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By mr_blue at 26,Sep,22 17:31
if the member who hits 1000 did not cast any excitement votes within past 2 days they do not receive the trophy, but instead the member who made them reach 1000 receives +20 points.

It has been like that since about two weeks after admin brought that game here!!

By mr_blue at 23,Sep,22 06:43
Does that theory apply to your orange god too then?
You are reporting what you see,that doesn't make it a fact only an opinion!!!

By mr_blue at 23,Sep,22 00:08
the more comes from market f0rces!!!! There's plenty to go round,but you are not getting any, that's why you're so angry!!

Where did you type out facts? You just spout your opinion!!!

Why is it so wrong to want better conditions for everyone and not just the few phart? Seriously?

By mr_blue at 22,Sep,22 20:25

By mr_blue at 22,Sep,22 20:22
Sounds like you just like to be angry at anyone who achieved anything by sticking together!!!
You're so wound up about shit you are doing fuck all about!!!
So you're basically stewing in your own rage all day!!!

You're just jealous you don't have what you think you are entitled is not fair!!!! Work hard,fuck that,work smart is way much better!!!

By mr_blue at 22,Sep,22 20:15
I'm not in the Netherlands,so move there if you want, I'm sure they have space!!!

By mr_blue at 14,Sep,22 21:10
I think it's straight revenue generation!!! So whatever comes through the till as it were gets divided by the relevant percentage!!
--------------------------------------- added after 6 minutes

There is something called the sovereign grant,also,but that is like getting back your own money in a tax refund!!!

The sovereign grant covers certain events that are ceremonial etc!!! !!

By mr_blue at 14,Sep,22 20:27
The Crown Estate is basically a collection of lands and holdings in the United Kingdom belonging to the British monarch as a corporation...

By mr_blue at 14,Sep,22 20:06
So having decent working conditions is a waste of time then!
Let's all shit in a garbage bag and piss in bottles cuz ups doesn't want to pay for a toilet break to delivery drivers!!
Let's all drive a non air con truck in 90+ degree heat!!!!
Why pay all the drivers the same!!!! Let them fight it out every morning for the privilege of delivering your much needed healthcare medication!!!!
Then the only people who will do that job is an immigrant!!!and we know you don't want those !!!!

By mr_blue at 14,Sep,22 19:55
It doesn't really cost the UK anything anymore,the funding of the royals comes from something called the crown estate!!!!the income generated from that is split 75% for the UK treasury,and 25% goes to the crown(royalty)

By mr_blue at 01,Sep,22 23:06
Pull my finger!!! -unknown-

By mr_blue at 01,Sep,22 20:09
Yet Mississippi,has $2.5 billion in surplus it's obvious that Jackson is not being given the money to fix it because of who lives there...

By mr_blue at 17,Jul,22 23:36
I can understand the spiders,I never used to worry about them until I was bitten by one and it drew bl00d, little fucker!!!
Aussie spiders are next level crazy!!!!

Google translate will save you next time you get carted off somewhere

By mr_blue at 17,Jul,22 22:08
Bit before my time !!

By mr_blue at 17,Jul,22 21:50
Google Nuremberg defence too!!! Long time since my history lessons,but The Nuremberg defence,is basically blaming your superiors for your own acts.

You have to follow legal orders, as in,lawful orders by your superiors!!

By mr_blue at 17,Jul,22 21:32
I'm not saying don't question your government,but it's well documented how bin Laden was captured,executed and disposed of!!
And I have told you why there is no body!!!!! But even if they did have the body,you would say it's double or a fake cuz you don't like democrats!!!
Soldiers don't have to just blindly follow orders,they are allowed to refuse to commit criminal acts!!!!
So just thinking that orders will be followed is nuts,look at how many times trump tried to do just that,tell the military to do something, only to be told,you cannot do that!!!

By mr_blue at 17,Jul,22 19:21
So if you avoid something you are likely to be afraid of it!!!! Why do you avoid a situation ?why do you avoid going to a certain place?
So if I said I avoid going to America cuz of guns? What's your first thought? I bet it is that you think I'm afraid of guns !!!!

By mr_blue at 17,Jul,22 19:10
And you clearly don't read what I post!!!
Read what I said to Bella!!!
And you live in constant fear cuz you're a sheep!!!!
Doom scrolling is bad for your health phart!!!

