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By kebmo at 16,Oct,21 19:54
I said she wants kids. It’s my hypothetical. 😁 I was hoping that someone actually came across such a situation.

Follow up question: can the word hypothetical be properly used as a noun? I think not.

By kebmo at 16,Oct,21 16:02
TWM, my niece brought me some turkey at work because I had to work when she had some family over last Saturday night.

By kebmo at 16,Oct,21 01:48
You know me phart, I’ve always tried to keep my nose out of American politics.

By kebmo at 15,Oct,21 21:38
Phart, with the exception of your blatantly homophobic comments, I absolutely agree with you. His job is way too important to have not planned ahead to stay on it. Since the Biden administration is working on multi trillion dollar budget packages related to Buttigieg’s cabinet position he should be on the job.
Gay men in Canada are also allowed parental leave, which I have nothing against because someone has to take care of the child or children but his job is just way too important to be off of it and he should have known that.

By kebmo at 13,Oct,21 22:57
🤣🤣🤣 No children.
I was watching the news and both newscasters had hyphenated names so I was wondering what would happen if they fell in love and got married. Since she already has an established career therefore maintaining her name might be in her best interest and since he has an established career they probably don’t want children because somebody would have to be the primary parent.
What about a real world scenario though? I was wondering if anybody had come across this.

By kebmo at 13,Oct,21 19:08
If Mary Smith-Miller marries John Jones-Moore what is her new last name?
What are the kids’ last names?
Do you know of such a situation?

Kebmo Bored-Wondering

By kebmo at 13,Oct,21 07:13

By kebmo at 12,Oct,21 03:44
No he did not stop “all the drilling” in Texas and we both know that.

By kebmo at 12,Oct,21 02:52
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By kebmo at 12,Oct,21 02:50
Joe Biden does not set the price of oil which in turn reflects on the price of gasoline. Gasoline is also expensive in Canada right now because of the price of oil. I live in Alberta which is the largest oil producing province in Canada and I happen to know a lot about oil but I don’t expect you to believe me. Would you believe Fox News?

By kebmo at 10,Oct,21 04:44
I was going to reply but I don’t want to JohnS the place up! 😁

By kebmo at 09,Oct,21 03:45
Yes, they are essentially government employees.

By kebmo at 03,Oct,21 23:28
Their names change to numbers for comments they made and all photos are deleted.

By kebmo at 03,Oct,21 17:27
I was watching a documentary about the ’90’s and saw that Mariah Carey did a version of this song so I checked it out and it was quite good but not nearly as good as this one.

By kebmo at 03,Oct,21 08:55
Good morning!
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By kebmo at 02,Oct,21 22:17
It’s like asking someone why they like broccoli. Some people do and some people don’t. If you like sucking cock, like I do, maybe it’s just a natural progression to swallow his cum because as you’re sucking it he’s not finished until he cums in my mouth.
Also, I am a people pleaser. I have been in the service industry all my life and I’ve been successful at it. I know it feels great to cum in someone’s mouth so I understand how he feels as he cums in mine. Maybe that’s related or maybe it’s not, I’m not sure.
The feeling of someone coming in my mouth it’s very erotic and I enjoy it.
As an aside, men who suck cocks do it because they love to suck cocks but SOME women who suck cocks do it out of obligation during sex.

By kebmo at 29,Sep,21 08:28
Gettin’ down ‘n dirty in the Bronx.

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By kebmo at 27,Sep,21 17:55
I have always been OK paying more for quality products be it a sofa, a watch or a pizza. You really do get what you pay for. The pizza I buy cost more than average but it’s worth it. I have been their customer for about six years.
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Speaking of buying quality stuff I just got my Bose sound link delivered from Amazon today. It’s just a speaker that I can play all of my Spotify music on by way of Bluetooth but it’s amazing! I can’t believe I didn’t know what this was until last week. I asked all my young nieces and nephews on Facebook what I should buy as far as brand goes and they overwhelmingly agreed that this was the best one.Totally worth the $250.

By kebmo at 26,Sep,21 08:02
He’s good for about 3 or 4 fetches but he RUNS.

By kebmo at 26,Sep,21 04:20
My cat fetches his spring toy and brings it back to me so that I throw it again until he tires of it but only on dry land.

By kebmo at 23,Sep,21 17:41
Bella, if the hospitals weren’t overrun with people who choose not to be vaccinated against Covid because they don’t believe in the science or whatever their issue is we wouldn’t even have this problem. In our lives we have never seen anything like this and the solution is to have people vaccinated. Over 80% of the people in ICU with Covid are unvaccinated people who don’t believe for whatever reason that they should be vaccinated and they are taking up all these beds and all this staff and it has come to the point where push comes to shove. I am shoving!
If all of these people were overweight, smokers, alcoholics or opioid users I would have the same opinion. These people are in the hospital because of a self-inflicted covid situation. My sympathy level is near zero.
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Oh and by the way they are determining who is more worthy right now. If I 75-year-old man And a 45-year-old man come into the hospital with heart disease that’s exactly what’s going on Bella because the hospitals are overrun with unvaccinated Covid patients. That is exactly the point that I’m trying to make. The triage people shouldn’t have to make this decision, there should be hospital beds available for both of these people but there are not and that’s why I am so pissed off about the whole situation.

