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By mikeyd270 at 31,Jul,21 03:24
They will be missed.

By mikeyd270 at 14,May,21 02:56
Hot sexy and an exceptional cocksucker.

By mikeyd270 at 14,May,21 02:53
Oh yes do enjoy listening to your moan. I can tell you love that cock.

By mikeyd270 at 21,Feb,21 03:10
Let's see what they think four years from now.

By mikeyd270 at 15,Dec,20 19:25
That's how I started sucking cock. I was drunk. I do not drink anymore but still like sucking cock.

By mikeyd270 at 31,May,20 02:03
Most definitely a turn on. The bigger the better.

By mikeyd270 at 14,May,20 14:45
Took me a while to acquire a taste for cum but once I did now I cannot get enough. Every man that feeds me taste a little different. I use to spit it out but now I swallow as all good cocksuckers should.

By mikeyd270 at 03,May,20 15:50
My first time was late in life. I was 58. I was invited to a guys home to suck his cock. When I arrived he led me straight to his bedroom. He was watching porn and he took off his shorts and exposed his cock. Nice but thankfully his cock was small especially since he was planning on taking my virgin ass. The porn he had on was of a guy getting it in the ass. I should have known what he was after. He told me to take my cloths off and get in bed. When I climbed in bed he told me I had a nice ass. He rubbed it a little then gave it a little spank. I climbed between his legs and was stroking his cock. He told me to suck it. It was small but rock hard. I was enjoying sucking his dick when all of a sudden he got up and pulled my legs over the side of the bed. He had me pinned down and bent over. He spread my legs and I could feel him lubing my little tight hole. He said you know you want it, I am going to fuck you. Before I could reply I could feel his knob rubbing around my little hole with him gently pushing. He seemed experienced at working it in a tight hole. I finally was able to relax and felt his knob slip in. Slowly he started humping on me and I could feel him fucking me. He started humping faster and harder with his balls bouncing off my butt cheeks. He felt good up my ass and I was thinking I am getting fucked by a real man. He started moaning and I could feel his hard throbbing cock swelling up in my little hole. He said you like it in the ass don't you then he pushed hard and I could feel his cock pumping rope after rope of hot seed up my little asshole. He slowly pulled it out and said now you are my bitch you cocksucker. Have not seen him again but now ready to try one just a little bit bigger.

By mikeyd270 at 03,Feb,20 02:03
Personally I would spread your thick legs and eat that hot beautiful pussy.

By mikeyd270 at 26,Jan,20 16:24
You can buy panties made for men. They are comfortable and feel so good. Love wearing my panties. Makes me feel like the fem sub that I am.

By mikeyd270 at 26,Jan,20 16:11
When I see a little cock I want to bend over and take it in my little tight ass.

By mikeyd270 at 20,Jan,20 16:41
Girls on top are hot. I like to watch her big tits bounce as she rides my cock.

By mikeyd270 at 02,Sep,19 01:30
You are such a good girl. I am sure he fed you.

By mikeyd270 at 16,Jul,19 20:47
Ohhhh that is nice.

By mikeyd270 at 16,Jul,19 20:38
My most commented at 189. Bet that pussy has been commented on many times.

By mikeyd270 at 04,Apr,16 02:50
So glad you like my little tight butt.

By mikeyd270 at 17,Sep,15 04:36
Use to have fun at the glory holes in my younger days. They are pretty much gone. Recently visited an ABS. Fairly quite then watched a hoy guy go in a booth. He left it unlocked so after a few minutes I went on in. He pulled his big cock out and told me to get on my knees. He rubbed it in my face and told me to suck it. I went down on his hard throbbing cock sliding my wet lips up and down his shaft. After a few minutes he pulled it out. I looked up and he pulled some panties out of his shirt pocket. He told me to wear these panties you faggot and then you can suck my cock. I submitted, pulled my pants off to put on his panties. He was really surprised to see me already wearing panties of my own. I wore the ones he chose and sucked him off. I gave him back his panties and as he was leaving he said next time he was going to fuck me. XXX Bookstores can be fun.

By mikeyd270 at 19,Dec,13 04:12
So good to see this forum still going. Love you baby.

By mikeyd270 at 09,May,13 07:22
I am a cocksucker so there is your answer.

By mikeyd270 at 17,Apr,13 05:43
South of Austin.

By mikeyd270 at 06,Feb,13 20:04

By mikeyd270 at 14,Jan,13 08:46

By mikeyd270 at 12,Jan,13 09:37

By mikeyd270 at 12,Jan,13 09:33
I'm such a sucker for a smooth shaved cock.

By mikeyd270 at 12,Jan,13 09:26
Yes, I would suck your cock and swallow your cum!!!

By mikeyd270 at 12,Jan,13 09:21
Yup and lick your big balls.

By mikeyd270 at 12,Jan,13 09:17

By mikeyd270 at 08,Jan,13 22:46
I like it straight from the tap!!!

By mikeyd270 at 08,Jan,13 22:44
I agree!!!

By mikeyd270 at 08,Jan,13 05:39

By mikeyd270 at 04,Jan,13 05:18
You making my tongue hard baby!!!

By mikeyd270 at 04,Jan,13 05:16
Oh yes, a nice cum bath!!!

By mikeyd270 at 03,Jan,13 01:02
Oh yes, squirt that hot cum all in my face.

By mikeyd270 at 03,Jan,13 01:00
I'm a cumslut and love the idea. Would love to lay on the floor while a bunch of men stand over me jacking off, squirting there cum all over me.

By mikeyd270 at 01,Jan,13 03:15
I'll pull my pants down and stick my cock in your mouth. You will know what to do. If you don't like it I'll suck yours.

By mikeyd270 at 19,Dec,12 23:19
Yup, straight from the cock.

By mikeyd270 at 06,Nov,12 19:53
Yes me too and I love your big hard cock.

By mikeyd270 at 06,Nov,12 19:38
Oh yes, I would fuck that hot tight sexy ass!!!

By mikeyd270 at 06,Nov,12 19:23
We all love you Steffi and as with Monted you are in my prayers.

By mikeyd270 at 16,Oct,12 21:28
I bet she could keep you warm.

By mikeyd270 at 14,Oct,12 08:12
I agree and loved in Ireland, how nice.

By mikeyd270 at 08,Oct,12 22:20
Thanks for the post. I have already been there and you must know how I voted.

By mikeyd270 at 08,Oct,12 09:32
Thanks for your response. She has been befriended by so many. I was hoping to get some of her friends here to help raise her spirits.

By mikeyd270 at 08,Oct,12 09:07
Thanks for this thread. I love Cum4steffi and only wish her the best. I know she is loved and befriended by many others and think I will start a thread to see if she is loved all around the world.

By mikeyd270 at 28,Sep,12 08:56

By mikeyd270 at 08,Sep,12 21:54
Yes I would fuck your wife after I bury my face between her legs.

By mikeyd270 at 27,Aug,12 06:14
Welcum. Enjoyed viewing your hot pictures. I love a sweet smooth pussy!!!

By mikeyd270 at 22,Aug,12 20:32
Nice big hard cock. Not interested in your underwear.

By mikeyd270 at 22,Aug,12 20:29
Oh yes, those are gorgeous. Already in my favorites.

By mikeyd270 at 22,Aug,12 20:27
Yes you are sexy. I would love to lick you all over!!!