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Size classification

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Started by #474251 at 12,Feb,15 22:08
Size has never been a problem for me, I'm 5" long and the a little more around, I'd class my dick as small-medium, my open question is, when doesn't small become medium, medium become large etc?

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By casado at 20,Nov,23 19:34 other posts of casado 

--------------------------------------- added after 9 seconds

16 cm

By #700640 at 18,Nov,23 23:24
Whaddya think?
I say comfortable medium sized cock my best is 7&5/8”

By #485312 at 03,May,15 09:53
if 6 is average, that l would call medium, anything less is small, anything bigger is large, and anything over 8 is getting into my territory...fuckaliciously good *lix*
By #268494 at 07,Nov,15 16:16
and how many over 8, Darling, you have got till now...

By #496814 at 23,Nov,15 20:44
Yet you rated mine in the other thread as a 'ten', but it's only 7". Hows that possible?
By #485312 at 24,Nov,15 03:48
10 was your score not your size, l cant tell how big cocks are unless l see them in person. If my tongue is 2 inches wide it should be 4 licks wide by my calculations. *lix *

By #64328 at 07,Nov,15 09:13
A good friend of mine is a urologist and he assured me there are far more men under 6 inches than over. The studies he has followed showed the average at 5.23. He says less than 3 percent are truely over 7.5 and 8 and over are extemely rare. He also says the intenet is almost impossible to get a true understanding for 2 reasons. 1) larger guys are more apt to show theirs off and 2) many men either lie about or exaggerate their size or manipulate the photos with camera angles or photoshop apps
By #496814 at 07,Nov,15 20:47
Then again. Due to the smaller length of the urethra in smaller sized guys, your friend might see more smaller sized guys than average as they are a bit more likely to suffer from bladder/urethra infections.
By #64328 at 20,Nov,15 20:35
Im sure he has see more dicks than any of us. I would bet his statistics are pretty accurate

By small_dik at 05,May,15 00:26 other posts of small_dik 
Research shows that 5.16" erect is average, so I'd translate that to mean 5" to 6" erect is the average range. So I'd call the OP average at 5" erect. In another study I read it hypothesised that 95% of men in the world fall between 4.1" to 7.5" erect, with 2.5% being less than 4.1" erect and 2.5% being greater than 7.5" erect.

The problem is most guys who have an average size think they're small. It can be a form of BDD often referred to as Small Penis Syndrome. I also find that many guys often think they have a small penis because of the size of their soft penis, even though their erect penis is average. The way men think about this issue often astounds me.

By leopoldij at 16,Feb,15 13:01 other posts of leopoldij 
Come on people. Let's decide on this one!

By leopoldij at 13,Feb,15 08:32 other posts of leopoldij 
That's a hard question. Scientists are still working on it and can't come up with a solution because doing it in inches is different from metric.
By #23212 at 13,Feb,15 08:42
LittleJohn22 is British. He does it in furlongs.
By #444014 at 13,Feb,15 08:57
Horses for courses... wins by a length...
By #23212 at 13,Feb,15 09:07
See folks? Another Brit now claims something about 'horses', whose heights they measure in 'Hands'. I guess after inventing 'feet', it was inevitable.
By #444014 at 13,Feb,15 09:17
we drink ale by the yard so everything is a blur..
By #23212 at 13,Feb,15 09:34
And now another metonym, like 'Scotland Yard'?
By #444014 at 13,Feb,15 09:46
A yard of ale;

A yard of ale or yard glass is a very tall beer glass used for drinking around 2 1/2 imperial pints (1.42 L) of beer, depending upon the diameter. The glass is approximately 1 yard (0.91 m) long, shaped with a bulb at the bottom, and a widening shaft which constitutes most of the height.

The glass most likely originated in 17th-century England where the glass was known also as a "Long Glass", a "Cambridge Yard (Glass)" and an "Ell Glass". It is associated by legend with stagecoach drivers, though was mainly used for drinking feats and special toasts.

Drinking a yard glass full of beer as quickly as possible is a traditional pub game; the bulb at the bottom of the glass makes it likely that the contestant will be splashed with a sudden rush of beer towards the end of the feat.
The fastest drinking of a yard of ale (1.42 litres or 2 1/2 imperial pints) in the Guinness Book of Records is 5 seconds.

By #232212 at 13,Feb,15 16:17
A yard is a measurement in distance, not time or a volume of area, and good horses are still measured on their height in hands
By #23212 at 14,Feb,15 05:12
And most of us still have a good measure of humour.

By leopoldij at 14,Feb,15 16:22 other posts of leopoldij 
I think we're confusing the guy too much. All he's asking is for a measurement of his dick. I converted it to meters:

5 inches = 0.127 meters

But then I thought this was not too impressive. So, only registered users can see external links I concluded that

his dick is 1.34241973 Ч 10^(-17) light years long

Way to go dude!

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