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Exhibitionism and it's implications.

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Started by #301038 at 22,Jan,13 03:14
According to wiki:

Exhibitionism is the act of exposing in a public or semi-public context those parts of one's body that are not normally exposed – specifically the genitals or buttocks of a man or woman, or the breasts of a woman. The practice may arise from a desire or compulsion to expose themselves in such a manner to groups of friends or acquaintances, or to strangers for their amusement or sexual satisfaction or to shock the bystander.

To my understanding, desire to show our naked bodies to the world in a safe setting, is the main reason why we all participate in this site. I'm a nudist and I don't like to wear clothes, if I can get away with not wearing it... When I lived in Hawaii, I had a secluded beach just couple miles away from my house and I would visit that sacred spot quite often. I wasn't doing it, to get attention from random spectators or fellow nudists, I just liked being naked under the sun, plus swimming naked is simply divine... I would pick spot where I couldn't see anyone, and would enjoy my solitude with the nature.

I attended several other nude beaches in Europe, where there was a ton of people around me and nobody cared that I was naked. Nobody tried to hit on me, or even start a conversation with any kind of sexual implications. We would talk about the weather, politics, economy, travel, etc, but again, nothing sexual.

On this site, it feels like about 95 percent of people think that your sole purpose of being here is to find sexual partners for virtual or cam sex. And if I respond in a manner that doesn't support that statement, I get an icky comment, something along the lines "if you reply like this, you shouldn't be on this site.". Once in a while, virtual sex can be fun, but when you are married and have your horny husband readily available, like Little Caesars pizza, to do whatever you please, virtual sex looses it's excitement...more than that, it becomes simply lame and annoying, well, to me, personally.

I don't understand why 95 percent of people that contact me, assume that all I want is to spread my legs for them to stick something in there, and the nastier it sounds, the better. Especially, while omitting any kind of social interaction beforehand. Why in real nudist communities you wouldn't expect to get fucked, just because you are naked, when online, it seems to be the only acceptable norm by majority of users, that I come in contact with?

I understand, that in real life, most people simply won't have the guts to say that to my face, especially in front of my naked husband laying besides me, and here, everyone is brave and super horny. So people, just try to be all they can't be in real life.

My question to you, fellow forum folk, do you think exhibitionism and desire to be fucked 24/7 by random dicks all over the world, should go hand in hand, or should one be reminded the difference between nymphos and exhibitionists?

Question #2: Are you always ready to virtually fuck someone, just cause your pics got them hard or wet, or do you exercise the same civilities that you would in real life?

Question #3: If I don't want to engage in virtual sex, should I even be on this site?

Question #4: What are your motives and intentions to visit this site almost everyday? What do you get out of it?

Question #5: What's the point of the profile, if most people don't even look at it before contacting you?

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New Comment

By hotone1066 at 15,Feb,13 20:40 other posts of hotone1066 
Hi, I agree totally with everything you said. I post on here because I like showing myself off. If someone leaves a message or comment, I will respond. However, I don't assume everyone is looking to be fucked. If someone leaves a suggestive comment on one of my pics, then I will respond likewise. I do like the SYC site too and will leave comments, but nothing really vulgar (well unless they ask for it specifically!)

By fulla at 15,Feb,13 14:31 other posts of fulla 
I too love to be naked and love for other people to see me naked I just love it. I have never virtual sex with anyone from this site. I often broadcast on another site and have groups of girls and guys watching me play and sometimes cum. I don't really engage 1 on 1 cyber sex tho

By johnp at 22,Jan,13 04:46 other posts of johnp 
such a hard life to be hot and naked!
By #301038 at 22,Jan,13 05:11
for each their own, each personality have their own challenges... just because you think, it's not difficult, doesn't mean it's not challenging for that particular personality.
By johnp at 22,Jan,13 05:18 other posts of johnp 
Im just sayin if ur hot ur gunna get hit on and most guys r walking hormones with no brains...didnt mean offense
By #301038 at 22,Jan,13 06:01
and you think being hit on all the time by an army of wanking dudes is easy?
By johnp at 22,Jan,13 06:49 other posts of johnp 
Not ez but to b expected.....especially iif ur gunna get naked and look as hot as u do!
By #301038 at 22,Jan,13 20:18
oohh.. you make my head hurt. You're not getting the point, hotness doesn't define me. There is much more to me, and every woman in the world, than 3 hot holes and a pair of hot tits. Have you ever considered that women are intelligent beings and enjoy intelligent stimulation aside from penetration and insertion?

