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By small_dik at 24,Nov,17 01:11
This site doesn't help either as they promote nothing but big dicks and the King has to have a big dick. I agree, as a small dick man there's nothing wrong with my dick and the prejudice we suffer is disgusting. Like when some guy does something stupid or jerky they say he has a small dick. Well, I have a small dick and I don't own a gun (or any weapon) and have never shot an animal. So why should I be body shamed because of the actions of some men.

Or the recent political lambasting of Trump and his alleged small penis (meaning it's proof he's bad because he has a small dick). There are men out there like me who are decent people just born with a medical condition. So why body shame me and others just because you don't like someone?

By small_dik at 09,Aug,17 06:51
you don't have a small penis, you have an average sized one - is that humiliating enough for you?

By small_dik at 09,Aug,17 06:48
SPH is a sexual fetish like any other, and is a form of BDSM. There are many guys out there who cringe at the idea of SPH so don't ever assume every small dick man likes SPH. Some do, many don't, and the people here who say they do are not representative of all small dick men.

The allure of SPH is it makes your dick the center of attention. SPH also have elements of exhibitionism/chastity play/Femdom/feminization etc that can be included. Some men even say SPH helped them accept their small penis and grow to appreciate it.

Also, SPH from a consensual partner is one thing, but getting when it's unwanted can be very traumatic for a guy. Sure, there are some guys out there who seek totally to degrade and humiliate themselves, but again, these are the exception not the rule.

Body shaming men for their small penises can lead to depression and suicide for some men, so please think carefully about how you treat your fellow human beings.

By small_dik at 18,Dec,16 00:19
I don't bi it.

By small_dik at 25,Sep,16 22:47
I have possibly the smallest dick on this site

By small_dik at 03,Jul,16 03:11
I love your flasher suit

By small_dik at 07,Apr,16 17:25
I'm confused really, because the other pics on your page show a larger than average sized erect penis. Penis size isn't based on the soft size of your penis, and going by your other soft pics I think this one was taken after you put ice on it to shrink it up. You don't have a small penis, despite what this phoney pic shows.

By small_dik at 05,Mar,16 10:44

I have possibly the smallest on this site. All these other guys are just small dick wannabe's

By small_dik at 05,Feb,16 02:20
I think you need to understand that not all Gay men engage in anal intercourse (less than you may think). Take well known UK actor Stephen Fry for example. He says all he is into is mutual masturbation, oral sex, and a form of humping without penetration. Yet he identifies himself as 100% Gay.

Trying to say that jerking-off in front of guys until you cum isn't gay/bi is like saying water isn't wet.

By small_dik at 04,Feb,16 00:38
He's not just showing his dick like this site, the dudes jerking-off and getting off on MEN watching him do it. That's as gay as they come, or at the very least - bi.

By small_dik at 04,Feb,16 00:36
denial is not just a river that flows in Egypt.

By small_dik at 03,Feb,16 00:06
You don't become gay - you either are or you're not. It's not a disease you catch like a cold. You're born gay. So your post shows your ignorance of what being gay means. In fact, I'd go as far as to say you're a moron

By small_dik at 03,Feb,16 00:03
It's not a gay thing - yeah right

By small_dik at 22,Nov,15 02:47
Nice to see another true micro on the site

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By small_dik at 05,Oct,15 05:29

This is my erection

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By small_dik at 02,Sep,15 03:16
They don't come much smaller than me

By small_dik at 27,Aug,15 06:40
I'd love to meet a woman with a small vagina - it'd be a match made in heaven

By small_dik at 27,Aug,15 06:37

By small_dik at 27,Aug,15 06:36
I don't know if you're aiming this at me, but if you are then you're wrong. My penis is is 2.6" hard. So in fact, you're bigger than me. I started this thread cos I hoped we might see some long skinny ones, it really has nothing to do with small dicks. I don't have a thin dick in relation to my size, I actually have a chode where my dicks thickness (girth) is bigger than my erect length.

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By small_dik at 23,Jul,15 13:10
For many men it's a way they can have sex without having to have a relationship. It's purely a physical thing, and most pro's are very good at sex so it can be better than having sex with your regular partner.

Of course, there's some moral issues attached with it, but I think prostitutes actually perform an important service in the community. Forgetting the regular guys that use pro's, for many men who for some reason can't have a gf/wife it's a vital service. Men with disabilities, and other issues for example. There would be far more sexual assaults in the community if it weren't for prostitutes.

Men also go to public places and have anonymous sex with other men (cruising) and sometimes women (dogging). This is a far more dangerous behaviour than seeing a prostitute.

