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By kebmo at 25,Sep,22 06:23
Battered and deep fried scallops? That’s disgusting and only for heathens, nothing more than a scallop McNugget! Once you batter and deep fry something the chances of discerning specific flavours become minimal. Deep fryers add their own combinations of flavours to anything that is cooked in them because of the sheer number of different items that are actually deep-fried in any specific fryer. Scallops should only be eaten fried in butter (in a hot cast iron pan with butter) or wrapped with bacon and baked.
Pollock is often a substitute for lobster in lobster salads or soups. It’s a pretty good substitute for those purposes, but calling it lobster is a dishonest thing.

-My two cents

By kebmo at 10,Sep,22 05:00
Being rude is easy. It does not take any effort and
It is a sign of weakness and insecurity.

By kebmo at 10,Sep,22 03:40
Bella!, I read this and was very happy to find that there were indeed adults in the room. Just ask the people what they want and do it! You work for them!!
I wish all politicians knew that… Canadian politicians included. 😀

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By kebmo at 08,Sep,22 18:44

By kebmo at 08,Sep,22 18:21
Indeed it is.

By kebmo at 08,Sep,22 17:06
When I went to school every classroom had a photo of the Queen in it and we sang God save the Queen every morning because Canada is part of the British Commonwealth. We also sang Oh Canada, our national anthem.
Queen Elizabeth visited Calgary, where I lived at the time, and I saw her give a speech.

By kebmo at 08,Sep,22 16:53
Take note that the article was dated November 2017. My question is this: is it illegal or just morally wrong?

By kebmo at 08,Sep,22 16:46
There is a very old RCMP tradition of beating obviously guilty suspects with BeaverTails. Perhaps to use this technique and got a little carried away because of the heinous crime that this person committed. It certainly won’t be reported on the news.

By kebmo at 08,Sep,22 02:42
The height of irony…. and compassion.

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By kebmo at 08,Sep,22 02:19
Great news! The one captured today died!

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By kebmo at 08,Sep,22 00:11
They got him.

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By kebmo at 07,Sep,22 03:51
It’s still happening. The two accused, brothers, are no longer together because one of them is dead. He died of stab wounds that were not self-inflicted according to the RCMP. Translation: his brother killed him.
The living brother, Myles Sanderson, is still at large. The RCMP reported that he may be injured and may seek medical assistance. Translation: the two brothers had a knife fight and one of them died but the living one left blood at the scene.

By kebmo at 06,Sep,22 00:51
I don’t know why phart but your astounding lack of compassion still surprises me despite the fact that you’ve been demonstrating it here for years.

By kebmo at 04,Sep,22 14:40
I dealt with a buttload of bullshit at work yesterday! I fucking hate lazy people!!!
Today will be a buttload better. 👍

By kebmo at 01,Sep,22 14:33
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By kebmo at 01,Sep,22 13:53

By kebmo at 01,Sep,22 04:53
Oh no, say it ain’t true!! Sarah Palin (endorsed loudly by Trump) lost. The last time a democrat held this seat was FIFTY years ago!

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By kebmo at 30,Aug,22 14:38

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By kebmo at 30,Aug,22 14:10
Phart, with control of the Senate, The House and the White House why didn’t the border wall get finished in four years? Why didn’t Steve Bannon finish it with the fund he started?
Did Trump collect the money from Mexico to pay for it?
I await your whataboutisms.

By kebmo at 28,Aug,22 16:38
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By kebmo at 28,Aug,22 16:33
I call inside job.

By kebmo at 27,Aug,22 04:51
Maybe it’s the “Upward Dog”.

By kebmo at 20,Aug,22 13:46
I love how so many weapons depots belonging to Russians are mysteriously exploding with nobody taking credit for it while everybody knows that the Ukrainians are doing it. Destroy their weapons and they will quit destroying your cities, it’s a great strategy!

By kebmo at 20,Aug,22 01:38
“Grover Cleveland was the only president to leave the White House and return for a second term four years later.”

-PBS News

By kebmo at 18,Aug,22 01:10
I know.

Often they go to presidential libraries too but I don’t see a presidential library in Trump’s future.

By kebmo at 16,Aug,22 13:54
Phart, be sure to send your thank you note to Joe!

By kebmo at 16,Aug,22 13:05
Statistics Canada says July inflation hit 7.6% down from 8.1% in June. The price of oil (gasoline) has a lot to do with this. Inflation is down so that’s good for the entire Canadian economy.

