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Started by up-for-it at 24,May,19 23:41  other posts of up-for-it
I tried poppers for the first time.

Not the effect i was told, i go dizzy and erection goes down!

Not the effect poppers should have right?

Anyone else has that?

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By Cody8789 at 28,Feb,24 22:34 other posts of Cody8789 
Poppers burn your brain cells, yes they might be good for bottoms because doing poppers makes you stupid. Dont do it. Its not worth it.

By #704641 at 28,Feb,24 21:44
Poppers are for sissy little slut like I love sniffing poppers and getting my ass sregth out by men I love getting use and abuse I take the dick with no rubber all night long and I'll let groups of men 5 to 10 to 15 butt fuck me

By #545468 at 25,May,19 03:03
Just as Dale said. Poppers are really for bottoms. I find the take the edge off, and lower my inhibitions. I enjoy being fucked a lot more when using poppers. And the softening cock thing can be a real advantage if you are hoping to stay naked with your guy for a long period of time. You are horny yet rather soft ... Multiply that by two and thats the recipe for an all nighter!
By up-for-it at 25,May,19 06:38 other posts of up-for-it 
I see, guess i had the wrong info about them

Thanks for explaining
By probowler298 at 02,Feb,24 07:21 other posts of probowler298 
I was just curious how it went with the poppers. I am thinking about doing some with a few friends. I think it makes you horny and want to suck dick and relax your butthole for entry. I also need to figure out where they are sold. Ty.

By #663065 at 05,May,22 12:46
I love sniffing poppers and getting butt fucked and choked poppers are so good

By #639200 at 16,Apr,21 15:23
Poppers (Rush) is awesome intensifies the moment that's for sure

By #638744 at 12,Apr,21 18:09
I am fucking popper slut give me some poppers I get on my knees and let you fuck my throat and fuck me up my ass

By thicknsmooth at 09,Jul,19 03:45 other posts of thicknsmooth 
Are poppers the same as rush
By up-for-it at 11,Jul,19 17:33 other posts of up-for-it 
As far as i understand it rush is a kind of poppers.

By #593234 at 11,Jul,19 19:23
Rush is a brand of popper
By up-for-it at 12,Jul,19 17:52 other posts of up-for-it 
Thanks i was right!

By #593234 at 08,Jul,19 21:16
Not necessarily true because I sniff poppers and I have had guys sniff poppers in their dick dick go soft the first time I did it was with a guy Raymond and he had 8 in and he did not go soft and he pounded my ass for 45 minutes
By up-for-it at 11,Jul,19 17:35 other posts of up-for-it 
I gues it depends on how strong they are and if the one using them uses them often

For me it was my first time and i have come to understand the one i used is quite strong, so maybe that is why it did not have such a good effect for me.
By #593234 at 11,Jul,19 19:22
I love poppers I am Popper whore gave me popper and I let group of mens feed me dick and smash my ass
By up-for-it at 12,Jul,19 17:51 other posts of up-for-it 
I have poppers and a couple of horny friends, let's have a party !!!

By #585606 at 25,May,19 01:56
Poppers do make your dick go soft.
There more for bottom lads that are taking dick in their arses.
Try them when being fucked an you'll love it!
By up-for-it at 25,May,19 06:39 other posts of up-for-it 

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