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Do you like hot loads of cum???

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Started by #373467 at 19,Apr,13 04:20
Check out my page! I have blown a couple nice ones in the last couple of days. I've been practicing edging

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By #694265 at 06,Oct,23 13:26
Support the guy that supports us Admin 💖

👉 /blogs/55554.html 👈

By LGA6969 at 20,Sep,23 21:25 other posts of LGA6969 
Yummy cummy

By SluttySarah069 at 20,Sep,23 19:53 other posts of SluttySarah069 
Yes - all over my face

By MojoMan77 at 20,Sep,23 18:16 other posts of MojoMan77 
Love it

By fancyabit at 19,Sep,23 23:59 other posts of fancyabit 

By #699038 at 07,Sep,23 16:56
Hell yeh love big warm load of cum in my mouth hot

By Bi7incher at 28,Jul,23 05:49 other posts of Bi7incher 
Yes especially in my mouth yummy

By SluttySarah069 at 05,Jul,23 19:25 other posts of SluttySarah069 
Yes - I love it in my mouth to swallow or all over my face or tits

By #692872 at 05,Jul,23 10:10
I love to swallow loads of hot sweet cum

By Ablaze at 21,Jun,23 10:50 other posts of Ablaze 
Yes. I love big loads of cum

By lovetolickyou at 04,Jun,23 17:09 other posts of lovetolickyou 
I like the idea of tasting it direct, but I'm really excited about eating it out of your lady after you've fucked her.

By LGA6969 at 04,Jun,23 14:39 other posts of LGA6969 

By LGA6969 at 04,Jun,23 14:39 other posts of LGA6969 
You betcha

By wirda at 04,Jun,23 00:20 other posts of wirda 
Yes I do

After a guy cums in my face or in my mouth, I pretend that he didn’t so I can just keep on going ❤️

By mikeyd270 at 24,May,23 01:49 other posts of mikeyd270 

By Lookingtosee at 19,May,23 20:51 other posts of Lookingtosee 
Yes if I'm really into a guy I'll swallow,if I'm not into it I'll let him cum on my face,either way it's a hot load for me

By jimbo111949 at 17,May,23 22:11 other posts of jimbo111949 
Yeah. Especially in my mouth or on my food.

By routemaster at 13,Feb,23 04:41 other posts of routemaster 

--------------------------------------- added after 69 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 101 seconds

By #667453 at 03,Jun,22 22:40
When the temperature of the semen is extra hot, the orgasm is better

By #571187 at 15,Sep,19 15:42
The more cum the better

By #121361 at 03,Apr,17 06:44
Waiting two Days and shot [deleted image]
By Smoothie71 at 15,Sep,19 14:40 other posts of Smoothie71 
Awesome pic x

By #463848 at 15,Sep,19 09:20
I like to see a big pool of cum on a flat surface; collected together and not spread abroad [deleted image]

By cruz69696969 at 15,Sep,19 05:35 other posts of cruz69696969 
Oh yes the whole act of sucking off a juicy cock is the grand finally whether it's getting the money shot in the face or getting a massive load of warm thick cum juice spilling from a overfull mouth load. It's a high that beats any piece of women's ass I ever had

By #532987 at 18,Apr,17 01:47
Past three days the quantity of ball creme will not increase. To increase quantity or volume you need to restrain orgasm as long as possible. Watch porn and masturbate frequently prior to having sex but not allowing ejaculation Using this method I hav literally filled a shot glass with dick sugar upon ejaculation

By #522126 at 14,Apr,17 13:40
Yes,saving up for days and shooting it down my wifes throat or on/in her pussy and cleaning it up with my tongue.I like to suck a cock as well if we are at a sex party and like a mouthfull to swallow down.

By #510409 at 14,Apr,17 10:16
I absolutely love lots of cum.

By #532925 at 12,Apr,17 20:29
I didnt think so until i was suprised during mfm with an unexpected splash of warmth across my balls. Gasped and I immediately cum.

Poor balls haven't been the same since.



By #528720 at 03,Apr,17 21:15
damn I would like to see a guy shooting his load like that on my wife's pussy or tits,i would even settle for him to do it to her pictures that would be worth framing

By #121361 at 03,Apr,17 06:43
Yes we Love [deleted image]

By kebmo at 02,Apr,17 18:11 other posts of kebmo 

By routemaster at 02,Apr,17 10:01 other posts of routemaster 
I LOVE guys shooting their HOT LOADS over my neck, chest and ass!

By #530899 at 02,Apr,17 07:32
I like cum

By Hard18 at 02,Apr,17 07:11 other posts of Hard18 

By RealTitsLover at 01,Apr,17 06:05 other posts of RealTitsLover 
No, I like cold loads of cum. (just kidding)

[deleted image]

By #485312 at 01,Apr,17 05:58
yeah, lm still trying to suck one out of aussie *lix*

By #510409 at 31,Mar,17 12:23
in my hand then straight into my mouth.Every day.

By stroker11 at 31,Mar,17 10:41 other posts of stroker11 
Usually on a glazed donut with my first coffee!

By #358284 at 19,Apr,13 13:32
Sperm should never be waisted, it's just too delicious!!

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