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Shaving tips

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Started by #22771 at 23,Jun,15 09:47
Hey guys, I was just after some tips on how to shave my cock and balls and make them smooth. I shave now but there is always still stubble and it's rough.

Thanks lovelies

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By #460385 at 25,Jun,15 19:27
Lighter fluid and a match works great. Then replinish the burnt area with some aloe.
By #400852 at 25,Jun,15 22:47
your shiting us right
By #143536 at 27,Jun,15 00:31
No, he's not. I've actually watched him demonstrate it once. It was hot!

By horniperv at 25,Jun,15 21:09 other posts of horniperv 
I use Aveeno shave cream A standard razor. Do it in a hot shower. Dont rush it. Witch hazel or tea tree oil is good to put on after the shower. NO tea tree on your balls! The softer hair and more lubricated your skin the better.

By #220845 at 25,Jun,15 17:30
In the shower , good lather, I like Schick razors ,ivory or dial soap,be extra careful with new razors

By #124665 at 25,Jun,15 04:03
To truly get a proper shave, face or body, forget about all this new fancy shaving crap and spending a fortune on it, it's not necessary.

-Get what's called a "safety razor", many are available online for various prices. This razor will last many years. It is metal and has proper weight. They use double edge single disposable blades. You can get packs of 100 for around $10 online, this should last about a year. You use this just as any other razor, changing blades is simple. A single blade is less irritating as you'll only need make one or two passes. Using a newer type razor with 4 or 5 blades is like dragging that many passes at once, the skin does not really like this abuse. The multi blades are are just a marketing scheme, a single blade worked just fine for generations. Don't buy into this shit.

-Use a shaving soap or a real cream. Nothing from a can. Can cream is mostly just the gas expellant and foams when hits the air. Plus, many have irritating chemicals as well. For face, a proper shaving brush to apply soap and stimulate and soften the beard. For body a cream works fine, I prefer Shey's butter, all natural. Shut off shower head and lather, then shave as normal. I have never sliced my nutsack open, even while drunk shaving, so set your fears aside n be a metro man dammit

By leopoldij at 24,Jun,15 20:03 other posts of leopoldij 
Here's my suggestions, hope you find them useful.

By #206678 at 24,Jun,15 18:49
Shaving is great. Do it in the shower. Use a razor that has a lubricating strip on it. Make sure you use a new one. I use Dove mousturising soap to get everything wet, clean and ready to shave.

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