand, have a gorgeous uncut cock! Both of those comments were my unbiased opinions!

I did happen to visit TheUnicorn's page and let me tell you, he has uploaded a picture of a penguin with an impressive schlong! Hooo Weee!!! That bugger is almost as long as he is tall!
By bigone21 at 29,Aug,15 23:34 other posts of bigone21 
for that, i need another 155 cm's = 155 years of jelking... being 51 y/o, i think that's not going to happen...
By bella! at 30,Aug,15 01:49 other posts of bella! 
Eat yogurt, eat lots of vegetables, avoid smog, don't smoke, consume alcohol in moderation, exercise regularly, get plenty of rest, drink lots of water........

Who knows, you might make it!
By bigone21 at 30,Aug,15 17:28 other posts of bigone21 
155 years of eating yoghurt and lots of vegetables, not smoking and missing out on my beer??? NO, it's NOT going to happen...
I must be happy with what i've got...


By #297360 at 14,Nov,12 19:45
huh...So this is what happens when Will does crack...
By #247457 at 15,Nov,12 05:43
what's the matter with Will's crack?
By #297360 at 15,Nov,12 06:43
It is overly sensitive
By #247457 at 16,Nov,12 04:44
oh, I see. wait, maybe i DON'T wanna see.

By #321232 at 15,Nov,12 18:33
I think I get it now. What's his name.."JustWill" needs to get laid BAD. Please somebody screw this guy so this thread can come to a merciful end.
By #313314 at 15,Nov,12 18:38
Are you offering to help him get Lucky...Lucky?
By #297360 at 15,Nov,12 19:03
your always lucky when you play with Will
By Ray10754 at 15,Nov,12 19:20 other posts of Ray10754 
Why dose the thread need to come to a end?

By dreamer at 15,Nov,12 20:04 other posts of dreamer 
Who says we want it to come to an end. We enjoy it, we enjoy all JustWill's threads. So twinkle star, if you don't like it, move on. Plain and simple
By Ray10754 at 15,Nov,12 21:00 other posts of Ray10754 
By #303133 at 15,Nov,12 21:13
(I know that I am breaking character here...sorry...but I would just like to sincerely thank Ray, dreamer and the rest of my SYD friends for their continued support of my own personal brand of forum insanity. Thanks, folks! )
By #274357 at 15,Nov,12 21:24
OMG!!! I not even going to comment on that! Your post sounds gay, so r u gay or something? WTF?? BTW, please rate my dick.
By Ray10754 at 15,Nov,12 21:32 other posts of Ray10754 
OMG, A sincere post from Will!!! Must be not feeling well!
Some one call the (Wacky Dr) Will need med's lol

On a more positive note!! Your more than welcome Will,Your humor is enlighting to say the least.
Border line between insanity and totaly off the wall, but hey, we all respond to it so what dose that tell you about us !!
By #274357 at 15,Nov,12 21:52
JustWill is the forum's resident Wack-A-Do. I'm not sure there is a medical solution for him. That's quite fine however, I'm not sure I'd wish him to medicate; I like him JustWell as the way he is...

Glad I'm not his neighbor though, all those penguins walking around with their dinks hanging out.
By Ray10754 at 15,Nov,12 21:53 other posts of Ray10754 

By #321232 at 14,Nov,12 19:39
Whoever started this thread has some issues. Get some help.
By #303133 at 14,Nov,12 20:35
OMG! I am not even gonna comment on how insightful your psychological analysis is! I feel, like, all cured and stuff now. You must be one of those...smart people...who are in tune with nuances of language and junk! I won't, like, waste my time on telling you how thankful I am that you stopped by...
By Ray10754 at 14,Nov,12 20:43 other posts of Ray10754 
I knew that there was help on this site for all us demented people

By #274357 at 14,Nov,12 21:07
Most of the people on this thread understand that it is mocking the majority of the users that post in the forum here. Quite accurate and well done on Will's behalf I might add. I will give you the benefit of the doubt because you are most likely not familiar with our resident Wack-A-Do JustWill.

I do agree he may need some help, but no more than the rest of us. Well, uh...maybe a little more.
By dreamer at 15,Nov,12 07:41 other posts of dreamer 

By dreamer at 15,Nov,12 07:36 other posts of dreamer 
Maybe you should get a sense of humour. Don't take everything so seriously. Read between the lines.
By #303133 at 15,Nov,12 13:35
OMG! Like, I am not even gonna comment on the fact that people have no concept of, like, irony and satire and junk. Also not commenting on that whole "read" thing. WTF? READING is HARD!
By dreamer at 15,Nov,12 16:03 other posts of dreamer 
I don't think "luckystar" read it at all. Like you said reading is so HARD

By #274357 at 15,Nov,12 00:40
Will someone please rate JustWill's cock?
By bella! at 15,Nov,12 01:05 other posts of bella! 
.....2 thumbs up!

By #196416 at 14,Nov,12 04:16
I think you have had enough pie, time to cut back.
By bella! at 14,Nov,12 07:01 other posts of bella! 
You think this outburst is sugar related? You're probably right about that daffu. I went back to JustWill's profile and his pubes are dark so it couldn't be possible that he's having a blonde moment....

By Ray10754 at 14,Nov,12 04:03 other posts of Ray10754 
Are you OK???

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