Women are much more selective than men, because if we do get pregnant by one of your swimmers, we'd be stuck with you for the rest of our life bonded by parenthood, that's if you choose to stick around. Men don't have to deal with consequences of whoring around if they simply choose not to leave any contact information after having sex.

Subconsciously, women see a potential father of their **** in every sexual encounter... and if before, just being strong, able to run fast and hunt the prey was sufficient. Nowadays, in the world where everything can be purchased, rather than acquired, we look for other qualities that will help to build a good family, a strong household as well as physical traits that we want to continue in our offsprings.

There are plenty of paid web cams, where hot women would take their panties off for anyone, who is willing to pay some gold for their show... they'll tell you, what you want to hear too... maybe you are simply on the wrong site, dear.
By johnp at 22,Jan,13 20:32 other posts of johnp 
I can c that im starting to piss u off and thats not my intention....im not defending these dumb asses but when u join a site called show ur cunt it kinda comes with the turf....know what i mean? Plus u r gorgeous. And that may compound this for u
By #301038 at 22,Jan,13 20:37
Exactly, show your cunt, not fuck the cunt. show and fuck are two different things, don't you think?

Personally, I think you are just seeing what you want to see.
By johnp at 22,Jan,13 20:53 other posts of johnp 
Ur probably right but when a woman shows me her cunt it usually means she wants me to do somthing with it....suck, fuck, or play with it. Thats just in my experience. Again not trying to offend
By #301038 at 22,Jan,13 21:01
If you are in the bedroom, yes, absolutely! But, on a exhibitionists website that's a faulty logic. If it was a dating site, you'd be right too, but again, this is not what this is.
By johnp at 22,Jan,13 21:37 other posts of johnp 
Im confused
By #303133 at 22,Jan,13 21:41
Let me try to help.

What she is kind of saying is:

If a woman shows you her hooha, points to it and says "Please stab my baby-hole with your throbby man-junk", she probably wants you to fuck her.

Any other time you see a vagina, it is better to ask permission first.

Always keep in mind that "no" means NO, and begging very rarely helps...
By #301038 at 22,Jan,13 21:45
Alway to the point!
By johnp at 22,Jan,13 22:15 other posts of johnp 
Thx bro but thats not what confused me......it was the difference between a dating site and an exhibition site....im just trying to keep up with u both remember im not as smart as both of u so dont get mean......is she saying that its ok to say u want to fuck a chick on a dating site and but not on showyour cunt??
By #303133 at 22,Jan,13 22:28
I really wasn't trying to be mean.
Let's try it this way:
Contrary to what most men think regarding women, most females have brains, and they tend to lead with their minds rather than their cooters.
It is always safest to assume that a woman places more importance on her mind than she does on her hooha.
That being the case, opening with "I want to stuff my jizz pipe into your juice box" (or any variation of that) is probably not the best way to win a lady over.
By johnp at 22,Jan,13 22:48 other posts of johnp 
I understand this and if u go back a read what i have writin today ive never argued that it was nor did i say anything close to that and everyone gets all pissed off? That wasnt what i was confused about tho! Myybe i got the wrong idea about this site....it said show your dick and "cunt" not pussy or vagina but CUNT and thot it was ok to tosay hi your hot id like to fuck u without getting to know that person...sorry
By #303133 at 22,Jan,13 22:49
I actually don't think that anyone is pissed off...
By johnp at 22,Jan,13 22:55 other posts of johnp 
Bad choice of words maybe

