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Hairy or shaved?

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Started by Ritschke at 08,Jun,19 14:45  other posts of Ritschke
Simple question: What do you prefer - hairy or shaved?

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New Comment

By #639357 at 02,Apr,21 20:18
I actually wax. Did it on a date once and now can’t go without it.

By Vladis75 at 31,Mar,21 16:23 other posts of Vladis75 
Shaved alwais! Or maybe small line like mine

By Apantyhoselovr at 24,Mar,21 08:26 other posts of Apantyhoselovr 

By TSantar6296 at 15,Mar,21 21:19 other posts of TSantar6296 
Shaved for sure. It's a pain in the ass to maintain but better overall.

By Rubit at 14,Mar,21 01:35 other posts of Rubit 
Shaved for sure !

By Jackie75 at 22,Feb,21 01:36 other posts of Jackie75 

By hankthe2 at 16,Feb,21 22:07 other posts of hankthe2 
Depends I enjoy both looks smaller ones usually look better shaved!

By NickfromNJ at 14,Feb,21 18:12 other posts of NickfromNJ 

By cactus2009 at 14,Feb,21 06:33 other posts of cactus2009 
I like it smooth, that's why I got mine lasered off, no more rashes, irritations, and no stubble from shaving.

By Uff75 at 22,Jan,21 20:07 other posts of Uff75 

By pifad at 18,Jan,21 10:32 other posts of pifad 
Hairy please

By ranchboy at 13,Jan,21 23:17 other posts of ranchboy 
I usually like pubes but in this case you look real suckale shaved.

So I go with shaved.

By #633565 at 11,Jan,21 12:22
[deleted image]

By PJWICK at 10,Jan,21 11:19 other posts of PJWICK 
Shaved!! Personally I hate body hair! Shave it all smooth! I have not had any hair on my cock balls ass or legs since I was 16.

By #627734 at 16,Oct,20 10:59

By 2alx2 at 16,Oct,20 03:50 other posts of 2alx2 

By PleaseSuckMeOff at 01,Oct,20 22:17 other posts of PleaseSuckMeOff 
Shaved 100%

By everett at 01,Oct,20 08:39 other posts of everett 
me both

By Paulbald at 25,Sep,20 21:38 other posts of Paulbald 
Hairy every time

By #612360 at 05,Sep,20 22:47
Hairy bush; but neatly trimmed around the area

By zeigmal at 31,Aug,20 14:30 other posts of zeigmal 

By cutroundhead at 13,Jun,19 07:51 other posts of cutroundhead 
Hairy is best!
By Cumguzzlerjhb at 10,Aug,20 19:53 other posts of Cumguzzlerjhb 
Love the hair.
By cutroundhead at 23,Aug,20 14:40 other posts of cutroundhead 
Thanks...and you're showing off a nice jungle of natural bush too...fat cock as well!
By Cumguzzlerjhb at 23,Aug,20 18:45 other posts of Cumguzzlerjhb 
Tnx cutroundhead. I love the natural look and feel.

By Auscock21 at 12,Aug,20 14:31 other posts of Auscock21 
Shaved every time

By Johnaked at 15,Jun,19 13:44 other posts of Johnaked 
There’s no question - there’s nothing better than a thick bush of pubes!
By Cumguzzlerjhb at 10,Aug,20 19:51 other posts of Cumguzzlerjhb 
Totally agree

By msnMARC at 20,Jul,20 18:23 other posts of msnMARC 
men don't shave.

By #591157 at 09,Jul,19 19:46
oh fully shaved [deleted image]

By #593959 at 09,Jul,19 04:08
Shaved but leave a patch

By thicknsmooth at 09,Jul,19 02:42 other posts of thicknsmooth 
Shaved smooth

By dura2000 at 08,Jul,19 10:07 other posts of dura2000 

By 1inch at 05,Jul,19 22:40 other posts of 1inch 

By #563167 at 05,Jul,19 10:48

By #593599 at 04,Jul,19 16:00
I love hairy cock!

By Suku4evah at 14,Jun,19 19:00 other posts of Suku4evah 
I like both ! I prefer hairy guys but some smooth guys can still do it for me ! It all depends on what they look like and more importantly - their personality !

By Lookingtosee at 14,Jun,19 06:21 other posts of Lookingtosee 
Depends on the guys,some look great hairy,but most times I like trimmed,shaved balls and ass

By steve8211 at 13,Jun,19 14:22 other posts of steve8211 
Trimmed very close but shaved balls

By Slave81 at 11,Jun,19 18:35 other posts of Slave81 

By Jstbcus44 at 11,Jun,19 12:54 other posts of Jstbcus44 

By #513813 at 10,Jun,19 15:26

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