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Who the fuck cares 03,Nov,13 19:07
No kissing dudes for me!! 28,Oct,13 02:37
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By johnp at 05,Dec,18 01:50
Oh I can keep it up .. don’t U worry about that .. 😆

By johnp at 04,Dec,18 18:33
😂 .. wait a second.. u said deeeep 😏.I.

By johnp at 04,Dec,18 02:23
But if you posted a dick pic in the forum and no one rates it did it really get posted ??? 🤷🏼‍♂️ .. these are the questions that keep me up at night 👀.I.?

By johnp at 04,Dec,18 02:20
I knew u missed me ☺️😘

By johnp at 04,Dec,18 02:19

By johnp at 04,Dec,18 02:02
I know u probably won’t believe this but I’ve heard that exact same thing from so many over the years .. but baby it’s so much hotter the way u say it .. oh fuck yaaa .. was it the chunky thick green puke or the water acidy kind... I bet u looked so hot with it dripping down sides of your mouth... hmmmmmm 👄

By johnp at 04,Dec,18 01:29
Don’t worry sexy............... I’ve been watching u enough for the both of us 👀✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻💦 ...

By johnp at 04,Dec,18 01:02

By johnp at 05,Aug,18 02:28
Read some of the responses!! Wtf ?? 🤢🤮

By johnp at 05,Aug,18 02:25
Pull the fuck over !!!

By johnp at 16,Oct,17 23:37
I like vagina

By johnp at 17,Apr,17 17:58
So hot !!

By johnp at 26,Mar,17 19:10
Please don't do that!!

By johnp at 17,Dec,16 18:12
Just because she doesn't kick u out of bed doesn't mean she doesn't care .. 😉 Maybe it's the perfect size for her but either way she cares ..

By johnp at 08,Dec,16 04:00
Ohhh fuck yaaaa .. tell me more baby .. fuck yaaa

By johnp at 16,Nov,16 23:15
Gross bro ....

By johnp at 16,Nov,16 23:11
i thought I was "that" awesome ☹️

By johnp at 15,Nov,16 22:57

By johnp at 03,Apr,16 00:43
Yes ... Sometimes I just can't help myself 😖

By johnp at 02,Apr,16 21:17
This thread is fucking stupid .. Fuck em all those fuck fucking fuckers !!

By johnp at 28,Jan,16 05:17
Like me the big cock bro ... But if it's clean and looks good I don't discriminate

By johnp at 12,Nov,15 07:25
Only if he has a big cock 😳

By johnp at 26,Sep,15 17:19
Arnt all the topics on the forum kinda pointless ??? Isn't that the point? 😆

By johnp at 26,Sep,15 17:14
I dint realize pussing was such a turn on for so many guys .. I'll pass tho

By johnp at 26,Sep,15 17:11
I think you 2 should wrestle this out .. I'll be the ref .. 😏

By johnp at 26,Sep,15 17:09

By johnp at 26,Sep,15 17:08
Cat fights give me boners !! .I.

By johnp at 25,Sep,15 17:30
I get it .. No one wants to catch the gay

By johnp at 24,Sep,15 21:14
I think you missed the point of the post ...

By johnp at 24,Sep,15 21:12
i don't even understand it .. Just plain gross and wierd to me

By johnp at 24,Sep,15 21:01
And ur fine !!

By johnp at 24,Sep,15 21:00
Ur fine

By johnp at 24,Sep,15 20:58
U r I angrily flipping me off??

By johnp at 20,Sep,15 18:47
True .. That's y I said "for me" ... As for u .. I would make out with every inch of your body including the lips on ur face 😳

By johnp at 20,Sep,15 16:33
Ya I've seen all that but didn't know it was called the star chamber or referral panel.. So my question was -however confusing it was for u all .. simply wtf is the star chamber?? It's not a hard question .. No need to make fun of me for asking.. I don't come to this site for the drama .. I cum for the ass and fun .. So I'll ask one more time and u a all could try and answer without being a bunch of dicks .. What is the star chamber? Is it a made up name for the abuse panel ??

By johnp at 20,Sep,15 00:57
Am I the only one that is grossed out by it??

By johnp at 20,Sep,15 00:50

By johnp at 20,Sep,15 00:47
I've missed u 2nice .. U don't call .. U don't fucking write .. Wtf??

By johnp at 20,Sep,15 00:46
I feel like that might sting a bit

By johnp at 19,Sep,15 16:09
I don't allow it . I insist one it ... .I.

By johnp at 19,Sep,15 14:31
Mumps? Really? Didn't think people got that anymore .. I just think its wierd and kinda gross .. I'm with you much rather lick balls

By johnp at 19,Sep,15 14:30
Where to you go to see who's on it?

By johnp at 19,Sep,15 14:29
I have home vids of my wife fucking a friend of ours .. I've been in to that lately

By johnp at 19,Sep,15 01:36
Sometimes I jack off to help me s leep

By johnp at 19,Sep,15 01:29
Really .. That's interesting

By johnp at 19,Sep,15 01:28
That's not what I was saying .. I was a legit question

By johnp at 18,Sep,15 23:34
Referral panal ?? Wtf is that? Is this a real group or just some name people gave them?

By johnp at 18,Sep,15 14:26
What is the star chamber??? I'm way behind on all the drama on this site damn it 😖

By johnp at 11,Jul,15 02:38
I been slacking lately 😉

By johnp at 07,Jul,15 21:25
Sooo I get the felling u don't much care for the guy huh