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MARY WILSON R.I.P. 09,Feb,21 11:05
SEAN CONNERY, R.I.P. 31,Oct,20 17:03
HELEN REDDY and JOHNNY NASH R.I.P. 07,Oct,20 06:39
DANE DIANA RIGG, R.I.P. 11,Sep,20 07:48
OLIVIA de HAVILLAND, R.I.P. 29,Jul,20 06:19
DAME VERA LYNN, R.I.P. 19,Jun,20 07:20
VE DAY - 75th ANNIVERSARY 08,May,20 06:45
DAME VERA LYNN, 103 AND NOT OUT! 22,Mar,20 09:39


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By routemaster at 27,Dec,21 07:44
Have sex with some pro gay porn stars, e.g. Dirk Caber, Nick Capra.

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Foreskins down, foreskins peeled back, glistening knobheads, soft dicks, semi-hard dicks, fully-hard dicks and all complimented by nice big cum-filled balls.

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I like most men of all ages (provided they are of LEGAL age) but I do have a special love for the more mature type

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By routemaster at 13,Dec,21 08:08
Breaking news:-

Boris has just released another single:

The Party's Over, It's Time to Call it a Day.

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By routemaster at 13,Dec,21 05:15
Many thanks, my friend

By routemaster at 07,Dec,21 17:01

By routemaster at 07,Dec,21 07:56
Here is the latest news:-

Boris Johnson has gone into the pop market and has released two records, hoping one of them will be the Christmas no. 1.

They're called "It's My Party and I'll Lie If I Want To" and "Let's Test Again, Like We Did Last Summer."

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Good morning, my friend, thanks for including these

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I agree

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Quite agree

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Nothing, I've slept in the nude ever since I was a boy

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I never jerk off to my own pics but its a huge turn-on knowing that others do!

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I discovered this site by accident when I was surfing the net. Having been a keen amateur gay porn star for years, I quickly found this is an excellent place to do porn and show to the world and I've made some very good loyal friends who share the same interests as well as discovering other mutual interests with them that having nothing to do with sex and porn.

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Thank you SO MUCH

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Glad you approve, they all have hot dicks which they know how to use and beautiful sexy asses too!!!

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Thanks for your reply, good to know you're happy with your sexuality too

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By routemaster at 18,Nov,21 07:51
I'm almost in the same boat, fought the feelings for awhile and even went out with a couple of girls but it didn't feel right and when I was 18 I made the right move and "came out" and I've lived a very happy and sexy life as a gay man ever since.

By routemaster at 18,Nov,21 07:46
Dirk Caber, Nick Capra, Johnny Rapid, Peter North (as gay Matt Ramsey), Michael Boston, Tomas Brand, Devin Franco, Michael Vegas, Griffin Burrows, Colby Keller.

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That I do amateur porn and post the pics on SYD

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I'm afraid it is, 70 years and 3 days now to be precise