By small_dik at 23,Jul,15 01:13
It sounds like you're talking about hiring an e s c o r t (where she comes to you). If I were you, for your first time I'd go to a brothel. It'll be cheaper, the girls should be clean, and you'll break your prostitute cherry safely. If you're worried about diseases or cops, stay away from street hookers.

I read somewhere that in the US a way to determine if she/he is an undercover cop is ask them to take off their clothes before you pay. The Cops can't actually do that, and they'll chicken out if you stand firm in your request. I think it has to do with your entrapment laws.

Lastly, always wear a condom when having sex with a prostitute, and you should be OK.

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By small_dik at 18,Jul,15 02:34
I use this one: only registered users can see external links

Basically it's a cream, you put it on, leave it for about 10-15 mins, then wash it off thoroughly. Leaves you bald as can be and lasts twice as long as shaving. But it's not suitable for everyone. You need to test it somewhere else before you try it on your genitals. Also they don't recommend you use it the way I'm telling you, but works for me fine.

By small_dik at 17,Jul,15 06:10
I use hair removal cream, but I don't suggest anyone tries it before testing it on skin other than your genitals as it can burn. But for me it works well.

By small_dik at 11,Jul,15 03:07

By small_dik at 10,Jul,15 01:43
5" is close to average so is it any wonder no one has complained.

I have the smallest dick on this site.

By small_dik at 04,Jul,15 06:35
I'd bet I had the smallest penis on this whole site

By small_dik at 04,Jul,15 06:34

By small_dik at 29,Jun,15 01:09
Faye Reagan still does it for me.

By small_dik at 11,Jun,15 02:01
Many spunky semen cum together, listen to jizz music, and reminisce about the sperm whales they've seen ejaculated.

By small_dik at 15,May,15 07:02
exactly, the big dick guys will say, "No fat chicks!" so don't pass on your obesity genes.

when will it end?

By small_dik at 15,May,15 06:59
There are medications you can get for premature ejaculation, so see your doctor.

By small_dik at 14,May,15 04:57
So what if a small dick guy discovers the cure for cancer, should he not pass on his genes?

By small_dik at 11,May,15 02:25
Why is any sexual fetish arousing? SPH is a sexual fetish. Just like not all sexual partners like BDSM, watersports, BBW, CBT, furry etc. etc.

Everyone is different. Don't assume every guy with a small dick likes SPH.

By small_dik at 11,May,15 02:20
It looks average for a flaccid penis. But flaccid size size is irrelevant.

By small_dik at 05,May,15 03:26
wow - Age of Consent in Japan is 13. That's terrible.

By small_dik at 05,May,15 00:32
there's a gay website called that lists every gloryhole or cottage (UK) or cruising spot (USA) or beat (Aus) in the world. Check it out.

By small_dik at 05,May,15 00:26
Research shows that 5.16" erect is average, so I'd translate that to mean 5" to 6" erect is the average range. So I'd call the OP average at 5" erect. In another study I read it hypothesised that 95% of men in the world fall between 4.1" to 7.5" erect, with 2.5% being less than 4.1" erect and 2.5% being greater than 7.5" erect.

The problem is most guys who have an average size think they're small. It can be a form of BDD often referred to as Small Penis Syndrome. I also find that many guys often think they have a small penis because of the size of their soft penis, even though their erect penis is average. The way men think about this issue often astounds me.

By small_dik at 05,May,15 00:12
In Australia the age of consent is 16, but that doesn't mean a 40 yo can have sex with a 16yo, you'd still get done for "sex with a minor" for that and end up on the sex offenders list.

It means it's OK for 16-18yo to have sex with a 16yo, anyone older has to still wait until he/she's 18. I guess they made it this way to account for teens natural tendencies to have sex younger these days and they didn't want to see cases like this end up in the courts unnecessarily.

By small_dik at 05,May,15 00:11
I think universally most "normal" adults consider anyone under 18 off limits.

By small_dik at 14,Apr,15 10:18
webcam - chaterbate - is the way to go. You'd probably get thousands of viewers for doing it.

By small_dik at 12,Apr,15 00:55
oh you poor man

By small_dik at 10,Apr,15 23:56
They don't come much smaller than me

By small_dik at 02,Apr,15 00:50

By small_dik at 19,Mar,15 15:09
Here's mine. 2.5" hard.

By small_dik at 17,Mar,15 01:02
To me, it's not the cock, but the person that's attached to it that makes me decide of they're hot or not. A cock is only one part of who you are small or large.