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Eddie Van Halen passes away

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Started by #485312 at 06,Oct,20 21:30
another of the great music artists passes, a favourite to many, a legend of the industry... sad to see another icon go *lix*

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By CAT at 09,Oct,20 11:40 other posts of CAT 

By #621557 at 09,Oct,20 06:24
Very sad 😢... very big influence.... he definitely had his own guitar sound and made a mark in the music industry.... rip Eddie V....

By siona76 at 08,Oct,20 15:51 other posts of siona76 
I was shocked & saddened when I heard this. I'm a huge van halen fan. I grew up listening to them. Van Halen was the band that got me into hard rock & heavy metal music. Before that I was listening to motown & disco. I was very young I remember. I was also a big michael Jackson fan. The song beat it introduced me to Eddie's guitar playing. Then I remember walking around waikiki with my uncle. In one of the stores van Halen music video jump was played. I was immediately hooked. I was so into David lee roth too. I love watching him perform. Alex is another big inspiration and is a favorite drummer of mine. I'm also a drummer.

By Oddmanout at 06,Oct,20 22:06 other posts of Oddmanout 
Eddie is a legend...just like Jimi, Dime and others that did so much for the evolution of the electric guitar and guitar playing/techniques as we know it. He will be missed to say the least. My condolences go out to his family, friends and band mates.

Rock on EVH
By Dev01 at 07,Oct,20 01:51 other posts of Dev01 
Well said

By #485312 at 07,Oct,20 09:45
Yes he is certainly a legend, his music will be his legacy to us to enjoy for many years. *lix*
By whatsupcocks at 08,Oct,20 04:33 other posts of whatsupcocks 

By #616038 at 07,Oct,20 09:01
Yet another great left us hope Freddie mercury and others playing great music in heaven
By #485312 at 07,Oct,20 09:49
heaven is becoming stacked with greats and could you imagine the tunes theyre turning out up there? *Lix*
By whatsupcocks at 08,Oct,20 04:30 other posts of whatsupcocks 
I a rocker and seen Diver Down and 1984 rhe year I graduated from high school. 84 was one best contcerts I have ever seen. I1s rock fading away. well I know this new news makes me fill old and tint

By strokesalot35 at 08,Oct,20 01:24 other posts of strokesalot35 
EVH was one of the reasons I got into playing guitar. His relationship with Valerie was kinda to be expected at that point in his life. He did try to correct it by getting clean. But, I suspect by then it was too late. This article shows that he really was a good person at heart.

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By Pistonbroke at 07,Oct,20 12:43 other posts of Pistonbroke 
I was so jealous of Eddie having that little sweetheart Valerie for his wife. She always did and still does “turn my crank”. Too bad he treated her so badly. For that I will never forgive him. She deserved better. No no tears here.

By #601068 at 07,Oct,20 08:26
RIP Eddie Van Halen.
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

Johnny Nash As well today at the Age of 80. Original singer of I can see clearly now
By #485312 at 07,Oct,20 09:47
wow, that is a double bad day for the music industries talents. *lix*

By tecsan at 07,Oct,20 07:56 other posts of tecsan 
Yes, I loved Van Halen and will always cherish his music...༼☯﹏☯༽
By #485312 at 07,Oct,20 09:46
Me too, it always saddens me when great talents are lost .. *lix*

By Binky1985 at 07,Oct,20 00:36 other posts of Binky1985 
Wtf?! I had no idea!! Oh this sucks so much!! He is one of my biggest influences for my guitar playing. R.I.P EVH!
By #485312 at 07,Oct,20 09:44
wow, that's great he inspired you and I'm sure many others to take up an instrument *Lix*

By C4fun775 at 07,Oct,20 00:28 other posts of C4fun775 
R.I.P Eddie Going to be missed.
By #485312 at 07,Oct,20 09:43
he certainly will be *lix*

By hardandthrobbin at 06,Oct,20 23:26 other posts of hardandthrobbin 
Yes so sad.... Loved seeing him in concert
By #485312 at 07,Oct,20 09:42
you were one of the lucky ones to have experienced him live.. *lix*

By Rob00 at 06,Oct,20 21:46 other posts of Rob00 
Very Sad,i enjoy Van Halen's music,he will be sadly missed
By #485312 at 06,Oct,20 22:01
yeah me too, loved his music too young to go *lix*

By vanishing_Dick at 06,Oct,20 21:34 other posts of vanishing_Dick 
Yeah sad to see him go but he'll live on thru that awesome music every time we crank it to 11 and rock out.
By #485312 at 06,Oct,20 21:59
yeah, some really inspiring stuff and awesome to dance too, very sad news *lix*

By slavekennedy at 06,Oct,20 21:33 other posts of slavekennedy 
shit this sucks to hear wish had seen them live
By #485312 at 06,Oct,20 21:58
unlucky, and he died pretty young, his music will live on *lix*

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