By kebmo at 16,Aug,22 05:02
I live in Alberta where most of Canada‘s oil is produced. Every dollar increase in a barrel of oil is a net gain to Alberta’s economy of $100 million. Conversely, every drop of one dollar is a net loss to our economy of $100 million.
Of course when oil prices tanked we suffered greatly but we have come a long way in diversifying our economy so that we don’t depend on oil so much.

By kebmo at 16,Aug,22 03:37
“President Barack Hussein Obama kept 33 million pages of documents, much of them classified. How many of them pertained to nuclear? Word is, lots!”

-Donald Trump 8/12/22

“The national archives and records administration assumed exclusive legal and physical custody of Obama presidential records when President Barack Obama left office in 2017, in accordance with the presidential records act.”

-National archives statement

By kebmo at 15,Aug,22 00:17
Dgraff, Fun To Wank?

By kebmo at 14,Aug,22 00:00
As I’m sure you know, phart, there are some documents that not even the president can unclassify. Nuclear secrets are but one of many examples. Regardless of their classification these documents all belong to the US government and presidents don’t just take shit loads of documents with them when they leave. They belong to the national archives and that’s where they go, right down to the “Love Letters” from Kim Jong-Un.

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By kebmo at 13,Aug,22 14:59
The bi/gays self reported. Exaggeration is to be expected!

By kebmo at 13,Aug,22 14:21
Need to keep track of your stuff?

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By kebmo at 12,Aug,22 03:00
Looking for nuclear documents at Merry Logo?

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--------------------------------------- added after 18 minutes

Just for the record, Donald Trump has a copy of the search warrant and also a copy of the inventory of the items removed from Mar-a-Lago. While all of those Republicans were screeching like old ladies for Merrick Garland to release this information, Donald Trump stayed silent and did not demand that this information be released because he doesn’t want you to see it. Donald Trump has already seen it.

By kebmo at 12,Aug,22 01:29
“In 2018, President Donald Trump signed a bill that upgraded the criminal punishment of wrongly moving classified materials from a misdemeanour to a felony.”

-PBS News

By kebmo at 10,Aug,22 19:18
A white cop shot a black person phart ? Why you must be absolutely outraged!! Your compassion for the safety of minorities is well documented on this site.

End Sarcasm

By kebmo at 10,Aug,22 19:10
The irony being that DJT doesn’t want to talk about himself.

By kebmo at 10,Aug,22 16:48
Thanks for the clarification Will but I’m still donating to his cause.
He NEEDS my help!
As an aside, I thought the Republican Party was the “Law and Order Party”. Is that only when it doesn’t involve Republicans?
There sure are a lot of them shitting all over the law now!

By kebmo at 09,Aug,22 01:10
Didn’t they already have to show in court that a search was needed (or justified) in order to get a search warrant? Yes, they did and a judge signed the search warrant.

By kebmo at 09,Aug,22 00:43

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By kebmo at 09,Aug,22 00:04
FBI execute search warrant on Donald Trump‘s Mar-A-Lago

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By kebmo at 07,Aug,22 15:35
When I was a kid my dad would take my brothers and I to the drive-in. As was the custom in a lot of vehicles I’m sure, the two oldest brothers always rode in the trunk until we got in!
I think the drive-in has pretty well gone the way the dinosaur. That’s really too bad.

By kebmo at 06,Aug,22 21:26
As if that fucking slime bag Alex Jones wasn’t grabbing money.

By kebmo at 06,Aug,22 15:41
phart slander is illegal and a jury found that he slandered the parents. Close case.

By kebmo at 06,Aug,22 04:42
You know phart, in Canada’s first election in 1867 only white men who owned property were allowed to vote. And now it’s all gone to hell. Women vote, people of colour vote even gay people vote! Can you believe it? I bet a gay woman of colour who rents an apartment could even vote in Canada now!!!! Crazy eh?

By kebmo at 04,Aug,22 14:33
Rum and I broke up about 30 years ago. There was an incident at an airport and I puked into a stewardess’s coffee cup. Not a drop since!

By kebmo at 04,Aug,22 12:51
Graffopia? 👍

By kebmo at 04,Aug,22 02:37
Why because they want to turn your children gay of course.

End sarcasm

By kebmo at 04,Aug,22 02:28
I would NEVER get one. To the tech companies data equals dollars. I already give more than enough data to them!

By kebmo at 03,Aug,22 02:59
Statistic : In 2021 Canada had 297 firearm related homicides. More than half of those were gang killings.

-CTV News