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By kebmo at 12,Jun,24 02:26
I wasn’t in court and I haven’t read the manuscript so I don’t know.

By kebmo at 12,Jun,24 01:50
It’s not a “Conviction”. It’s a conviction.
Do you know who Senator Robert Menendez, representative Henry Cuellar and Representative Cori Bush are?
They are all Democrats currently being prosecuted or under investigation by Biden’s department of Justice. Democrats! What the fuck is going on here? Why isn’t Joe letting all these people off?
It’s only wrong when it’s a Republican. Right?
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Boy old sleepy Joe sure is doing a shitty job of rigging his justice system!

By kebmo at 12,Jun,24 00:53
Here’s a couple of interesting facts.
As a convicted felon Donald Trump is not allowed to own a gun in Florida but he told his probation officer yesterday that he has one in Florida so he’s had it illegally about the same length of time the Hunter Biden had his gun.
In New Jersey a convicted felon is not allowed to have a liquor license. Donald Trump has golf courses in New Jersey with liquor licenses so he’s going to have to dance around that one too.
But of course that was all the sham trial, nothing but a witch hunt orchestrated by the guy that could have shutdown his son’s trial before it even began.

By kebmo at 12,Jun,24 00:15
Lots of people have guns for personal security and have never use them.
I do know that his girlfriend threw it in a garbage can at a grocery store.
That's why it wasn’t returned to the gun store.

By kebmo at 11,Jun,24 22:08

By kebmo at 11,Jun,24 21:39
It was a fair trial and there was no witch hunt.
Just the legal system working how it should.
How you feel about it is directly related to who his father is.
If it was Donald Trump Jr. it would be a shit show and a
witch hunt and yada yada yada and we all know that’s a fact.

By kebmo at 06,Jun,24 02:01
I rest my case.

By kebmo at 05,Jun,24 05:26
Oh stoooooop!

By kebmo at 04,Jun,24 00:20
Here’s my prediction and you know I’m going to be right.
If Hunter Biden is found guilty the Republican Party will think that the justice system worked just fine.
If Hunter Biden is found innocent they will call it rigged and fixed by his father.
That’s a fact and everybody knows it already.

The jury that decides this is chosen equally by the defence and the prosecution.
That won’t matter though.

By kebmo at 31,May,24 05:54
I was talking about Trump‘s perception as to whether or not the justice system works.
if he gets what he wants it works and if he doesn’t get what he wants it doesn’t work. I think that is how he perceives it.

By kebmo at 31,May,24 04:43
The trial wasn’t about her.
I know and you know and everybody in the world knows that if it was not guilty everything would be just honky dory and the Justice system works just fine thank you very much.
You can expect the same at election time. If he wins all will be good if he loses it’s rigged and Joe Biden‘s a criminal and yada yada yada yada yada.

By kebmo at 31,May,24 02:56
Trump would have to sue her for breach of contract.

By kebmo at 30,May,24 22:25
I’m sure his lawyers are smart enough to demand payment in full before they lift another finger.

By kebmo at 18,May,24 07:39
Or you can save your gold and silver until the next election comes around. If you send it to me I will take care of it for you.

By kebmo at 18,May,24 02:09
The price of gold generally spikes before an election
and declines after it.

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By kebmo at 17,May,24 22:57
Psychology it’s huge.

By kebmo at 17,May,24 21:17
The Dow Jones closed at 40,003.59.
The first time it ever closed above 40,000.

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The Toronto stock exchange is within five points of breaking its all-time record as well.

By kebmo at 16,May,24 07:27
Ouch! The good news is that it’s better than it was last week. 💐

By kebmo at 15,May,24 16:40
How did it go? Dancing yet?

By kebmo at 14,May,24 06:18
“A hundred miles an hour? I’ve never seen one going over eight.”
-Jimmy Fallon

By kebmo at 13,May,24 22:49
Good luck. Respect your physical terrorist! That’s what they do for a living and they know what is best for you. After you’re done with them be sure to send them a note thanking them for their help.

By kebmo at 12,May,24 06:17
Once any photo sits below 15% consistently I usually delete it. After a few days I’ll replace it with a different photo.

By kebmo at 10,May,24 07:35
Nothing cheeses me off today! I’m so gosh darn happy after a big time family day celebrating an important birthday. All is good in kebmo land! ❤️❤️❤️

By kebmo at 03,May,24 00:59
Well then be sure to send a thank you note to Mr. Biden!

By kebmo at 02,May,24 21:56
I’m just wondering (rhetorically ) why Donald Trump doesn’t ever question the fairness of elections won by Republicans.
On November 5 if Trump is declared the winner it would be a fair election with no problems whatsoever but if he loses we all know that he will never ever accept defeat. Never.

By kebmo at 02,May,24 19:49
Because most of Canadian oil was shipped to the US we only had one customer. The reason we didn’t have more customers was because Alberta oil is landlocked and was unable to get to the sea to ship globally. Now that this new pipeline is open we do have access to global markets so we will be able to get more money for our oil. Supply and demand.

