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By earthy at 15,Jun,22 17:25
On my stomach, sometimes my chest.

By earthy at 28,May,22 15:34
I'm pretty small when soft so I wouldn't say anything.

By earthy at 22,May,22 19:29

By earthy at 19,May,22 16:00
I'd love to have another MMM threesome. That was amazing, but I was pretty sore after that

By earthy at 08,May,22 21:16

By earthy at 04,May,22 16:19

By earthy at 04,May,22 16:03
I'd rather give/get a blowjob

By earthy at 04,May,22 15:33

By earthy at 06,Apr,22 15:51
I wear only tighty-whities, Calvin klien(nicely tight and skimpy), and boxer briefs.

By earthy at 06,Apr,22 15:45

By earthy at 12,Mar,22 18:21
Been sleeping nude, most of the time, since I was like 7 or 8

By earthy at 28,Feb,22 21:19

By earthy at 28,Feb,22 15:37
I'm just the oppisite I guess. I never get hard in the gym locker room. I'm usually soft and sometimes as small as it can get. But I still love it. I haven't had an erection in the shower/locker room since I think 7th grade(13).

By earthy at 27,Feb,22 17:48
Cut, 6 inches, about 4.5" girth and nice and smooth. Perfect for me.

By earthy at 20,Feb,22 17:26
I usually use hair removal cream for everthing but my balls. I use a razor there, carefully.

By earthy at 20,Feb,22 16:29
1-2 times a day, sometimes more.

By earthy at 19,Feb,22 14:47
Easily my most viewed

By earthy at 13,Feb,22 17:35
Not often enough, but I usually cum everytime.

By earthy at 01,Feb,22 20:42
I do it a lot. I'd love it if others masturbate to my pics

By earthy at 30,Jan,22 17:55

By earthy at 18,Jan,22 01:01

By earthy at 14,Jan,22 23:30
My first time with a man, or anyone, I was 13. He was a friend of my step-dad, about mid-40's. One morning before he had seen me and a friend my same age come into the kitchen in our underwear. Guess that turned him on. That was about a week earlier. He came over when my parents were still at work and asked if we could go in my bedroom, asked if I could strip naked and jerkoff in front of him. While I was masturbating, he asked if me Andy ever did anything. I told him when he spends the night we sleep naked together and either jerkoff, or jerk each other off. That REALLY turned him on so he came over and sucked my dick. It was so hot and amazing!

By earthy at 09,Jan,22 22:51
Love tighty whities

By earthy at 06,Jan,22 21:20

By earthy at 26,Dec,21 18:47
The best BJ's I've had were from guys. They know what we want/need. I love sucking a guys dick. Probably why I'm good at it.

By earthy at 23,Dec,21 02:50
My sister-in-law is a conniving super bitch. NO FUCKING WAY

By earthy at 18,Dec,21 22:22
Yep, me too

By earthy at 18,Dec,21 21:31
I think about 15. I'm still small when soft though. Wow some on this one were huge even younger.

By earthy at 16,Dec,21 02:48
Sucking dicks is my best thing. Ive never been good at fucking though.

By earthy at 09,Dec,21 20:31
Anywhere from 2 minutes to 30 minutes, it just depends.

By earthy at 05,Dec,21 19:38
Ive been to nude beaches/resort and love it. It's embarrassing, but exciting!

By earthy at 30,Nov,21 01:08
Usually either briefs or boxer briefs, or naked.

By earthy at 26,Nov,21 20:54
I've always been small when soft and didnt start getting any pubic hair until I was about 13 1/2. I was never really embarrassed though. I loved being seen and seeing my friends at school naked.

By earthy at 19,Nov,21 18:45

By earthy at 19,Nov,21 18:36
At least once a day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.

By earthy at 19,Nov,21 18:26
When I was about 13 I was lying down on my bed with my underwear pulled down, masturbating. I came on my stomach and chest. When I sat up to clean it up I looked out my window and a friend was standing there laughing. That was really embarrassing, but I still jerk off thinking about that sometimes

By earthy at 28,Oct,21 22:24
I like sucking 5-6" best. TOO big is a little difficult

By earthy at 28,Oct,21 17:47
I love that. It's a MAJOR turn on! Another guy seeing me really getting into sucking someones cock is hot as hell

By earthy at 27,Oct,21 19:41

By earthy at 27,Oct,21 13:46
A friend spent the night at my house when we were both 12, we did that many times. We eventually started sleeping and playing video games in our underwear(tighty-whities). Seeing him in his underwear, and him seeing me in mine, was such a turn on. One night in my bed we took our undies off and masturbated right next to each other. That was so hot!! I still think about those times.

By earthy at 19,Oct,21 21:22
Yeah I'm pretty small when soft.

By earthy at 17,Oct,21 18:06

By earthy at 17,Oct,21 16:57

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By earthy at 28,Sep,21 14:44
12. I loved seeing the other boys in the locker room at school.

By earthy at 20,Sep,21 20:19
If I do it non-stop, about 2 minutes. But I've edged myself for about an hour before. But usually about 5-10 minutes.

By earthy at 20,Sep,21 20:15
Having a little fun

By earthy at 20,Sep,21 06:35
OMG yes I would love to do that. Being tied down and fucked. Even skull fucked

By earthy at 20,Sep,21 01:16
I did a MMM once. Wow, freaking but awesome