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By mr_blue at 08,Feb,23 05:21
Think about that for a second 0.7% of 330 million people in jail!!!!so yeah land of the free!!!!

By mr_blue at 08,Feb,23 05:18
Church and state separation to you means no actual churches involved in government, I'm saying someone's personal belief can be religious and dictates how they live!!!! That's why presidents say God bless America,cuz of their personal belief in God!!!
As for Buddhism, yeah it's more of a belief system than a religion,but it's the same point!!
What you believe dictates your life at all levels!!!if you are a true believer.
A ch1ld dying cuz of their parents inaction through religious belief happens all the time!!! As I pointed out in another post,Jehovah's witnesses don't follow the law of the land they follow the Bible!!!!

By mr_blue at 07,Feb,23 19:26
but what do most religious people believe in? A god
So their God/supreme being and belief in that way of life!
Overrides local laws!!

By mr_blue at 07,Feb,23 18:12
The last sentence always cracks me up!!! statistically speaking more Americans are incarcerated by percentage of population than anywhere else in the democratic world!!

By mr_blue at 07,Feb,23 17:57
Not in America they don't and I'm not American!!!
The the right to religious freedom overrides most of American law at some point!! even though there is supposed to be a separation of God and state, every American president has said "god bless America" at some point!! So God comes first for a lot of religious people!!
As I said , individual rights versus collective rights dominate life!!!my right to say no to something versus a government who tells me I have to do something!!!
I'm sure you can find examples of religious rights overriding the actual law!!!!
I think there was a story bout a baker not wanting to bake cakes for gay couples, that religious right overrides equality!
Just cuz all religions discriminate as part of its indoctrination.

By mr_blue at 07,Feb,23 10:19
I can understand why some people don't trust the covid vaccine,cuz it's a new thing,but with well established disease/illness,not taking a vaccine seems stupid to me!!
If you travel to a country with malaria,you will take the shots and meds to prevent that!!!!
Polio vaccine cannot cure you,but is a preventive measure to reduce your risk of the polio virus..

It's individual rights versus collective rights.You have the right to refuse,but if you are in a public space , others have the right to breath uninfected air/be in a clean from disease space.

By mr_blue at 07,Feb,23 07:52
How do you feel about vaccinations ? And an individuals choice to not take medication to prevent a contagious disease?

Anyone who didn't have a covid-19 jab and is still living will probably be ok with someone walking around with TB...
What about religious rights also? Jehovah's witnesses are notorious for not following court orders regarding medication!!!

By mr_blue at 14,Jan,23 22:54
Original post was from 2009

By mr_blue at 31,Dec,22 20:01
Few kilos of bacon and a bloody Mary will sort you out

By mr_blue at 31,Dec,22 19:29
I bet you had a few beverages!! tequila slammer for brekkie anyone!

By mr_blue at 31,Dec,22 12:22
Happy new year you big awesome cunt
All the best for you and the family for the new year.

By mr_blue at 23,Dec,22 08:33
Merry Xmas cunty

By mr_blue at 25,Nov,22 15:08
You're not interested in any evidence unless it backs up what you say!!!If trump does something it's good but when a democrat does the exact same thing as trump you cry foul!!! So you repeat what you see and hear on a daily basis!!!! So you must live in a white supremacist area where white guys do nothing wrong(unless they're democrats) but every other race is shooting each other!!!!!! You listen to conservative radio,cuz that's where you feel safe and everything backs up your world views!!!!
Hannity rocks

By mr_blue at 25,Nov,22 08:32
Why do you think that is Cody?
News is what a TV producer decides to be the news!!!
Every news channel has an agenda now!! It used to just be the the news without bias!!!!

By mr_blue at 25,Nov,22 07:51
you're a sheep phart,all of your talking points are what you have seen on the news that day....your so partisan that you're blind to you own hypocrisy!!!!
So you actually think I have influence on you!
Nonsense, there's not a thing here that I have posted that you agree with!!!!