By kebmo at 02,May,24 18:24
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By kebmo at 02,May,24 18:21
The Transmountain pipeline from Alberta to tidewater in Vancouver is now open. This tripples is the amount of crude oil being shipped out of our country but not to the United States.
The NAFTA agreement says that any oil that Canada sells to the US or Mexico has to be the same price as we sell it to other Canadian refineries and vice versa. A lot of his oil may now leave the country by way of this new pipeline which opened this week.
Alberta oil is in a landlocked situation and getting it to tidewater to ship overseas has been a desire of ours for decades.
This pipeline is huge to Alberta. It triples our tidewater shipping capacity from 300,000 barrels per day to 890,000 barrels per day. If the US is no longer receiving some of this oil it could very well affect the gasoline prices in the US because that oil will have to be bought somewhere else at world prices as opposed to NAFTA prices.
Where Alberta oil goes has always been a very contentious issue in Canada. Alberta (and the federal government) wanted to build this pipeline east (Energy East) instead of west to supply Ontario, Quebec and our Maritime provinces but Quebec said no so we went west and will sell it to the world (Asia) at a higher price.
Every time oil prices change by one dollar it affects the Alberta economy by $100 million.

By kebmo at 01,May,24 16:36
My Toronado was a FWD. I lived in the Rockies near Banff. It actually worked really well.

By kebmo at 01,May,24 04:10
Well as sedan Deville is kind of a boat anyways so it would be OK in water wouldn’t it? 😄
In 1983 I had a 1980 Olds Toranado but it was a diesel which I thought was a good idea but it turns out that the diesel in that car was a converted 350 and I had nothing but problems with it and it spent a lot of time in the shop but I did have the extended warranty on it and as soon as the warranty ended I never went back to that dealership again. I am not mechanically inclined and I had no idea what was going on.
The next major thing that went wrong I just had them pull the diesel and put in a regular 350 and I enjoyed it for five more years virtually trouble free.

By kebmo at 01,May,24 00:09
I hope you had the top down the entire time you had it. Where I live we get a lot of winter and I don’t understand why people buy convertibles unless it is their second car and only for summer. What really pisses me off is on a beautiful sunny day somebody drives around in a convertible and doesn’t put the top down. Why would you buy a convertible in Canada if you wouldn’t use it every opportunity you get? Crazy people!

By kebmo at 29,Apr,24 20:07
Agreed! Maybe play football against five-year-olds for eternity and never win a game!

By kebmo at 29,Apr,24 20:05

By kebmo at 29,Apr,24 19:24

By kebmo at 29,Apr,24 16:46

By kebmo at 29,Apr,24 07:15

By kebmo at 29,Apr,24 06:24
If you get an unknown caller on an 800 number pick up the phone and say
“It’s done but there’s blood everywhere” and hang up. 🤣

By kebmo at 29,Apr,24 06:21
Maybe not.

By kebmo at 29,Apr,24 06:20
I want some too!!! 🌽 🌽 🌽

By kebmo at 29,Apr,24 06:08
Two is twice as good!

By kebmo at 29,Apr,24 00:20
You have to be a member for two years in order to participate.
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I sent you a screenshot of the rules

By kebmo at 28,Apr,24 23:41
It’s pretty obvious that if Donald Trump wins the election that he will sic his dogs on Joe Biden in the courts.
Here’s how Joe Biden could circumvent that.
if Trump wins then sometime between November 6th and mid January he could resign as president which would make Kamala Harris president. She could give him a full pardon for anything that he’s ever done for his entire life and that’s that.
She would also become the first female president in US history.
Sound doable?

By kebmo at 28,Apr,24 23:24
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Like you get notified of this.

By kebmo at 28,Apr,24 23:14
Because the offending person has their name highlighted I wonder if they get a notification of mention.

By kebmo at 28,Apr,24 18:32
There was a referral to the abuse panel a couple of days ago and it was a member who has been here less than two years. If you are here less than two years you can’t vote and in conversation with him I found out that he doesn’t even have notification of any abuse panel complaints.
So the problem is that he was up for abuse but was never notified so he didn’t know and wasn’t able to rectify the situation by deleting a problem photo.
I think that if a complaint about you has been made you should be notified about it.
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Might it have come up under “Recent Events”?
His recent event notifications don’t go back as far
as that time so he can’t confirm it.

By kebmo at 28,Apr,24 18:27
You know I must have the best anti-scam system. I don’t get shit like that and I don’t get phone calls from strangers telling me that they are the police and I owe money to the Canada revenue service. I just don’t get them and that’s a good thing!

By kebmo at 27,Apr,24 18:55
Whatsboutism Is a very weak debate tactic that you use over and over again.
Talk to admin If you would like to change the policies of this site. You do not have the authority to do so.

By kebmo at 27,Apr,24 07:45
Just saying that your list of people are men pretending to be women does not make it true. I’m sure I’ve already said that a couple of times. You’re just saying it and you have no proof. If you say something the onus is on you to prove that it is true.
You should contact admin and suggest new options about proof of identity since you feel so strongly about it. The decision of how people identify themselves here is not yours to make because this is not your site.

To reiterate, just because you say it doesn’t make it true.

By kebmo at 27,Apr,24 06:43
Oh I think my evaluation of your problem is right on the money.

By kebmo at 27,Apr,24 06:19
OK I will dumb it down for you so you can understand…