By kebmo at 23,Sep,21 04:33
They should be rolling the unvaccinated Covid patients out into the street every time somebody with a legitimate emergency comes in the hospital! Idaho, Alaska and Montana in the US and here in Alberta where I live and Saskatchewan are all going to crisis standards of care meaning the triage people in the emergency department decide who will live and who will die. All the beds are full and the biggest problem is the ICU is also full. This is fucking bullshit! If you don’t want to be vaccinated so be it but don’t take up a hospital bed that will be used for my dad if he has a heart attack. If you don’t believe the doctors now, don’t go whining to them when you’re sick!

End of rant.
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By kebmo at 22,Sep,21 21:03
“I used to but I’m old now!”

By kebmo at 22,Sep,21 17:38
And now for something completely different.

I have been smoke free for 10 years as of today!

By kebmo at 22,Sep,21 07:28
Gas stations are notoriously bad for skimming info from your curds. The safest way is to take your card into the store and pay for it there. It’s inconvenient but it is safer. Check out this article.

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By kebmo at 14,Sep,21 08:34
Insert “Yo Mama” joke here.

By kebmo at 14,Sep,21 02:57
At least wait until the election happens!
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By kebmo at 13,Sep,21 03:54
That was great! I had planned on visiting Newfoundland last year and this one too but covid got in the way. It has had a two week quarantine for people from out of province. I have never been. Maybe next summer. 🤞
I wrote a blog story about this. Besides Gander, many other Canadian airports received incoming flights.


By kebmo at 11,Sep,21 09:46
September 11, 2001 Gander, Newfoundland Canada.

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By kebmo at 10,Sep,21 07:15
I might be having a grey moment but I don’t get it.

By kebmo at 09,Sep,21 18:41
bella! A ten year member with only one photo (stolen) on his profile not even pertaining to the subject matter of the site reported for the second time? Voting open to all qualified members and all rules followed? I don’t see a problem with that.

By kebmo at 09,Sep,21 08:23
In Canada those are called recycling fees and paid upon purchase of the item. Electronics also have them.

By kebmo at 09,Sep,21 08:18
Yes my penis has grown by 50%, maybe I’ll get that booster shot after all.

By kebmo at 05,Sep,21 09:36
I like to eat veal and baby carrots.

By kebmo at 05,Sep,21 08:14
Here you go! Enjoy. /galleries.php?id=395

By kebmo at 04,Sep,21 18:57
Couldn’t a Democratic state do the same thing with guns as Texas has done with abortions?

By kebmo at 04,Sep,21 05:31
I’ll take a six pack of flying fucks to go please.

By kebmo at 01,Sep,21 04:26
I agree! I have posted LOTS of photos that are not me but every single owner of every cock knows where the photos go and I have permission to post them. Of the 2423 photos I’ve posted, not one is an Internet photo. I have three friends that have their own profiles here too. My profile has never once been questioned (to me) in the eight years I’ve been here. I wish every profile was so credible. (Takes bow) 😁
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…nor have I ever enhanced photos through photoshopping.

By kebmo at 31,Aug,21 02:03
I’ve done both. 😉

By kebmo at 30,Aug,21 22:58
You will find some great videos and photos here!


By kebmo at 30,Aug,21 22:19
Milesbferry, I suggest people spend ten minutes reading
about who Dr. Mike Yeadon is first. Consider the source.

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By kebmo at 30,Aug,21 22:11
Well if you do you would like this! Warning: May cause

By kebmo at 29,Aug,21 05:25
JustWill, not just any car seat but a government approved car seat. Fucking communists!

By kebmo at 29,Aug,21 05:21
Phart, why do ALL race car drivers, motor cross bikers and hockey players wear helmets? Why do kids wear them on their bikes? Shouldn’t that be a choice?

By kebmo at 29,Aug,21 05:05
Hi! Just taking a pee…with a camera.

By kebmo at 28,Aug,21 15:25
If you like Cheese whiz, try a peanut butter and cheese whiz sandwich!

By kebmo at 28,Aug,21 06:54
“Marriage is like a hurricane. In the beginning you get blown a lot but in the end you lose your house.”

-Bill Maher

By kebmo at 28,Aug,21 05:12
Canadians probably eat a proportional amount. Personally, I don’t like hamburgers or french fries. I’ve seen way too many of them in my life in the kitchen.
Poutine is more of a Quebec thing. I went to Quebec to see AC/DC and I didn’t have poutine once in the week I was there. I’m sure I broke a cultural law! I don’t like the curd cheese either.
In Canada I believe sweet tea is what we call iced tea. It’s served cold on ice and it’s sweet. Cheese whiz or peanut butter on celery is fucking delicious! 😁

By kebmo at 27,Aug,21 20:30
Americans eat more than 50 billion burgers a year!
-TV show “The Butcher”.

By kebmo at 25,Aug,21 09:51
There’s an Italian cheese called Gorgonzola. It is very much like blue cheese and in my restaurant we use it sparingly in Alfredo seafood sauces and on one of our salads.