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By Gntlmn at 12,Jun,24 12:24

By Gntlmn at 27,May,24 02:48
Giving a woman an orgasm, orally, is the most fulfilling experience in life! I especially love feeling her inner lips suck my chin as I tongue circles around her clit.

By Gntlmn at 07,May,24 20:50
The diplomatic name for "Putin's analinguist"

By Gntlmn at 05,May,24 07:30

By Gntlmn at 01,May,24 11:54
I love shooting off as a hot wet tongue circles around my Corona ridge...

By Gntlmn at 28,Apr,24 02:11
In living colour

By Gntlmn at 24,Apr,24 03:14
Me too. My guess is the "Love-it" shit-sucker

By Gntlmn at 21,Apr,24 18:09
YeP, a tough situation... especially since my greatest satisfaction cums from eating pussy.

By Gntlmn at 18,Apr,24 18:00
To fuck a full-bushed, deep-pussy, big-leg gal, missionary pec's and her titties making loud flatulence noises, as her husband watches from his wheelchair.

By Gntlmn at 18,Apr,24 15:22
You buttfuck dead babies much?

By Gntlmn at 10,Apr,24 19:47

By Gntlmn at 02,Apr,24 01:47

By Gntlmn at 15,Mar,24 13:06
LoL... that turd's like a snake on Medusa's head

By Gntlmn at 14,Mar,24 01:53

By Gntlmn at 11,Mar,24 13:21
For sure! He's shit stupid.

By Gntlmn at 09,Mar,24 05:19
Tell 'em, Goddess

By Gntlmn at 08,Mar,24 18:16
You flunked 2nd grade English, little buttfucker of dead babies.

By Gntlmn at 08,Mar,24 10:16
All you have to do is put the muzzle of a .357 revolver against the roof of your mouth, pull the trigger and enjoy. You can even fantasize that it's Putin's dick.

By Gntlmn at 08,Mar,24 03:11
Keep gulping Putin's diarrhea, little naziboy coprophagia addict.

By Gntlmn at 05,Mar,24 21:52

By Gntlmn at 26,Feb,24 19:53
I'm of the same mindset. Kneel, and swallow my spurting hot jizz. Then get the hell out. Don't come around unless your hunger's unbearable.

By Gntlmn at 23,Feb,24 04:29

By Gntlmn at 22,Feb,24 03:47
Putin's diarrhea-drinking cumdump can't die soon enough.

By Gntlmn at 17,Feb,24 21:03
No argument from me, but he'd need to take a stand on congressional term limits, common sense gun regulation, cleaning up the supreme court, reinstating Roe versus Wade, and doing away with tax breaks for billionaires

By Gntlmn at 17,Feb,24 18:34
Putin will bail trump out of his lawsuit losses, because trump sucks diarrhea from Putin's ass in videos.

By Gntlmn at 07,Feb,24 17:38
Long live the Dixie Chicks

By Gntlmn at 25,Jan,24 12:41
Hahahaha Bwhaha

By Gntlmn at 25,Jan,24 03:41
I'm not afraid of you or any other dumbshit little naziboy coprophagia addict who donates to Putin's diarrhea-drinking bootlicker-analinguist.

By Gntlmn at 23,Jan,24 20:30
I recommend you read Hunter Thompson's (maybe THE greatest American writer of our generation) articles about the NRA. He was exposing their corruption 40 years ago. AND don't play the abortion card, unless you're the happy grandad to a kid your daughter gestated from getting raped by a non-white crackhead.

By Gntlmn at 19,Jan,24 02:37
Only 7... not nearly enough

By Gntlmn at 17,Jan,24 15:55
You know that's not going to happen. I'm stocking up ammo for the proud boys and other trumpanazi thugs -THEY'RE the ones who'll want to confiscate the guns of people they gays, journalists, and self-employed...who don't 'work' for the oligarchs.

By Gntlmn at 17,Jan,24 03:10
These little nazis on this site have the intelligence of roach shit. It's like their zygotes germinated from buttfucks in some outhouse.

By Gntlmn at 12,Jan,24 21:10
No way I'd risk getting a woman pregnant, or catching AIDS.

By Gntlmn at 12,Jan,24 02:07
Yep. Now there's only de Satan, and Nimrata Randhawa

By Gntlmn at 09,Jan,24 12:57
'Can't wash stink off shit...

By Gntlmn at 07,Jan,24 00:04

By Gntlmn at 06,Jan,24 19:57

By Gntlmn at 04,Jan,24 15:39

By Gntlmn at 07,Dec,23 03:20
Yet another maga moron morass

By Gntlmn at 28,Nov,23 15:40
There is. MAGA

By Gntlmn at 27,Nov,23 20:51
...well, if you say so

By Gntlmn at 27,Nov,23 05:27
You dumbshit. They weren't all "white". Keep sucking those trump turds.

By Gntlmn at 14,Nov,23 20:25
✔️I just heard the dumbshit trump analinguists are elbowing each other in the back, in the House of Representatives!

By Gntlmn at 07,Nov,23 00:21

By Gntlmn at 06,Nov,23 21:07
He's got Nazi diarrhea for brains.

By Gntlmn at 06,Nov,23 03:44
Back in my college days, I could hump/remain hard for over 2 deep pussy gf would pass out from multiples. Current gf says "get off me" after 30 minutes.

By Gntlmn at 22,Oct,23 23:37
YeS! Mop around the Clock

By Gntlmn at 20,Oct,23 00:17

By Gntlmn at 16,Oct,23 03:25

By Gntlmn at 27,Sep,23 16:28