By mr_blue at 17,Jul,22 18:07
Phart is political, everyone is political,when people say they don't discuss politics, it's not really true is it? everything is political!!!!

Human rights are political by nature!!! The art of governance is politics...... everything is politics!!!!!
Dig down far enough into any subject and it becomes political!!!

Phart phrased his comment in a way that says he doesn't expect anything from he made it political by adding that!!!

Price of petrol/gas is what ? Politics!!!gun control!!! Politics!!!!
Wack jobs don't know they are wack jobs and they are everywhere,on all sides of the political spectrum.

By mr_blue at 17,Jul,22 17:31
Yes I'm asking you,if liberal thinking is cuckoo what does that make you for being on a sex site talking politics!!! I'm pretty sure the conservatives that are religious would look at this site with disgust!!! So it's a funny juxtaposition don't you think? Talking conservative politics on a sex site!!

By mr_blue at 17,Jul,22 17:28
Lawsuit claims that Skittles are 'unfit for human consumption'
A consumer lawsuit claims that Skittles' contain a 'known toxin' that is 'unfit for human consumption'

Wtf have you been doing Sir-Skittles ?

By mr_blue at 17,Jul,22 16:55
bin Laden got buried at sea to stop his grave becoming a martyr site......also the guy that shot him did loads of interviews, especially on fox or have you forgotten that?

Saudi money is dirty money,not matter who takes it,so you justifying trumps actions proves my point about how you think about anyone who is democrat is wrong!!

I don't hate,I try to understand,and you have no clue about my political beliefs!!!! So if you think I hate conservatives you haven't been paying attention!!!! I'm an issue person,not a political affiliation person!!!! So on some things I'm conservative and others I'm liberal!!!! So stick that in your pipe and smoke it

By mr_blue at 17,Jul,22 16:39
And conservative minds on sex site talking politics is what exactly?

By mr_blue at 17,Jul,22 16:35
You are full of rage about shit you can't control!!!
You are so against democrats no matter what they say it's wrong,yet when trump does something he is a God to you!!...
That's the hypocrisy in your words!!!

You go on about biden and his fist bump,but trump is taking millions from the Saudis for a golf tournament.....

So yeah,when trump takes money from the Saudi government cuz it's a kingdom, it's all good!!
Trump government supplied them with arms and no one says anything

Obama got rid of bin Laden,and you don't believe it's true!
So you're partisanship blinds you over and over!!

By mr_blue at 16,Jul,22 21:19
Does that include USA military too? They use quite a few drugs , amphetamine is still used by combat pilots!!!
What about all the big pharmaceutical companies? And the doctors that got patients hooked on opioids?

By mr_blue at 16,Jul,22 21:01
you're so partisan in everything you say, it's hard for you to see past the hypocrisy of your words!!!
As long as you are sticking two fingers up to libtards and democrats!!! That is all that matters,that win over them!!

By mr_blue at 16,Jul,22 20:27
She probably had a blood clot from the impact of falling!!

By mr_blue at 16,Jul,22 18:11
So have another gulf war is your suggestion then? Didn't the USA try that a couple of times?

By mr_blue at 16,Jul,22 18:09
Probably Donald supporters bumping her off to stop her testifying against him in the future!!!

By mr_blue at 14,Jul,22 21:36
you've been here long enough to know what part of the anatomy guys generally think with!!!!!

By mr_blue at 14,Jul,22 21:32
I don't give a duck

By mr_blue at 10,Jul,22 14:30
Why do you feel the world views Americans as excessive,lazy,rude gun toting barbarians?

By mr_blue at 10,Jul,22 13:28
Constitutions guarantee rights at any particular time,things change over time.
Take slavery as the example in America....
No country has pure democracy, that's the problem,we vote for other people to represent us,they change the rules to suit themselves,so call it any number of things, theocracy, dictatorship, people in power will always protect their position unless they are held to account.....
People are sheep,they follow....the ones that should lead,are not interested in leading, that's why they should be leaders..... people who seek power are already corrupted,and that comes from indoctrination in their beliefs that they are superior than others.