By #139037 at 23,Jan,13 05:08
Well that may be your idea when you joined the site. Basicly this site is a place for exhibitionists, not just sex-dating. Exhibitionists such as myself, could be perfectly happy with their current sex/lovelives and might not be looking for a sexual partner.
By johnp at 23,Jan,13 15:54 other posts of johnp 
So ur saying that most of the guys on here r not looking for sex or some sort of sexting? I read one of your comments to a wEmOn and u told her how u wet u would make her......another comment of yours u told someone how good her pussy would feel around your cock ( or somthing along those lines)....is that exhibitionsts?? Read my comments then read yours and tell me who is looking for sex..
By #139037 at 23,Jan,13 23:35
Now where do I deny that I make sexual comments on sexual pics? I really haven't ever denied that I'm voyeuring on this site as well. Actually, that's one of the reasons Im on this site.
Most wOmEn do not mind comments on their pics, even if they are quite explicit. Most people on the other hand, mind explicit private MAILS (or conversations) if you are not yet familiar with that specific person. Please don't twist my words to your benefit, I ha_te it when I have to correct other people's mess.
By johnp at 24,Jan,13 00:48 other posts of johnp 
Well freewilly id say we r saying the same thing then dont u think?

By johnp at 23,Jan,13 15:58 other posts of johnp 
"That pussy would defiantly feel good around me" is what u told her fw

By #124665 at 22,Jan,13 23:24
My ex is a member here and when we lived together I was simply amazed at the amount of PM's she would get. We'd both be in the chatroom and her screen would be full of yellow lines "new private message click here to read" And yes many of these messages were all similar, horny guys saying the same tired shit.. They see "cunts" online and fire away. She couldn't even possibly keep up with them all. At times it could even be too much for me, I **** to ignore anyone but there is only so much time in a day.. I like being here and showing pics just cuz it's fun mostly and I've met some awesome friends here, some that have since left the site but I still talk to. I don't like clothes either, I'm at the bar right now (boring lol) wearing skinny jeans with no underwear I **** underwear! When at home, usually just a robe but it's like 10° outside right now too haha. In the summer it's usually just a pair of shorts. If I could I'd prance around my yard in the buck, but I don't think my neighbors and the police would like that as much as I would

By #303133 at 22,Jan,13 20:34
The problem, Peach, is that...no matter how intelligent you are...you are genetically incapable of thinking like the average guy who posts on this site. Let me try to help you with that by demonstrating what passes for the "thought process" of many of the male members here:

1. I have a penis

2. My penis is my favorite thing in the world and I focus much of my attention on it

3. Rubbing my penis or sticking it into things feels good

4. I want to do item 3 as much as possible and I think about it ALL THE TIME!

5. Women have places to stick my penis in

6. If I see a vagina, I will want to put my penis in it

7. Any woman who shows me her vagina WANTS me to put my penis in it. This is the ONLY reason a woman would show me her vagina.

8. If a woman WON'T let me put my penis into her vagina, there is something seriously wrong with her.
By johnp at 22,Jan,13 20:48 other posts of johnp 
Thats funny and excatly what i was trying to say! I just suck at it
--------------------------------------- added after 9 minutes

Justwill u kinda remind me of that dude sheldon on big bang theory.... don't mean that in a bad way!
By #301038 at 22,Jan,13 21:00
It's admirable that you can accept that you suck at it, but wouldn't you rather take steps to improve?

If I suck at something important to me, I'd take all steps to improve and reach excellence in it... can you tell English is my third language out of nine?
By johnp at 22,Jan,13 21:09 other posts of johnp 
That what im tryin to do peach but it seems like all i do is piss u off.....im obviously not as "booksmart" as u and justwill but im not trying to b mean about it
By #301038 at 22,Jan,13 21:11
I'm not trying to be mean about it, you seem to misread my emotions, due to lack of emoticon use.
--------------------------------------- added after 17 seconds

By johnp at 22,Jan,13 21:15 other posts of johnp 
No no u and sheldon have a good laugh at my primitive sexually driven out look on life its ok......
By #301038 at 22,Jan,13 21:22
Now JustWill might ban you...be careful... It's just so adorable... let us nerds have some fun lollollol

I bet you had good time in high school picking at nerds, don't ya?

