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Suck my fucking cock

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Started by thebeewolf at 13,Jul,19 15:34  other posts of thebeewolf
If you're a sissy bitch who can't keep your slut mouth closed when a man unzips then step right up. Get on your fucking knees, close your eyes and open that drooling mouth. Get ready to do what you were born to do: suck cock.

Do not think. Just suck. And listen to daddy moan and swear. Feel his hands on your head, guiding you. If you do a good enough job you'll get your fix: a mouthful of hot man seed. Swallow it down greedily. Then look up at me and say "thank you."

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By Gntlmn at 26,Feb,24 19:53 other posts of Gntlmn 
I'm of the same mindset. Kneel, and swallow my spurting hot jizz. Then get the hell out. Don't come around unless your hunger's unbearable.

By #711201 at 26,Feb,24 19:29

Thank you daddy!

By #710894 at 22,Feb,24 13:43
Ooo, I’m in love.

Why are some guys so frickin’ submissive and gay? I love to be orally dominated. I melt at the thought.

By cruz69696969 at 10,Sep,22 15:33 other posts of cruz69696969 
Oh Beewolf going through life sucking your dick and having you feed me with warm sticky delicious juices sounds inviting. I wish we lived closer. I need some one near by that wants their dick serviced regularly and will always be there when that cock is calling

By #676980 at 09,Sep,22 02:16
Yes iam a sissy little slut whore bitch I suck dick

By Joeyballs at 08,Sep,22 19:26 other posts of Joeyballs 
I just can’t ignore how I feel about shemAle or trans people so I decided I would just say fu k it and I threw a party and invited every friend I have gay or not! I chopped it up with atleast 20 people when finally I saw her running towards me holding what was left of her stuff! I asked her a couple questions to try and hit on her while I had time! I didn’t know about her having a dick at all and never actually had time to process any of this so I grabbed her and lead her to my truck hoping to get a blow job atleast! As her mouth made me harder than a rock I told her How it felt and all and moaned loudly too! I needed her to know that I wasn’t gonna make a big deal out of it unless the situation got worse or something? Suddenly I got jumped by like 4 Waco dudes and I’m super lucky I nutted two mins prior! I blocked punches and kicks from both men until I remembered I had my gun in the closest place I knew of! I took another blow before I hollared out loud to STOP! I shot one just below the eye and was thinking about my next shot and When I asked sissy how much money I owed her for sucking my dick? She smiled while I made 2 gang memebers my newest robbery Vic’s

By cruz69696969 at 16,Jan,21 05:37 other posts of cruz69696969 
You sound like the perfect daddy for a sissy training for a life of sucking cock full time
By thebeewolf at 17,Jan,21 16:34 other posts of thebeewolf 
Too bad you don't live across the hall. I'd make sure you learned a lot.
By cruz69696969 at 23,Jan,21 09:14 other posts of cruz69696969 
how about if i lived next door to you. we could cut a couple 0f holes in like the bedroom, living room, the kitchen, bathroom, every room. so whenever you want to be pleasured you know what i mean. better yet just knock and i will cum over to suck cock
By thebeewolf at 23,Jan,21 17:13 other posts of thebeewolf 
I could just text you. Or turn on a red light outside my door. So you'd know to come over, just slip into my apartment and find me somewhere without pants, maybe watching straight porn.

By cumcouplessa at 17,Jan,21 04:59 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. Damb dude, you wouldn't have to tell me twice! Unzip, whip that baby out, and shove it down my fucking throat! And don't even THINK about pulling it out till you've fed me, else I'll fucking bite it off

By #533479 at 19,Oct,20 12:42
I object to being treated like this. It's so humiliating being sissyfied with my tiny penis - specially in front of my wife!

By #625564 at 19,Oct,20 11:04
Damn! Where and when?

By cruz69696969 at 28,Mar,20 05:38 other posts of cruz69696969 
Oh Beewolf, I didn't realize how much of a cumfeeder and real man you are. I am just a beginner in becumming sissified. I wish I could be on my knees worshipping your manhood. Our motto is submit,obey,and serve. And to always swallow. It would give me such great pleasure

By #613707 at 23,Mar,20 16:49
I love it,born to suck,yeah I was born to suck cock to be used by a man, no strings submissive cum slut.

By #578610 at 14,Jul,19 14:25
You sissy, bitch, cunt. You think we women (or men) owe it to you? All you have is a dick. It's no better than other dicks. If I wanted cream for my coffee, I wouldn't want it from someone so conceited as to think your essence is an elixir. I'd get on my knees and tell, "Fuck OFF"
By thebeewolf at 14,Jul,19 21:32 other posts of thebeewolf 
It's just a game, love. If you're not into it, you're not into it. Some are.
By #578610 at 14,Jul,19 21:38
Baby, all i wanted was your attention.

By #590917 at 14,Jul,19 11:13
Oh god I’d love to meet you.
I’d beg and crawl on my knees for a chance to have that beautiful , brutal cock in my mouth

By #570308 at 13,Jul,19 19:48
takes the fun out of town it....

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