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shower head + dick head

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Started by #51055 at 27,Jan,10 22:10
Has anyone else ever used their jet shower head to pleasure their cock head? It feels so good, I go weak at the knees.

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New Comment

By Hrnyboy90 at 24,Sep,16 00:02 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
Shower head + my dick head = hands free mind numbing orgasm for me

By chubbyloves at 23,Sep,16 00:40 other posts of chubbyloves 
I use my lower jet in my Jacuzzi. I lay on my stomach and stroke, letting the heavy stream hit my cock head. After a short time the sensation gets so intense, I just have to cum

By smoothone at 15,Jun,14 07:48 other posts of smoothone 
I reckon it's one of the best ways to pleasure yourself , especially when shooting up your ass as well it's absolute heaven

By mikeyxx at 02,Jun,14 10:29 other posts of mikeyxx 
This method was my first orgasm too. Didn't actually know what was happening , weak at knees and this huge orgasm hit me

By #39070 at 28,Jan,10 01:01
Thats funny... i just started doing that! i have a spot on my dick thats like a clit. after a few minutes it builds real slow and then i cum hard... end up shooting myself in the face!
By #51055 at 28,Jan,10 01:04
Thats hot. Wheres the spot?
By #39070 at 28,Jan,10 06:08
2" below my head when im hard...on the underside.
By earthy at 02,Jun,14 05:18 other posts of earthy 
Yep, that's about the same "spot" for me. If I keep the shower head pointed there it is just relentless and makes me cum VERY hard LOL.

By #95089 at 02,Jun,14 04:52
Me too. Great feeling to get started

By #318010 at 28,Nov,12 12:59
how is this ?[deleted image]

By #46165 at 28,Jan,10 00:41
I have. Infact the first time I ever cum was this way.
By #51055 at 28,Jan,10 00:55
I can't cum from it. But it makes my whole body tingle.
By #46165 at 29,Jan,10 00:28
I cant cum from it now, but it doesnt take much when your 13 i guess I just get that tingle you describe now, especially in my toes for some reason.

By pifad at 28,Jan,10 04:36 other posts of pifad 
Yup! Been doing it for years.

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