By mr_blue at 10,Jul,22 12:56
They changed the American constitution to abolish slavery...
So where do you stop? constitutions made without true democratic representatives are the problem!!
That's why Russia, Venezuela etc get fucked,cuz it's really a dictatorship disguised as democracy....

By mr_blue at 09,Jul,22 21:49
Look on the bright side bro,the kiwis got stuffed and the saffas got fucked too

It was a tough day for the wallabies, injuries done you in,England were a bit lucky I think.....but I think we edged it in overall play....

By mr_blue at 09,Jul,22 12:20
up the pommies
Sets it up nicely for the final test match

By mr_blue at 01,Jul,22 21:01
The last time I spoke to him,he said he wasn't well and was taking a break,and that was the last I heard from him......he was a cool dude!!

By mr_blue at 01,Jul,22 18:03
It will be on somewhere, probably on dazn in the USA!!!--------------------------------------- added after 4 is the streaming service in the USA

only registered users can see external links

By mr_blue at 01,Jul,22 17:37
Watch the game sir skittles of cuntalot

By mr_blue at 01,Jul,22 17:36

By mr_blue at 01,Jul,22 17:32
I know of a few I'd like to see come back...
Daffu(anyone know what happened to him?)

By mr_blue at 01,Jul,22 00:27
He will be gone after the world cup,this team is experimental.... that's why he brought Billy Vuniploa back...
Joe Cokanasiga will be ok,if he stays fit

By mr_blue at 01,Jul,22 00:21
depends if Eddie picks players in their positions brolol
Should be a good game anyway

By mr_blue at 30,Jun,22 20:26
#569341 LF....demon ...various other names ...dunno what happened to him!!

By mr_blue at 22,Jun,22 21:32
I can see that being a dictator is an issue,the same as patriarchy ,which is what you seem to be a fan of....

And you think men telling women what to do is normal,I don't know what to say to someone who cannot see how idiotic that is!!!!

Why do I care about prisoners phart? They are in prison...they are locked up,the only people they are likely to hurt are people in the prison.
I think sch00l should be a place to learn,not worry about gun wielding idiots coming in and shooting up the place!!! but then guns being everywhere just makes it more likely that an idiot having a bad day can cause carnage with a gun

You know a lot of your ideas are quite popular you know,so don't feel bad, it's called Islam btw......

By mr_blue at 22,Jun,22 20:53
But if phart were in charge ,k1ds like you would have been shot or locked up.....

By mr_blue at 22,Jun,22 20:47
But you still expect a wife to stay at home..cook,clean,take care of the k1ds while the man goes to work
So basically a slave to a man....cuz that's what you think a woman making a commitment to a man is.....
So you have the 1950 mindset and the more you talk the more you reinforce those ideas....

By mr_blue at 22,Jun,22 18:42
It's ok phart, you still believe that women should be keep in the kitchen and be a slave to a man!!!!! World has moved on ..
You haven't.....
So that's what I mean by 1950 mindset!!!!! Not what level of shooting was prevalent then....
And most of what you talk about is just the cost of raising a ch1ld anyway!!!!!! financial and all costs!!!!!time v money,you know work life balance!!!!!! Pushy parents can be just as bad as absent ones......

And the AstroTurf thing is just funny as fuck,you do lawn maintenance and cannot see the benefits of an AstroTurf pitch for much water is needed to keep a square yard of grass green! So economic value played a part in having that!!!!
And the way all your sch00ls work is that having healthy sport teams,brings money into the rest of the sch00l and counties......

By mr_blue at 22,Jun,22 18:19
I couldn't give a hoot what you do with the points you have accumulated through use of this site.....admin doesn't get ad revenue like Facebook,he mostly relies on the payment for points so when paying members say something admin is going to listen.....

By mr_blue at 22,Jun,22 15:34
So admin gives you free points that you just sit on while paying members argue that they should have a say in how the points are actually used!!!!! Can you not see how the paying members actually fund you here ?

They put the points into the system for you to take out!!!
Call it jealousy,you get stuff for free......and you said it yourself,you take advantage of the points system.....
You participate within the rules but not in the spirit!!!!!! Just accumulating points in itself is candy crush instead

You pay taxes,you have a say in how things get run where you are!!! paying members are essentially paying taxes here!!!!!!