By mr_blue at 25,Nov,22 00:24
what influence do I have on your life from a sex site? I can understand plenty,get to the point you are trying to make!!!

By mr_blue at 24,Nov,22 16:32
There's lots of fords in the UK where people drive through the water!!! only registered users can see external links

By mr_blue at 24,Nov,22 16:23
only registered users can see external links

By mr_blue at 24,Nov,22 16:09
Put the wrong link in I was supposed to post, I've had an absolute cunt of a day
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only registered users can see external links

By mr_blue at 24,Nov,22 15:59
I don't have many answers or solutions!!! And given that every state is different in how they allow firearms there's no one size fits all approach! But gun buy backs would be a partial solution!!
I think you're more socialist than you realise!!!
If you are unionised that's pretty much as socialist as you can get!!! Looking out for someone other than your family isn't a bad thing!!!! Being able to move forward as a collective to get a good deal for you and union members means you all get good standards of living pay and insurance coverage!

By mr_blue at 24,Nov,22 13:57
And ? So what?

By mr_blue at 24,Nov,22 13:52
So a guy with mental health issues didn't get help!! And cuz of the ease that he could get firearms he lost his shit and went on a rampage and killed multiple people!! How did he get the guns if he was known to be off!!

Why didn't Walmart arm all its workers with guns then ?cuz that's the solution,more guns,cuz guns don't kill people, people kill people!!!

By mr_blue at 24,Nov,22 13:45
Yeah ,I read it? What is the point you are trying make?
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Nice edit

By mr_blue at 24,Nov,22 13:44
The reason people stab other people is knives no knives less chance of being stabbed? Can you you see the correlation?
Of course a gun cannot jump by itself and shoot someone (unless you're Alec Baldwin) so a person is needed to actually pull the trigger!!!!
More guns is not the answer either but you guys just keep going with that one!!!
And how do you deal with the real issue of mental health when you guys fuck each other for insurance and assistance for your needy?
I mean you don't want to a be socialist and actually help others do you?

By mr_blue at 24,Nov,22 13:37
And ? It's a link to a story!!!

By mr_blue at 24,Nov,22 09:13
only registered users can see external links

By mr_blue at 24,Nov,22 09:01

By mr_blue at 24,Nov,22 08:59
And you keep missing the point that the world is full of people that think differently to you!!

The reason people shoot other people is guns!!!!!
Reduce the the amount of guns,and you reduce the chances of people getting shot!
Shooting at someone means you are trying to kill another human!!!!!! Do you realise how fucked up that is?

And if you apply the 'treat others how you expect to be treated attitude' you would get shot by someone who is an asshole!!!
My parents taught me to think for myself and not be a sheep!!!

By mr_blue at 24,Nov,22 02:39
So if I don't like you,I can shoot you then!!! Do you realise how unhinged that sounds?
Maybe try reducing the number of guns!!!
Being an asshole is not justification for being shot!!
I imagine you would not want to be shot while waiting for your coffee by the barista who thinks you're an asshole cuz you lost your shit after they told you the options for milk!!!

By mr_blue at 24,Nov,22 01:00
But it was ok when trump did it!!!

By mr_blue at 23,Nov,22 19:42
Guns are only made to kill things!!!! and the knife story has been covered plenty,cuz it's white folks that died!!!

How do you feel about law enforcement officers killing each other? Cuz that's on the rise!! Who are you going to blame that on?

By mr_blue at 16,Nov,22 18:03
I had to answer that post,here is one for you to rack your brains around!! When did 'winningest' stroll into use in the English language!!?I watch a lot of sports,and when I see winningest used in American sports my brain crashes!!!

By mr_blue at 16,Nov,22 06:46
It's probably one of those words that has been around for hundreds of years,but was not used for a while!!
Origins of words is an interesting subject!!!!
etymology will bring some new words to your vocabulary!!!

By mr_blue at 15,Nov,22 20:03
Conversate is a non standard verb!!!and probably an Americanism!!
Converse is the standard verb!!!

Both are legitimate words,both mean to have a conversation.
Conversate is just a weird sound to the ear,and probably not to be used in formal conversation or correspondence!

