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My cock passes for 7 inches or more ^_^

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Started by #436014 at 08,Apr,16 19:01
here's the online personals ad segment, from a cocksucker looking to suck sock:
"I am looking to suck/jo some cock but I want big cock something seven inches or over . . . please send pics of your cock I wanna see what would be going in my mouth/hand so hit me up guys pics [in ad] are of what I am lookin for "
the pics in the ad are all of these nice cocks above average in size but many are between 6-1/3 and 7 inches so I figure why the heck not and the ad-lister approves. check out my package
[deleted image]

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By bella! at 08,Apr,16 20:48 other posts of bella! 
Okay, I'm scratching my head....essentially, what is the basis for your post? You indicate that someone posted an ad, he wants to suck and/or jerk off a cock that's 7 inches or more. He publishes pictures of cocks, that in your opinion, are good looking but they don't meet the size requirement. I take it that your cock does not meet the 7 inch expectation so you say, "what the heck", submit a picture of your cock for consideration. Have I missed anything? Are you just looking for some action on your page, comments, votes? If that's all you're looking for, you should have just asked!

I've already commented and suspect that I voted so it's up to your friends and the other members to fulfill that void! It's been a while so I will comment and vote again.
By #436014 at 09,Apr,16 03:50
i just got a kick out of the fact that my cum cannon passes for 7 inches in some circles, that's kinda hot

By #436014 at 09,Apr,16 10:26
the person judged that my cock rated high on the suckability scale, you have any thoughts on that bella, like what kind of criteria they might be using to measure/score for oral-pleasuring appeal?

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