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sniffing panties

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Started by #6437 at 25,Mar,14 15:54
I am a bi married cder. I love to sniff dirty panties. Love the smell of pussy and piss, especialilly when i am sucking a guys cock. I raid hampers for dirty panties to sniff and jackoff with. does anyone else like dirty panties.

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By exhibit at 05,Feb,24 17:56 other posts of exhibit 
There is NOTHING more erotic than your partner giving you her dirty panties to make sure you remember her and what her aroma is like. I still have every pair I have ever gotten. Not all from the same girl by the way.

By Cruzxxx at 25,Jan,24 02:04 other posts of Cruzxxx 
I love when my wife is on top and riding me hard whist holding her wet panties around my face. We both cum hard and loud

By #566722 at 09,Sep,18 04:24
I like sniffing used dirty panties as well.One time I found my ****'s wife's panties in a laundry box.I picked them and saw white sticky pussy juices all over panties crotch,where her pussy was.I sniffed them and got hard instantly.I thinked that her pussy smells like that.I tried to lick white pussy juices and it tasted all salty.I rubbed my hard cock all over her panties.Then stick her panties into my face.I felt so close to her pussy so I came pretty fast

By #559915 at 20,Jun,18 09:36
I love sniffing used dirty panties left for laundry too.If it is my ****'s or mother's panties i put them to my nose and smell that dirty pussy stink.I get hard instantly.Sometimes when the panties are extra dirty, you know when there is white sticky stuff where pussy should be in panties.I like licking that white stuff and thinking how I lick that pussy

By #546476 at 20,May,18 21:51
I love to sniff....the dirtier the better

By pipcock at 13,May,18 09:12 other posts of pipcock 
Neighbour's pantie draw....love to be naughty with panties.

By uncutjoy at 03,May,18 00:32 other posts of uncutjoy 
I can't help but love me a pair of fragrant panties...I just lose myself

By #555337 at 02,May,18 01:24
All the time. Young or old I love them all.

By surferharry at 08,Apr,18 02:39 other posts of surferharry 

By #552680 at 28,Mar,18 16:06
It's a huge turn on for me. I sniff dirty panties every chance I get.

By #551686 at 26,Mar,18 22:09
I love sniffing panties, put them over my head and wank,

By ionutvoicu020296 at 06,Mar,18 17:09 other posts of ionutvoicu020296 
I love to go to my aunt's panty heaven
She is a 50 yo woman.

By shackles at 27,Mar,14 02:43 other posts of shackles 
I've done this since I was a teen. Any chance I get. I had a similar experience to the one leopoldij had. I was at the house of a couple that I occassionally enjoy group sex with. The last time I was there we were waiting on the fourth person of the group to show up. I excused myself to the upstairs bathroom. Their daughter who is in her mid-20's has her bedroom upstairs, too. After I used the toilet I noticed the laundry basket in the corner and a very cute pair of panties laying on the top. I couldn't resist the urge and held them to my face for a good long inhale. I was instantly hard! I visited the bathroom one more time that day just to sniff again. And no, she didn't smell like her mother! LOL
By #495146 at 21,May,17 22:10

By leopoldij at 14,May,17 07:18 other posts of leopoldij 
[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 96 seconds

[deleted image]

By leopoldij at 19,Feb,17 15:48 other posts of leopoldij 
Here they are [deleted image]
By #485312 at 19,Feb,17 21:34
lol, did you keep them?? *lix*
By leopoldij at 20,Feb,17 00:35 other posts of leopoldij 
No. I didn't. In fact, it was her who took the pic and sent me by sms. She had to put the panties in quickly after a fuck and return home coz bf was already there.
By #485312 at 20,Feb,17 10:15
hey theres a group for this too leo and lve used your 'material' there also lol, heres the link for it and there may be few you'd like to add there as well.. *lix*


By #534864 at 13,May,17 19:48

By #528118 at 18,Feb,17 05:50
I love sniffing dirty panties the smell gets me nice and hard then I start too bash the bishop why am siffing them

By leopoldij at 26,Mar,14 20:44 other posts of leopoldij 
I fuck my neighbor. She's in her forties and lives at home with 22 year old daughter. I have sneaked into the laundry room a few times and smelled her panties. Once I used them to masturbate.

By #136638 at 26,Mar,14 17:35
Oh yeah dirty panties are the perfect addition to masturbation, playing with others whether it be male or female. Its amazing how much more hard and turned on you get while you have a pair of dirty panties pressed against your nose. My wife loves knowing my friends have used the bathroom and have sniffed her panties, she loves going over to our friends houses and going to the bathroom and sniffing panties, we often have a fight over who gets to use the bathroom first. And sex for us always involves panties in some way or another, my wife loves doggy style with her face down in a pair of dirty panties, it makes her cum so much quicker and harder. The sense of smell certainly increases the level of pleasure. Check out our page for more about us.

By #11431 at 26,Mar,14 13:07
my partner does !

By #136427 at 26,Mar,14 11:45
I like dirty panties

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