You see, I was an ugly duckling growing up, and I chose a logical path of a nerd, when I got out of school it appeared I was sexy enough to be a dumb blonde, but it was too late
By #303133 at 22,Jan,13 21:26
My "ban" list is currently empty. I am really not a banning kinda guy...
By #301038 at 22,Jan,13 21:28
you enjoy intellectually dominating your less superior counterparts, don't you?
By johnp at 22,Jan,13 21:37 other posts of johnp 
Us common folk do sum good fuckin tho take a trip to the other side of the tracks every now and again....might b fun to go slumin
By #301038 at 22,Jan,13 21:49
Oh, I tried, trust me... But it just doesn't do it for me. I need to be stimulated intellectually before my brain sends a signal to start lubricating the lady parts.

Otherwise it's just a dry fuck, might as well slap a dildo to the door and have my way with it.
By johnp at 22,Jan,13 22:02 other posts of johnp 
Believe it or not just will that is odd for most guys a nice ass and a big set of tiitties is all they need to get hard and fuck....like for me im married love my wife i dont ...want or need to get emotionally attached to anyone else and neither does she....wwe just like the act of sex no strings shes booksmart like u guys but likes a big fat dick every now and again.....not bad just different...and peace i never picked on nerds they were some of my best freinds and because they let me cheat off their papers i got to graduate high school!!
By #301038 at 23,Jan,13 02:02
Not all men are just a 'life-support for a pecker' ...
By johnp at 23,Jan,13 02:25 other posts of johnp 
Not all just most

By #164428 at 22,Jan,13 16:27
You raise some interesting points, my intelligent friend!

I think the line gets a bit blurred on a site like this because while it's for showing ourselves off, it's about so much more as well. Some come here solely to show themselves, some to seek sexual relationships, virtual or otherwise, some to discuss sexual topics and interests, etc. I have, in my status line, "a little bit of everything" or however that's worded.

Sometimes, I engage in virtual sex, but mostly, I prefer to simply interact with friends. I've made some true friends here, and we discuss various topics, and care about each other (family and health concerns, for instance). I don't come from a nudist background, but I like the idea that the big taboo, showing ourselves nude to strangers, is just like background noise, in a way. Like, "Okay, I've seen your beautiful naked self; now lets talk about life!" I think I would fit in well in a nudist community because I don't think being nude and being sexual have to go together, as you have expressed.

I come here for different reasons, in the end. I enjoy showing myself, talking to friends, interacting in the forum, sometimes virtual sex, sharing sexy comments in PMs and, well, comments! It's all good.

I prefer, when someone first contacts me, that they be respectful. I welcome sexual comments, but I'd rather they not be of the, "Hey bby wanna cram my big cock down your throat and cum so hard in your pussy that it comes out your ass!" variety! lol

I DO wish people would pay more attention to people's reasons for being here in the status line. It's only a couple of lines, folks! I try to follow a person's lead that way.

By #124665 at 22,Jan,13 23:40
I just want you to be my cum dumpster baby, I'll treat you like the dirty dish rag cum slurping slut of my most depraved sexual desires

By Gntlmn at 22,Jan,13 04:26 other posts of Gntlmn 
By #301038 at 22,Jan,13 04:28
Glad you think so, care to elaborate?
By Gntlmn at 22,Jan,13 04:38 other posts of Gntlmn 
I think you commented on "exhibitionism" vs juvenile "hitting" pretty clearly
By #301038 at 22,Jan,13 05:12
sadly, the average age on this site is far from being "juvenile". Some people fail to mature, growing up.
By Gntlmn at 22,Jan,13 21:19 other posts of Gntlmn 
with arrested development, "juvenile" is cradle to grave

By #136196 at 22,Jan,13 07:50
H,mm interesting opinion.

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