By mr_blue at 10,Nov,22 00:27
Trump has a shitload of money from his campaign funds still...
Trump will probably run again,and I think he will try to persuade desantis to be his vice president running mate!!
Trump cannot let things go!!! If he runs against desantis as republican nominee he could cause more damage! what's going to happen if trump cannot accept he lost to desantis!!?
At least you get to vote for your leaders even if they are all fucking nuts

By mr_blue at 09,Nov,22 15:45
what's up yourself ?

By mr_blue at 07,Nov,22 21:02
why do you care? The people most likely to lick a toad are liberals and democrats!!! Pretty much the scum of earth as far you're concerned!!!
It's so funny watching your fake outrage!!!

By mr_blue at 03,Nov,22 10:45
I'd like to see what happens when musk gets called a geeky wanker!!! or what happens when people really find out how Tesla makes money and how musk plays both sides off against each other,cuz republicans and democrats love a billionaire!!!
Cuz the only thing that matters to Americans,is the dollars in their pockets!!!
Gotta give props to the Twitter board for filing their case against musk in Delaware!!! those that were sacked when musk took control got a fat payoutyet the the actual workers are going to get fucked!!
I wonder how much Saudi money is invested too!!

As for the actual site itself,I don't use it, can't have a conversation when you are limited to how many characters you can use!!
It's just full of people who have too much time on their hands!!
Social media in general has fucked people up!!
It just echo chambers..

By mr_blue at 18,Oct,22 17:36
Cool,I thought it was maybe the same thing as nose hair!! Filter out dust and stuff!! Still drives me nuts when they sprout up

By mr_blue at 18,Oct,22 15:56
You know you're too old when you have more than two pairs of glasses!!!

By mr_blue at 18,Oct,22 15:37
ear hair drives me nuts,why is it growing there FFS!?!

By mr_blue at 17,Oct,22 18:37
It's all money Cody, USA can be self sufficient if it needed to be,it has enough natural resources!!!
Most US trade with the Saudis is military like the UK,US has the capability to halt arms trades anywhere through financial sanctions!!!! But there's too much money to be made,so nothing in the arms trade happens without the USA allowing it!!!!
As always in America, follow the money

The oil companies just want the cheapest way to make money for themselves, that's why OPEC+ slow production,to bump the market prices

By mr_blue at 17,Oct,22 16:13
You know you're too old when a quick cough can lead to you shitting your pants!!!

By mr_blue at 17,Oct,22 15:38
OPEC+ cartel Saudi's waving their dick in the yanks faces for years now, just like they have done to the UK for decades!!!

By mr_blue at 17,Oct,22 14:42
people want to get high...... it's that simple!!!!
Supply and demand!!!!
Moonshiners don't pay tax,they don't necessarily make a better product, you're also relying on those moonshiners not giving you methanol ,so no regulation is leaving you at the mercy of some guy who says his product is good!!!! If you sell something legally it has to pass tests before it can be sold!!!

By mr_blue at 01,Oct,22 23:59
What about roe v Wade being overturned? Is that not a good thing for conservative republicans then! ?It happened as part of this administration and Congress!!!

By mr_blue at 27,Sep,22 15:26
You should go to Scotland,they batter everything!!!
Think of something,And I bet some crazy Scot has deep fried it!!!

By mr_blue at 27,Sep,22 15:23
You crazy fuckers will fake anything
Get them in the shells from a fishmonger if you are buying them!!! If you can..In restaurants ask for the roe,if they don't have it,you know they are serving fake scallops!

By mr_blue at 23,Sep,22 06:43
Does that theory apply to your orange god too then?
You are reporting what you see,that doesn't make it a fact only an opinion!!!

By mr_blue at 23,Sep,22 00:08
the more comes from market f0rces!!!! There's plenty to go round,but you are not getting any, that's why you're so angry!!

Where did you type out facts? You just spout your opinion!!!

Why is it so wrong to want better conditions for everyone and not just the few phart? Seriously?