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Is anyone smaller ? 08,Feb,20 15:17


By TinyLittleGuy at 09,Nov,21 21:33
you are definitely not small, i would love to be your size and so would my wife

By TinyLittleGuy at 09,Nov,21 21:32
i have heard many times i have a very cute dick, its a nice way to say you are small.

By TinyLittleGuy at 09,Nov,21 21:28
my wife prefers thick over length

By TinyLittleGuy at 09,Nov,21 21:27
i never had that problem being only 3 inches long when hard

By TinyLittleGuy at 09,Nov,21 21:26
mine measures 3 inches long and 4 inches in girth.

By TinyLittleGuy at 09,Nov,21 21:24
mine measures 3 inches long and 4 inches in girth.

By TinyLittleGuy at 09,Nov,21 21:23
i dont think there is any correlation i have big hands, big shoe size 12 and a big nose and i have a micro size penis

By TinyLittleGuy at 09,Nov,21 21:21

its small

By TinyLittleGuy at 09,Nov,21 21:20
i am bi curious, my wife knows i like to compare my micro penis to others and that long soft hanging cocks excite me. she loves to wear her dildo hanging out of her panties and tell me how much bigger she is than me . she is 6 x 5.5 inches when she hangs her dildo out vs. my 3 inch by 4 inch girth .

By TinyLittleGuy at 09,Nov,21 21:16
i am 3 inches long and 4 inches girth , rather on the smaller size

By TinyLittleGuy at 09,Nov,21 21:14
i am jealous of your size! i am 3 inches when i get super hard and only 4 inch girth
i think girth is more important than length however i need more of both and so does my wife i am much to tiny for her

By TinyLittleGuy at 09,Nov,21 21:11
i .like to compare my micro penis to others and it excites to see how big and thick they are compared to me and I really get excited looking at a long soft cock hanging

By TinyLittleGuy at 09,Nov,21 21:08
i was really horny and ready to mount my wife i was semi hard and i was losing my hard on all together, I shrank up to nothing as you can see my micro dick, and I came on my wife before i even touched her pussy , i was soft nothing there and she was not happy.

By TinyLittleGuy at 09,Nov,21 21:05
i do whether i get hard or not it feels great to play with my tiny micro dick

By TinyLittleGuy at 09,Nov,21 21:02
i would like to be 5.5 inches long and 6 inch girth. i am not even close to that size and my wife wants a bigger cock that my tiny dick

By TinyLittleGuy at 09,Nov,21 20:58
very nice cock would fit in my mouth perfectly

By TinyLittleGuy at 31,Mar,21 19:04

i have always had the smallest penis within my family and my friends, high school in gym wasn't pleasant, and when girls so how tiny and thin it was they laughed , My wife makes fun of it and it gets me off , however it does nothing for her. she doesnt feel it when we fuck

By TinyLittleGuy at 31,Mar,21 19:00

By TinyLittleGuy at 31,Mar,21 18:49
i am 4 inches around and 3 inches really hard

By TinyLittleGuy at 31,Mar,21 18:47
i am only 3 inches really hard

By TinyLittleGuy at 31,May,20 15:55
Nice size and really thick , so much larger than me

By TinyLittleGuy at 08,Feb,20 23:57
But your thicker also
But close

By TinyLittleGuy at 08,Feb,20 15:14
And you should show it off it’s huge

By TinyLittleGuy at 08,Feb,20 15:07
Soft, I love a nice hanging cock

By TinyLittleGuy at 08,Feb,20 14:58
Nice cock , hard and very thick ,

By TinyLittleGuy at 20,Oct,19 05:51
Sing as small as I am I stand close and don’t let anyone see my small size

By TinyLittleGuy at 07,Oct,19 22:28
its a nice size

By TinyLittleGuy at 30,Jul,19 22:39
i do everyday . my dick is very tiny and my wife doesn't feel it when i enter her pussy. i see how much she can enjoy sex when i use her dildo and my dick in her at the same time. i would love to see her get pleasured but a real thick cock, she likes thickness over length. her perfect sized cock would be 5 inches long and 6.5 inches around at minimum. she loves a thick cock. i would love to see her get pleasured since i can't do it for it

By TinyLittleGuy at 29,Jul,19 18:42
my wife says girth is more important than length, i have neither m but that is what she prefers

By TinyLittleGuy at 29,Jul,19 18:41
i try looking at the big long hanging soft cocks , it gets my little dick excited and i do cum

By TinyLittleGuy at 29,Jul,19 18:39

[deleted image]

By TinyLittleGuy at 29,Jul,19 18:23

By TinyLittleGuy at 29,Jul,19 18:21
i stand close since my dick is so tiny and try not to dribble on mr pants .

By TinyLittleGuy at 05,Jul,19 22:40

By TinyLittleGuy at 13,May,19 20:51
your cock is so long
with a big head

By TinyLittleGuy at 08,May,19 16:50
my tiny dick is useless for fucking , that's what my wife keeps telling me , to short and too thin. here i am super hard all 2.5 inches .[deleted image]

By TinyLittleGuy at 08,May,19 16:45
i get that all the time you have a cute penis , yes its cute because its so tiny.
here i am super hard
Dating was a bitch girls would see my penis and just laugh on how tiny it was soft.
Once the word got out , girls would just go out to see how small,
got few blow and hand jobs out of it .

By TinyLittleGuy at 08,May,19 15:58
you are definitely not small

By TinyLittleGuy at 08,May,19 15:52
its definitely size matters just look at me and ask my wife '

By TinyLittleGuy at 08,May,19 15:51
same here i can relate also my soft little dick is less that an inch but hard unlike you dent grow as much i am only 2.5 inches hard and rather thin at 4 inches around, most women don't feel me when we fuck , not long enough to really penetrate their vagina

By TinyLittleGuy at 08,May,19 15:41
i agree all over the board, i have seen short guys well hung and tall guys like myself with microdicks like mine, i am 6'1" and my hard on is 2,5 inches and less than an inch soft.
they say big feet, big hands and big nose = big cock well o prove that wrong

By TinyLittleGuy at 20,Jul,18 02:17
My has me wear a dildo to fuck her do to my penis being really tiny . She doesn’t feel my little dick when we fuck so hence the strap on cock for me

By TinyLittleGuy at 09,Nov,17 22:41
ky for and also use KY desensitizer spray so i don't cum quick

By TinyLittleGuy at 09,Nov,17 22:40
its so small, is that it! what do expect me to do with that tiny dick. or just laugh when they so it soft

By TinyLittleGuy at 03,Nov,17 17:22
my wife does not know, i am very bi curious and have never been with a man. would love to try especially on an average size cock. i am rather small in the package area. so average would be big to me , i like to compare and look at other cocks. My wife would kill me if she knew i was on this site.

By TinyLittleGuy at 02,Nov,17 02:33
Me to looking and comparing my cock to yours

By TinyLittleGuy at 02,Nov,17 02:19
Worst ; it’s too small
It’s too thin
Pointy small head
Doesn’t get real hard
Cums to quick


By TinyLittleGuy at 01,Nov,17 01:33
And how nice it is my friend

By TinyLittleGuy at 01,Nov,17 01:19
My beautiful wife’s titles and awesome nipples
[deleted image]

By TinyLittleGuy at 31,Oct,17 02:07
All pussy is loose to me , being so small i swim around in All pussy’s . My wife hardly feels me when we fuck ,