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Rate my brain

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Started by johnp at 23,Jan,13 18:19  other posts of johnp
I have a PHD
I graduated top of my class
My IQ is off the charts
I only make 20k a yr but am an accomplished scientist
I speak many languages including bushman(although i have never needed to use it)
I have read more books than you
I dont have a functional cock but can mind fuck the shit out of you
I win at Jeopardy
You beat me up in highschool so now its pay back time
U are not as smart at i am telling u i am
How do i rate!!!?

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By #301038 at 23,Jan,13 23:05
I understand that you are trying to be funny, but in fact, you sound very sad... I had no idea you had so many deep psychological issues. I feel sorry for you, you should get a good doctor and see if he can help you. I'm not qualified to make any medical suggestions at this need a professional.
By johnp at 24,Jan,13 08:45 other posts of johnp 
Really i sound that bad huh?

By #303133 at 23,Jan,13 23:54
So, you are in the ranks of the opposite?
I have an STD
I dropped out of school
My IQ doesn't make the chart at all
I make a lot of money, but have accomplished nothing
I can barely speak my native tongue
What's a book?
My dick works the way it should, but my brain is wonky
Wheel of Fortune is hard
I beat you up in high school, but I have never progressed mentally or emotionally
Brains is stoopid
By #301038 at 24,Jan,13 00:14
sadly enough, but this applies to a very big chunk of US population... it's the new normal, hun.

I blame the government, again! For dumbing the nation... I think it all started in the 70's.... the were planning 9/11, but they were concerned that people would notice that it was all staged. So, instead of improving the plan, they decided to make the nation IQ drop to the point, where they would see a plane, if you tell them it's a plane, even though it was missile...
By johnp at 24,Jan,13 00:27 other posts of johnp 

By johnp at 24,Jan,13 08:37 other posts of johnp 
Peach u r hot but that made absolutely no sense ....r u saying we r all dipshits because we saw a plan hit the twin towers?

By #301038 at 23,Jan,13 22:52
Why do you think that intelligent men don't have a functioning penis and are making minimal wage?

I would think that by age 37, you would have figured it out. So sad
By johnp at 24,Jan,13 07:06 other posts of johnp 
Is that really what u got out of that post peach? U r smarter than that ur missing the point!

By johnp at 24,Jan,13 00:33 other posts of johnp 
Peach does this mean i have not proved to u that i am smart enough for u???
By #301038 at 24,Jan,13 04:02
Like my husband once said, you are doomed to oblivion...
By johnp at 24,Jan,13 04:19 other posts of johnp 
What does that mean exactly?
By #301038 at 24,Jan,13 05:34
you rubbed me the wrong way the first time you approached me... it's very hard to undo, what has been done... like a duck penis that you can't unsee.
By johnp at 24,Jan,13 07:03 other posts of johnp 
like a duck penise u cant unsee?? Did u really just compare me to a duck cock? What kind of poetry r u reading peach? Think i said "when r u gunna finally come chk out my page...right?

By #303133 at 23,Jan,13 19:52 seem to have a bit of an inferiority complex going there.

Funny how you assume that having intelligence means that a guy is a punching bag with a useless pecker.

Or...even worse...that being smart is a BAD thing.
By johnp at 23,Jan,13 20:01 other posts of johnp 
U got me!! I cant spell....what pissses me off the most is when i slow dwn and really try haaaard and still spell chk cant figure out what fuck im tryin to say!! Whoops im mean trying....u think proper spelling is a sign of intelligence or education? Hummm....anyways the post wasn't directed but u can insult me anyways
By #303133 at 23,Jan,13 20:03
Sorry, johnp...I went back and edited my comment (you saw it before I did the change) because I realized that what I said was pretty mean and you did not deserve that.
By johnp at 23,Jan,13 20:12 other posts of johnp 
Dude im not gunna try and get u kicked off so quit with the fake apologies and innuendos.....its all in good fun.....
--------------------------------------- added after 80 seconds

Nice call on the inferiority complex tho...damn smart people

By #301038 at 23,Jan,13 22:54
I think it's my fault, JustWill. I made him think that being smart is bad, very bad thing... It stands in the way of getting my pussy... It's like granny panties, almost!
By #303133 at 23,Jan,13 23:41
What I don't understand is the "fake apologies" part. My apology was quite real. You can see it right at the beginning of my post. In actual letters and stuff...
By johnp at 24,Jan,13 02:53 other posts of johnp 
Real letterslol.....come on justwill ur better than that.....ill let that one slid cuz ur usually kinda funny!

By #139037 at 23,Jan,13 23:46
Is it your intellect standing in the way of getting it or is it the other's intellect standing in the way?
By johnp at 24,Jan,13 00:58 other posts of johnp 
Freewilly that was deep bro.....what excactly it was i supposed to get? Do u understand my post or do u think im just maken fun of u cuz ur smart?
By #139037 at 24,Jan,13 02:51
Who is Freewilly? Im puzzled. If intended to be directed at me: I didn't mean you personally with 'other's', but more in general (ie. any potential guy that would hit on her).

I don't think my intellect, or lack of, was part of the discussion, or was it? Please dont place me in a box, I don't like that.
By johnp at 24,Jan,13 02:58 other posts of johnp 
Oh sorry its fillswilly...i am puzzled as well freewilly...what was "the person in general (ie. Any potential guy that would hit on her)" supposed to get? I apologize for placeing u in a "box".

By #338125 at 24,Jan,13 02:28
Run forest run
By johnp at 24,Jan,13 02:43 other posts of johnp 
No way im here to stay!

By Ray10754 at 23,Jan,13 18:39 other posts of Ray10754 
Yea Right
By johnp at 23,Jan,13 19:05 other posts of johnp 
U dont believe me ray?
By Ray10754 at 23,Jan,13 23:02 other posts of Ray10754 
I'm not going to comment any ferther! I don't need to prove my intelagance,my sexual capabilitys or my work ethics to any one! I am who I am and if people cant take me for who I am the so be it ! Good luck in your quest to get a rating!
By johnp at 24,Jan,13 02:43 other posts of johnp 
Ray im the last person u have to prove anything to just read what they say about me (i should say firmly imply)...i cant spell (which is very tru btw), i think being smart is a bad thing, i only attract walmart chewing hillbillys, and i have no idea what a real woman wants......

By bella! at 23,Jan,13 18:31 other posts of bella! 
You are a total bullshiter!
By johnp at 23,Jan,13 18:41 other posts of johnp 
Its funny tho right?
By bella! at 23,Jan,13 18:57 other posts of bella! 
You're funny!
By johnp at 23,Jan,13 19:01 other posts of johnp 
i represent the silent majority bella
By bella! at 23,Jan,13 23:10 other posts of bella! 
May I friend you johnp?
By johnp at 24,Jan,13 01:01 other posts of johnp 
Yes bella! I think u r the only one that gets me....i thought it was funny post...the best part is they all think im making fun of smart people and that i think being smart is bad!

By Ablaze at 23,Jan,13 23:42 other posts of Ablaze 
Hahaha, I know soooo many persons with this bahaviour!

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